Preparing Sheet Metal For Painting?

candlerJanuary 11, 2010

I did a vinegar wash of a piece that's around six square feet. I'd seen vinegar suggested on the Net. I saturated a cloth and first wiped rather strongly and then rewiped lightly which left beads of vinegar throughout. After about ten minutes I soaked up remaining vinegar with paper towels.

The metal is 24 gauge. I'm wanting to spray paint it black. I've not seen anything noticeably different in the sheet metal texture. Should I? Does it sound like I did what should have been done to prime the metal for painting? Thanks, Gene

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What kind of metal (steel, aluminum) and what coating might be present?

The first thing needed is to make sure there is NO oil from manufacturing left on the surface.

Depending on the metal and any surface coating present an etch might be needed.

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