Why do people think they use what they want in stores?

kittywhiskersFebruary 23, 2013

They other day I had to take a bottle of nail polish away from a customer. I was putting some things away and looked over and this woman is opening a bottle of nail polish and putting it on her toddlers nails. I told her she couldn't do that and she was going to put the bottle back on the shelf. I put out my hand for her to give it to me and told her that I would now have to throw it away. Didn't seem to bother her one bit. I also saw a woman one time put on some lipstick and put the tube back on the shelf. Good thing I was saw her so I could that tube off the shelf.
Why do people think they can do this. If they bought some makeup and it had been used they would have a fit, but it is all right for them to do it for some one else to buy
OK, don't my ranting.

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Used to work as a merchandiser for card company.

Was reshelving cards in one area, and heard a rustling noise on another card isle.

When I went to look what was happening, person walked off leaving an empty container of Ex-lax.

Guess they were in a big need for a quick laxative fix :o)

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Howe rude! I once saw a woman in a grocery store open a container of yogurt, stick in her finger, and put a large plop in her mouth. She closed up the yogurt and put it back on the shelf. I was horrified-how unsanitary! I didn't confront her, but I did bring the container to a store employee to discard. No wonder prices are so high! It's nice when a shop puts out "testers" of colognes, hand creams, etc. If they really want a "sample", people should ask a store employee. But putting nail polish on her child is terrible! It shows the kid it's okay to steal, Mommy does it!

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And of course I'd be totally grossed out if I bought a lipstick or bottle of nail polish with signs it had been partially used. I happen to have a health issue (transplant and on anti-rejection medication) that has left me with a compromised immune system. I don't need other people's germs,

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That is one reason many companies are putting everything in shrinkwrap which does make it harder to open but hopefully safer. I too have seen adults open packages and either feed the stuff to their kids or even themselves. I just look at them with MY look.

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I have opened lipstick and put a tiny mark on the back of my hand to check how it looked on my skin. Never thought anything of it, but then realized it might not be a good idea. But the idea that someone actually put it on their lips is gross. Sometimes I unscrew the top of a body wash or cream to smell it but never come in contact with it. I will sample stuff that's put there for that purpose.

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I do not like any of that~~my biggest dislike is when they let their kid's play with a toy, they do not intend to buy them~~it is the' you can play with this while I am shopping toy, then put it back anywhere when we leave toy'. makes me sick when they do that;( Or leave their kids in the toy area and go shop~~~my Kmart is famous for that.

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Each of the chain groceries I shop will take back any cosmetic item for a full refund. Don't like the color ON you? Think the mascara is clumpy? Return it for a full refund. Try again.

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People have entitlement issues.

Here's another one. I tried working at a customer service counter @ a grocery store. People cook the food eat it and bring the receipt back for a refund....!!!!!! WTH?

Or use the mascara and say it was used up in a months time, so they want their money back?

Or purchased a cherry pie and the wife didn't want cherry....now the store has to throw it away......

One guy froze 100lbs of beef and decided he needed the money more and returned it....yes...it had to be thrown away!

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I wonder if stores sterilize earrings. Countless times I watch someone put pierced earrings in their ears, look at them and then put them back. I'd never try on a pair in a store like that.

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Uneducated and I'd have to say, ignorant people....

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How disgusting! Entitlement, indeed. There's a certain Walmart in my area, and the toy aisle looks like a child's play-room. Toys scattered on the floor where people let their children get them off the shelf and play with them. Then there's the people who let their small children ride the bikes around. You would think the store would monitor this, but they never seem to.

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vicki7 they try to monitor it but you can only say so much or they get mad and report you to managment for being rude, because you won't let their child do whatever they want in the toy department.
I have a friend that works in the toy department and some parents were complaining because the toy they wanted was in a box that someone had torn apart and want to know if there were anymore in the backroom. The funniest part was while they were complaining their child was tearing a toy out of a box and they never even said anything to the child even when my friend ask the child to please not do that.

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where do these people come from? I cannot fathom doing ANY of the above mentioned things. And to think these people are breeding..............

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I'm highly sensitive to stench and everything these days seems to have to stink or people won't buy it. It's next to impossible to buy a plain paraffin candle anymore. Nope, has to be pumpkin scented, apple cinnamon or skunk backside scented, which is what they all smell like anyway. I do take a whiff of a lot of things to see if I can handle the stench, but never sample the stuff.

I would suggest that someone's lips are probably far more sanitary than their hands, considering where the hands have likely been, what they're touching and the like. At least someone's lips get a bit of washing!

Cosmetics probably have a larger profit margin than fountain pop and it just amazes me that the manufacturers won't spend a few cents to shrink wrap or blister pack all of that stuff. I remember in the days when aspirin, Tylenol, etc didn't have the "safety seals" on them until the big Tylenol scare. I recall seeing people in stores open up one container of aspirin and take another and top it off, put the caps on both, buy the one they topped off and leave the other for some sucker to get shorted.

People with kids are amazing. We're supposed to pay for their extra-curricular activities, aka babysitting. And we're supposed to pay for their toys and treats in a store. I recall at one store where they had one of the photo booths taking kiddie pictures there was a screamer and the mother just went to the shelf, grabbed a family sized bag of M&Ms, tore it open and let the brat chomp away. Looking around the area it was disgusting to see all the opened packages of toys, food, beverages and the like sitting there.

Sadly, the stores won't prosecute these kinds of thefts. They should. I can understand the stores having the 100% satisfaction guarantee schtick. If you don't like the color of the lipstick or the flavor of the pie, bring it back. But that doesn't cost anywhere near what the theft is in the store.

And I imagine the cosmetic companies won't seal them up until someone sues them big time for getting pink eye from contaminated cosmetics, just like what prompted the OTC drug companies to finally seal up the packages. Frankly, I wish they'd put seals on shampoos, body washes, detergents and stuff too.

Stores finally tightened up the policies on TVs, computers and the like to keep people from buying a large screen TV to watch the Super Bowl and return it the following day or buy a computer and printer to do a report and return it.

kittywhiskers, I don't blame you for being upset. It's frustrating to see people steal and then the company won't do anything about it. A friend who worked at Lowe's talked about how people would buy nail guns on the Friday before a long weekend and return it on Tuesday claiming they didn't even open it, it was never used. One look and you can see they roofed their house or something with it and returned it. He even said if they caught someone walking out of the store with something they were instructed to let them go because even though they're stealing something, they'll still come back and buy more and they didn't want to lose the customer! A friend's son started working for Menards and they get back pallet loads of lumber that was not purchased there, that you could see was used, driven over and the like but because the contractor buys a lot from them, they give them full credit. It's maddening.

Here's my little story. I was at a store about a year ago and this one person was going through the deodorants and taking the top off one after another, then the little inside cap, to sniff the contents. OK, that in itself isn't so bad, I've done that myself, BUT, she then took another and another and another, putting the caps from the other onto the next one. Now here's the kicker, she wasn't checking different scents! She was checking the same kind. I moved closer and made it obvious I was watching her but she just kept on. Looking for a "high" lady???

nicole__, I've got a similar story. Had a customer come into the station wanting a refund on a tank of gas because she didn't get the gas mileage she thought she should have gotten. The gas MUST have been defective or she didn't get all the gas she paid for was her argument. Had another who wanted to negotiate the price on the gas because she had never put that much gas in the tank before so it couldn't hold that much. She offered me 2/3 the amount she pumped. Then tried the threat of calling my boss (to which I said "here's the number!") and calling the state (to which I said the info is on the pump - right on the compliance test result sticker!).

I maintain that when people hit about 18 years of age they should go into the service for 2-3 years. Teach them some responsibility. Then they should be required to work retail for about 2 years. That should beat the customer is always right attitude out of them!

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Im a total germophobe....Yuck to all of the above,,,I will not even check out a library book anymore...last one I did had boogers wiped in it....Im DONE!!! People are so nasty.And my worst is peole who let their babies crawl around on the floor in public places....ewww,,,dont even get me started!!!!

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Entitlement, plain and simple. And of course as long as said entitled people are not on the receiving end. I am with you, cynic, on the stench of things. I can't handle the artificial scents - I have a problems with many "real" scents and it is getting harder to find anything to buy.

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I open bottles of shampoo and conditioner to smell them. I don't touch the inside, but I do open them. I want a "clean" smelling shampoo, I don't want my hair to smell perfumy or fruity. I also open and smell bottles of lotion. Yesterday, I even tried some...I bought the bottle tho.

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Quite a few of us old farts develop a certain aroma, as well.

If you were considering building a relationship with us ...

... would you want to take us home for a few days ... a week or so ... to try us out ...

... (to see whether you could stand it?

o j

P.S. But ... question is ... where would you try to return us ...

... to expect a full refund?

(still) o j

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cynic.....:0) WoW!

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People don't think it's ok to sample in a store.

They know they are doing wrong. They just don't care. Or they think the rules should apply to others and not to them. Like the people who browse their way through the produce eisle. It's stealing. They know that.

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