What Store Bought Sweet n Sour Sauce is best?

sapphiresAugust 15, 2008


I know alot of you make your own sweet n sour sauce. Let's say I want to buy some, what store bought brand is the best? Thank you.


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the only thing I can think of is NOT La Choy..LOL
It's like icky...I mean it's OKAY..but it's kinda fakey tasting.

I usually go to the asian section of my grocery(we have a large one) and pick something that hasn't been restocked yet. (or faced forward) LOL
So usually the stuff I get has two labels..the country of origins label and one in English. :o)

Mr. Yoshida makes pretty good stuff, as does Kikkoman..so maybe check out those two brands.

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I agree with Kikkoman being pretty good. I bought the Kraft Sweet n' Sour sauce once and it was just awful. Even the color was bad... a brown orange color instead of a pretty red one. It didn't have much flavor at all, and kind had a bitter aftertaste. The place I went only had Kikkoman and Kraft.

I haven't purchased it in a long time, so there may be different brands available now. I was into making myself for a while (the ingredients that made it up really surprised me!), but now I just don't eat it or anything it would go on because it's too caloric.

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I concur: NOT Kraft, and NOT La Choy!

One more vote FOR Kikkoman! (That's what's in my fridge right now.)


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As simple as it is to make why not make your own? You will know what went into it and it will be far better than any you can buy. Plus the ingredients will not sound like a chemistry experiment gone bad.

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Oh Paddy, I almost repsonded with something similar, but changed my mind at the last minute, fearing it wasn't what the poster was asking for. The poster specifically addressed that some people make their own, but that (s)he wanted to buy some. I understand that.

I've made my own sweet and soure sauce AND ranch dressing at times. However, when I'm working a lot I don't even have time to do that... plus without preservatives, the homemade stuff doesn't last very long and I know I usually end up throwing the great majority of it away.

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Well seems like I'll be trying Kikkoman. Thanks for everyones input.

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I guess I should pay more attention to the questions.

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Lately, when Kikkoman isn't available (I guess it's popular, as the space on the grocer's shelf is always bare), I've tried House of Tsang. It costs a little more, but I think the taste and texture are similar. I sometimes drizzle it on chicken breasts or thighs before baking.


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You might also check Whole Foods to see if they make one under their 365 label. I'm usually quite satisfied with their products. I especially like their cocktail sauce and their Hoisin sauce isn't bad either.

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vacuumfreak - based on your description, could it be that Kraft's was a duck sauce, which is in fact a sweet and sour sauce.

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