Chemical that can change color?

caribbeancupcakeFebruary 11, 2007

I ordered antique bronze door hardware for the outside and crystal knobs inside.

The problem is the crystal knobs have satin nickel ferrals and it doesn't match the other metal. Is there a chemical I can put on the satin nickel to turn it brown?

Otherwise I will have to use metallic paint so it will look like part of a set?

Thanks in Advance

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You could paint them with Sophisticated Finishes Blackened Bronze. It's the closest match to ORB I've found. The paint actually contains fleck of real metal, so it looks quite good. Since they're not actually side by side, it would likely work. I bought it at Rejuvenation, but have since also seen it at craft stores like Michael's and Joanna.

I used the paint on a mailbox slot that's just pot metal that I couldn't replace when I redid my door hardware to ORB. The slot gets 6 day a week wear, and has held up well for 3 years.

Another thought would be to invest in new knobs for the inside crystal, but that's likely more expensive than you were thinking.

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I was looking to change the color of my chrome fixtures and someone suggested this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shor International

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