One foot in One foot out !!

turkeytrottAugust 28, 2008

So here is my update, life still stinks around here. Our holidays went fairly smooth. We enjoyed our time away but now he feels he should go about 3 days from here for work he has mentioned this before,(because he hates his job) money is quite good there. He thinks I should be willing to play the dutiful wife and be here for him, he would work about 60 days then home for about 10. I let him know there is no chance of that happening and if money means that much to you go for it. I feel traded for a bigger pay cheque. He then suggested I go with him I said no way our marriage is iffy at best most days and I am not screwing up my job for him. I work for myself and make decent money although not enough to support my son and our home. Also I will not abandon my girls 17 and 18 who are in college and university. This is the 17 year olds first year and she already has planned her first visit home by the end of september because she and I are very close. The 18 year old lives here part time due to school and part time at her boyfriends he lives quite a ways to the school. I suggested we finish the things that need done here put the house on the market split the money and part ways, he says no he will pay for the house he doesn't want me to move he knows I love our house.I just wish he would go because to me he made his choice and I have now made mine, and it hurts so much while he is still here with one foot in and one foot out. He still hasn't given notice to his job.

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OH, that's tough spot to be in but I don't blame you. MY DH also wants me to stay home (and work) while he is working out of town mostly. He is upset I am taking a travel nurse position.

At least you DH is wnting you to stay in the house, that's pretty decent. I think it's hard to live with someone when you know in your heart things are just about finished.

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