Refinishing Brass Plating !!

frank1203January 10, 2008

Hello, I'm in the process of redecorating my master bathroom and would like to keep an old polished brass Baker's Rack in the room that I've had for over 10 years. The problem is that this rack has tarnished and developed black spots over the years due to the moisture in the room and it is no longer very attractive. I have looked all over but cannot find a new polished brass rack to replace it. So - I want to refinish it or clean it up in the easiest way possible. What product or process can you recommend that I can do? Remember - this rack is not solid brass, but lacquered brass plated. Thanks

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Cheapest way get some spray paint. They have metal looking finishes in all sorts of colors. Just clean and lightly sand/use steel wool before spraying. Quite a few years ago I was re-finishing a desk and was going to re-place the drawer pulls but couldn't find any new ones that matched the holes (they were brass plated and in bad shape)I found a place that re-finished them using electroplating. They were able to put the brass back on and finished with a clear coat. 20 years ago it was about $60 for 7 handles. I may be quite expensive to do that to a bakers rack.

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What makes you think it's plated?
Try removing the laquer with laquer thinner and paper towels and then use a brass cleaner....I'll bet it polishes up.
Linda C

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One way to see if brass plated is to use a magnet. Won't stick to solid brass. My mother in-law showed me this trick while antiqe shopping.

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