carbide burrs

horseman1February 7, 2005


I went up to Denver last weekend to a big car parts exibition at the stock show complex up there. I ended up buying a carbide burr for $8 that looked to have a 1/4" shaft for my die grinder. Should be great for removing the booger welds on an inside corner that happen when I forget to turn the gas on :). Well, I got her home and the shaft is just a little too big for the die grinder. I'll probably have to grind down the shaft on it to get it to fit. What the heck is going on here? Did I buy some metric deal or something? The shaft is smooth and doesnt appear to be for a milling machine, but who knows?


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Die grinders typically run a bit to high rpm for carbide burrs (unless yours has a speed adjustment). A good variable speed drill usually works well and makes the bit last much longer. All according to what you are using it on. Lots of different sizes on the market might want to take your handy dandy drill bit gage next time you buy to check the stem size. Lots of good info in supply books like REID supply Co etc.

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We use the burrs all the time in die grinders work great wear eye protection and cover any bare skin those chards of steel are like needles a good pair of tweezers a must have item.

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OK, I'm an idiot. There was a thin coating of somethingorother on the shank.. After I got that crap off it slid right in :). It was probably something they put on to protect it from the elements. I plan on giving it a try later tonight if I get time.


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Are you sure your collet is opening all the way... Sometimes they don't....

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Maybe it was a combination of the two things. All I know for sure is that it fits now. I wouldnt be surprised if the collet wasnt all the way open. This isnt an expensice die grinder. I havent had a chance to use the burr yet. I made YAD (Yet Another Drawbar) for the lawn tractor to better handle a 1-7/8 inch ball without bending the little stock POS hitch hole. I want to do a little touch up with the carbide burr before primer and paint. I'll use the usual precautions when I do (hearing protection, gloves, face shield etc). I may round up the tweezers too as mentioned by jabroni


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For a full line of carbide burs visit this website...

Here is a link that might be useful: CARBIDE BURS

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