Can anyone help me find something like this?

loriafopianoFebruary 2, 2005

I'm trying to find something like the picture below to use as a towel bar, to install to the underneath of my upper kitchen cabinet to use as a towel rack. I apologize for it being so blurry.

I'd like the bar to be able to swing down to hang a hand towel, but then snap back up and stay up when I take the towel off. I guess it would have to have a spring to do this.

Of course, I can't find anything like this anywhere. Has anyone seen something like this, or know if it can be made? Thanks for your help!

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I couldn't get your picture to come up.

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Does the picture come up now?

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Neat idea! Hope someone can help you!

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Ask around and find an old retired welder who has the needed equip. in his shop. I'll bet he could come up with what you're wanting.
Mike A

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