Stainless Steel Source

geniere1January 13, 2005

IÂm looking for a source to obtain 4 pieces of stainless steel. Each should be 5 inches square with a thickness of about 3/32 to 1/8 inches. Stainless type is not important, neither is the finish. I can cut up a larger sheet(s) if necessary. I was looking at my stainless kitchen sink and frying pans but my wife caught me!

Thanx - Steve

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Metal salvage yards???


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Aircraft Spruce. Yeah, I know, spruce sounds like lumber, not metal. But, they have what you want. They will sell in small quantities. Your nearest sheet metal distributer might want to sell you a 48 by 96 inch sheet.

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Just about any sheet metal shop will have what you need in their drop rack by the shear. If you can find your local shops phone number call and ask for the shop foreman (not the sales estimators) he will probably fix you up for just a few bucks. These guys always have some drops from jobs. Just ignore the sign on the gate that says $250.00 minimum it is just for the people that want little stuff for free and bug them to death.

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