Wrought Iron Furniture

mockingbird21January 2, 2009

I know that this forum is primarily to answer questions about metalworking and

types of metal. However, I thought I would share this site that has really cool [wrought

iron](http://www.timelesswroughtiron.com) products and accessories. The site is [Timeless

Wrought Iron](http://www.timelesswroughtiron.com). I recently bought one of the [wrought

iron beds](http://www.timelesswroughtiron.com/wrought-iron-beds) on their site for our teenage daughter (We bought their Willow

twin bed.). She absolutely loves it! It was a very high-quality product and I

thought I would share the site with some other people that seemed interested

in wrought iron.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wrought Iron Furniture

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