Paint that makes mild steel look like chrome?

xista78January 3, 2007

My husband made a side table for me out of mild steel. I would like for it to have a shiny finish like chrome. Can anyone tell me if there a faux chrome paint exists?

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Of course there is, chrome (and gold) style spray paints are an old craft favourite. If you prepare the surface well, including priming, and are very careful, following the paint guidelines, you should get a good result.

Remember, more light coats are better than a few heavy ones, since you don't want runs....

I'd suggest you finish with several coats of clear lacquer on top, for durability and to give the finish a little depth.

You should be able to find the paint in any hardware store, or automotive supply place.

One last thought, what's to stop you actually having the table chrome plated? It might need to be dismantled for plating, and can be somewhat pricey, but nothing beats real chrome.

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