Working with metal is fun!

Konrad___far_northFebruary 17, 2013

I want to encourage people taking on jobs or trades working with metal.
Most trade people are on their feet all day and get some of their physical exercise in the same time,'s good for you!

Please post pictures from your creations...working with metal and produce parts can be very satisfying.

I'll start with some...being a machinist tool & die maker.

These are hole saws I make from solid bar stock..up to around 18 inches in diameter, used in hot taping into pipelines out in the field.

I also do the sharpening

Large bolts

Rubber Mold

Complete dies,..this one for hot forming points on ends of metal rods for surveying.

These are die replacements for it,...finished machined, going out for heat treatment.

Another die, made all part's except two punches, holders, like die plates, guide pins, bushings etc.

Made this long shaft, key way put in on the mill

Special tool holders, made from solid 4140H round stock.

Large plates for molding press.

Large bronze bearing made from solid.

Cutting key way into the bore of sleeve.

Cut bolt holes into large bronze split bearing.

Cut in half in the vertical saw..

Splined shaft made from solid, for main spindle /milling machine on the left, also boring bar going out for heat treatment.

Made a set of precision squares from tool steel.

Boring and threading replaceable heads.

Set of precision angle plates from solid 8620 material.

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Here a couple of hot taping/spade pilot drills, inserts/spades can be interchanged when dull. These are 1 1/4" in diameter in various length, the cutouts with holes on the shanks are for 1/8" wire put into place and bend on both sides 90 degree folded into pockets, these wires will pivot, fall outward when the pipe is drilled through and retrieving the larger piece, anywhere from around 4 inches to 16 inches or more.

Upper drill shows the insert/spade put in, [without the screw holding it]

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Before major pipelines go into the ground vigorous test's are sometimes done like here, a test laboratory had me making test strips from pipes, every 90 or 180 degree, 2 thin strips were needed about 7 inches long, one near the outside of pipe, one near the inside, two strips in one section, saw cut first, bent flat, saw cut in half, then machined and ground surface for analyzing corrosion under chemical etc. also chemical composition for wear etc.

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Looks good Konrad. If I hadn't injured my hand ten years back I'd still be in the trade. You've done a good job promoting the trade!

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Interesting reading, Konrad, but could you explain in more detail what you meant by "and retrieving the larger piece, anywhere from around 4 inches to 16 inches or more"?

I couldn't quite visualize what was going on here.

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I've been fortunate to make a bunch of tool holders with different angles, used in pipe facing before welding.

Since no odd ball size in rectangle bar stock is available, I got slabs of rounds, faced in lathe, cut strips, then cut to length in vertical saw, milled the two saw cut to about .010" over size, then ground, squared, within .001" to size, then milled.

Taped two slabs together before saw cut.

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Ground to size, this will be a 30 degree style.

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Here a finished product 45 degree style.

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Had fun with some flying very hot metal chips coming off a hardened thread gauge, had to take off 3/8" in length, using ceramic insert.

It looks more dramatic in this picture because of low shutter speed on my little camera made the red strings allot wider then they really are.

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Latest creation...
these metal strips, about 1/8 thick, ..had to cut out two window and insert, [sliver solder] HSS pieces into. These two spots had a wear spot from rollers running back and force under high pressure,..they called it pressure plates. They needed in a emergency basis, 2 day's. I'll be making a bunch of new one's from better material, [O1] then heat treat.

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For the machine shop

To speed things up in the shop I've made nuts with the same hex size of 7/8", this is standard for 1/2 NC thread which I use most of the time, some nuts are 3/8 and 5/8 NC thread but I maintain the hex size of 7/8, this way, only one wrench size of 7/8 is needed throughout the shop.

As you see,.. no washer needed on these nuts.

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