Major Scratches in copper range hood

kellerxyJanuary 6, 2009

Ok, here it is... My well intentioned Mom decided to clean our copper range hood during her stay over the holidays. Unfortunately for us, her metal care skills are seriously lacking. There is quite a bit of grease build up on top of a wax coating and she decided to scrape it off, down to the bare copper. So now we have massive scratches. What is the best way to blend this area back to the surrounding areas? Can this even be done? It is a medium copper patina w/a wax finish. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

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You can buy very fine grade (400-600 grit) sand paper and buff out the scratches. To make the finish look even, you may find that you need to remove the wax from the whole thing and buff it with the same material, then reapply the wax.

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First remove the wax then sand with the grain direction (if the hood has one) or use an orbital sander with 200 grit first then 300 grit paper you will have to refinish the whole hood and let it tarnish before applying a coat of carnauba wax.

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