Souces for metalworker's hand tools?

joel_bcFebruary 23, 2008

I'd be very grateful if some knowledgeable people here could point me toward good sources for metalworking hand tools. Specifically, right now I'm wondering about sources offering a wide range of pliers, tongs, grippers, and clamps. Not jeweller-scale, but for larger metal stock (mild-steel steel bar, say, 3 - 12 mm thick).

I'm in a pretty remote area, and our largest "cities" around here have populations of 6000-10,000 people - so to say the least, selection at local hardware stores and welding-supply outlets is pretty basic and narrow. On-line (with illustrations plus descriptions of tools) would be fine. So would mail-order catalogs. I'm in western Canada, but western-U.S. sources would be fine, too. Thanks.

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I'd take a quick walk through Google. under "blacksmith supplies".


Here is a link that might be useful: blacksmith supplies

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And for less expensive supplies, start hunting through the local antique shops. You can often find very good deals there on old tools.


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John, thanks. Those guys that you linked me to there... they've got the right tools, but they're 4000 miles from me, in North Carolinia - a lot of shipping cost, I think.

I've tried the Google search you recommended, but could not come up with blacksmith supply sources in my province of Canada or in Alberta (next province east of me). But I'll continue to try to locate a source.

Sources near Calgary or near Vancouver would be the best for me.


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I found a good source for affordable custom-made tongs. So I've got that covered now.

From a more general interest, though, I've been thinking it would be great to find one or more on-line sources for pliers, nippers, and these sorts of handled tools. I know Canadian Tire has a pretty broad selection, though their nearest store is about an hour's drive from where I live. Anybody know of an on-line source for a wide variety of pliers and similar tools?


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I've no idea whether you're interested but I came across this set of antique set of sheet metal tools.

You can check out the flickr set, which is linked from that page - I think.....;-)

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