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rdtompkiJanuary 3, 2007

I've got 5 acres with horses and the usual assortment of welding opportunities too small to warrant hiring out. I need a 110V welder. Seems like a Lincoln flux-core 110V unit would do the trick. Typical application: welding galvanized hinges to galvanized pipe corral, the hinges being thicker than the galvanized "pipe". All the work will be outdoors.

I'm not too worried about appearance and don't have a portable generator so 220V probably isn't feasible. I don't see the 20% duty cycle as being a problem.

Does this welder choice make sense for this application?


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Yes,but I recommend grinding the zinc off wherever you want weld. Never tried it w/ flux core,but it can be a bear welding w/ stick.Maybe you already know this,but drink a pint of milk after inhaling that zinc smoke.Gets rid of the "zinc hangover" real quick.

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You might want to look at a Thermal Arc Dragster 85. This is a very compact and portable inverter that runs off 110V.

It is a stick welder which is good for less than ideal conditions like zinc coating, rust, dirt, paint, etc. You could use 3/32" electrodes with it which will put down a decent bead and use multiple passes when necessary for bigger jobs.

A stick welder takes a bit more skill than a wire feed but I'm told that most 110V wire feeds are a waste of time.

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The Lincoln flux core IS the way to go. If you ever need a higher amperage, borrow or buy a Lincoln "buzz box" stick welder. I'm on 10 acres and have the same needs for a welder that you mentioned.

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