Cleaning embossed copper table

frannieOhJanuary 27, 2013


We've bought an antique Middle Eastern copper coffee table with oxidation and splotches of possible bronze disease. It's very beautiful with intricate tooling throughout and Arabic calligraphy along the circumference.

I cleaned an area with Brasso but am unhappy with the white residue it left in the very small crevices.

1. Is there another product that will polish this item w/o the residue? (Not happy with the bright but less shiny end result from other copper I've cleaned w/vinegar or lemon & salt).

2. Is there a quicker way to remove the green bronze disease spots than soaking in distilled water for up to a week?

3. Now that it's in there, how can I quickly get the Brasso out short of picking it out with toothpicks? (tried an old electric tooth brush but it didn't work. That stuff is in there good!)

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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"unhappy with the white residue it left in the very small crevices. "

Wash it with plain water.

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