Fake wedding cake trend?

hitmarkAugust 10, 2010

In most wedding ceremonies, peoples mostly prefer artificial wedding cake, that are basically made of foam and covered with icing. And the cheep cake is ordered form a backing company to handle out the guest.. Even get pictures when cutting the cake. Has someone else observed this tendency? These all trends are for only to save wedding expenses. But it inconveniences me for some cause.


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Hitmark - no, I've never known such a thing and don't know where you get the idea that most people prefer fake cakes. No idea why you are asking the question or why "it inconveniences you for some cause". What's your point, and what conversation are you trying to get started? I see that you tend to start a new thread and never go back to respond to questions asked of you, and you post nonsensical responses to other people's threads. What's your story?

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Good ol' hitmark. Another stimulating erudition to brighten our days and expand our minds.

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Have never heard of fake cakes at weddings. Did you make it up hitmark? This question seems more appropriate for the Wedding forum. NancyLouise

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I've heard of it. I don't know if I've seen one. Must be to save money? I think it's silly. Cut the darned cake and serve it to your guests.

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We had a fake cake at our wedding. The top 2 layers were styrofoam and the bottom cakes were real. Not our idea but the cake makers idea.


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