3 oz copper sheet?

rockynJanuary 25, 2006

Howdy all,

I'm a total newbie. Saw some copper sheet at HD -it was rolled up with brown paper and not really obvious as copper. Just marked as roofing sheathing for wood roofs.

Anywho, it was also marked as 3 oz copper. Where does that designation come in and what does it mean? The roll must have weighed at least 8 lbs.

And, would this weight have any cool crafting qualities or is it too lightweight?

Many Thanks!

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Copper is often marked as oz weight. The weight is per square foot of material. 1 oz copper is about 1.4 mils thick, so 3 oz copper will be about 4.2 mils thick. It is actually rather light for craftwork.
Roof flashing is usually in the 16 oz range (22.4 mils) and up.

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I bought some of that copper roll a while back. It has an asphault like layer sanwiched between the copper and the kraft paper backing. This gives it considerably more body than just the 3 oz copper would provide alone.

I got it with the intention of using it to band citrus trees to keep snails off them. Still working on that ;-).

You can get small sheets of sheet copper at Orchard Supply Hardware. It's not cheap.

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I know this is an old thread, but I have been trying to make sense of all the various ways copper sheeting is referred (want to use some for snail/slug barriers as well--5 mil or 36 gauge seems to work the best and be most affordable) and came across a really good thickness guide on basiccopper.com


Here is a link that might be useful: Copper Sheet Thickness Guide

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