Married to a Space Alien

scarlett2001August 7, 2009

Have you ever had a dream so realistic that you woke still in it? Wednesday night I dreamed that DH was actually an alien life form (That would explain quite a few things!) who was sending messages to the mother ship by way of a red light that transmitted his info. I woke up and was so much still enmeshed in this dream that I lay awake quite awhile and looked at sleeping DH, wondering...

Finally I got up to get a glass of water and when I returned to bed, my eye caught a red glow coming fom inside a plastic bag that was hanging on his clothestree. Ok, I told myslf, I'm still asleep. This is part of the dream, I will now wake up and no more late night stuff from Ernesto's Taco Shed. But I was awake and the red light was undeniably real!

So I woke the guy up. (It was now about 3:30 am)"Anything you want to tell me?!?" Naturally he played dumb. I confronted him with the red light. He got up and took down the bag and produced some kind of lazer distance measuring tool, that he SAID had accidentally been activated.

Yeah, I believe him...sure.

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You really cannot trust those aliens. They would say anything to cover their tracks !

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it explains a lot about things they do, doesn't it? :)

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Yeah, he probably IS an alien. But the thing is, do you REALLY want to know?? Sometimes we're better off clinging to that thread of doubt!

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I wanna know if he had any Yeah, those parts. If yes, might as well enjoy 'em....

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