A nice girl looking for stable/invariable marriage.

finny333August 29, 2009


I am a Chinese girl, I am looking for a

25 years old,163cm,I like light music,reading book,walking, travelling, yoga and etc.

I am very faithful to the parter,very patient,careful and romantic,good at take care of the partner, very responsible for the lover and the future marriage, take the love and marriage as the most important part of all my life..

I hope to find someone who's opinion toward love and marriage as same as me.

My MSN: finny@live.cn

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finny sweetheart, this isn't a dating forum (or advertising forum). It's a place for people to discuss their own marriages.

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IDK, I'm tempted to give her info to my son ;)

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roselvr, bear in mind she may or may not be what she says.What young Chinese girl would consider this forum to find a young single man who likes walking, and reading--that doesn't fit the demographics of this group by a long shot. But it would be a good place to make the acquaintance of a married guy who is unhappy and would like to meet a young lady for an Email relationship who could ask for money for a sick mother, transportation to the U.S., etc. I've been in China--they use facebook and lots of social networking sites; there is a shortage of women with the one child rule, so any girl can be popular and find a husband there. Beijing and other cities are full of skyscrapers; they don't consider this a better place.

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I dont know, doesnt seem real to me. She spelled perfectly, used perfect punctuation, grammar, but worded all wrong? Sounds like someone was trying to sound chinese. I would be very careful if I was a 25 year old male responding to this ad. They might become lunch!

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Yeah but the American men like those little petite deferential girls.

However, I agree that "potential wives" from faraway lands do like to frequent our social networking sites.

This post does sound a little fishy.


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Its not aimed at a 25 year old male. We don't have any of them here that I have noticed. Its aimed at an older male who is gullible and might think a Chinese girl is like somebody out of a Pearl Buck novel. The women I talked with in China who were in that age group were very bright, and if you needed a translator anybody under 25 spoke English well, if you could get them off their cellphones.

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