Excruciating Ovulation?

Puterlady48December 13, 2001

Have any of you suffered really excruciating ovulation -- so painful that you'd swear you were delivering a child?? I've had it happen about four times in the last year. It happened this month. It usually lasts a couple of hours. This time it lasted most of the night. Doc has put me on birth control to ease perimenopausal symptoms and to keep me from ovulating. I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience??

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I can't use the word excruciating, but I do know when I am ovulating. Feels like really bad menstrual cramps. It seems like I have cramps for 3 weeks a month!

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To me, it feels nothing like cramps. It feels like a big knife is stabbing me in the ovary. When I was about 14, it was so painful one month that I was in the hospital overnight, getting tested for appendicitis (the pain at that time was on the right side). I was nearly doubled-over in pain. I'm 45 and I still get a similar pain every single month, off and on for about a day, some months worse than others. I would never describe the pain as "crampy", it is a definitely a sharp stabbing pain and sometimes it does nearly double me over while other times it is barely noticable.

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This was really, really bad -- like childbirth. When I felt my cervix, it was swollen and very, very tender. This has only been happening since I started having other symptoms of perimenopause. My doctor had never heard of anything like it. It's very puzzling.

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I had really painful ovulation until we removed an ovary a few months ago (it had a huge cyst in it). Now ovulation is not as painful, but very weird (I get VERY twingy and climb all over my husband, the poor guy doesn't get any sleep for a few days).

What's really weird is I still get O pain on the side where the ovary was removed, so I'm guessing it's the fallopian tube cramping up in an effort to grab the (non-existent) egg...I read someplace that nobody is completely sure what constitutes O pain and that one of the possibilities is fallopian tube, so maybe !

JoJo (new to this forum, hello!)

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An update to my previous posting... this month it was excruciating!! It woke me up just as I was dozing off to sleep, and I yelled out and startled my husband. It lasted several seconds during the worst part of it, and the pain continued into the next day with horrible lower abdominal bloating. I think I'm going to make an appointment to have this checked out because it was so painful, it felt like someone was stabbing me with a big butcher knife.

I also have pain in both ovaries sometimes when I sneeze or lift something heavy, and this occurs at any time of the month. It doesn't seem normal to me so I am going to have it checked out.

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The Germans call ovulation "Mittelschmerz", which means middle+pain (pain during the middle of your cycle). I got it so bad once (actually I was working at a German hotel at the time!), that it caused me to pass out. I have gotten it intermittantly over the years. I'm not sure why some ovulations hurt and others don't........Maybe it has something to do with how much the ovary has to be involved, as the egg is getting "spit" out. I suggest NSAIDs around that time......if you're regular, and know when you're probably going to ovulate.

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I definitely feel your pain. I always know when I ovulate. Full, crampy feeling with a nauseating, searing pain which extends into my rear end..lasts about 5-10 minutes and then it's gone for a month. Absolutely excruciating and has been going on for over 15 years.

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Hi again......I guess the one good thing for some women who are trying to get pregant and have alot of ovulation pain is that you know exactly when that egg's popping out! that sort of happened with me and my last child. I was having problems getting pregnant. We had tried for almost a year, and then one night, I got this excrutiating ovulation pain and we knew it was happening, and took advantage of it. Sure enough......I got pregnant that month! I guess that's no consolation, though, if you're not wanting to get pregnant! Like I mentioned earlier.....if it really bothers you, I think you could figure out when you usually ovulated, and take NSAIDS for a day or 2 before.

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I'm experiencing it now. It woke me up last night. I didn't have it for a while, but it's definitely back.

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I have this same pain.
It is really only at night and in the middle of the night.
It wakes me up it is so bad.
Heat is the only thing that helps.
I have tried many Dr's but they have no idea why it is at night, and only real solution is the pill.
Are there others that only have this at night? Or most commonly at night.
I also had the sharp pain on sneezing/lifting something.
I had a lap surgery and they found a lot of scar tissue, which they removed. So that pain is gone and I only have the night time ovulation pain.
It is very frustrating that the Dr's have no clue on this.
Mine started out as just one night, but over the years has progressed to about 3 nights each month.
Did you find any solution? pelvic congestion maybe?

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Hi PhDmom,
I think everything seems worse at night! I am surprised to find that even though I haven't had a period in about a year and a half, I still have ovulation pain.
I think our ovaries start going a little crazy near menopause. FSH starts beating on them to put out eggs, so maybe your's are just getting beaten to death! You're probably ovulating 3 times a month. It IS very painful! And for me, it seems to last longer than it did when I was having periods. Sometimes it lasts for days.

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I am a 33 yr old mom and am experienceing ovulation pain for the first time. I recently stopped getting the Depo shot(I had been on it for 7yrs) and had my first period 10 days ago(haven't ovulated or had a period in years). Does anyone know if this pain happens more frequently prior to menopause? Or anything about going off the shot? There isn't much information out there.

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Milana, I'd think interupting your body's natural cycle would cause some problems when you got off the drugs, but that's just my opinion. I've never trusted birth control or anything that disrupts the normal cycle. I know plenty of women do it, but it just seems to me that it will cause some problems somewhere along the way.
I'm just curious, how many of you with this problem eat a lot of beef?

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I rarely eat beef. It doesn't agree with my digestion. I think you might be right about being on birth control for so long. My body isn't happy.

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I've been getting what feels like certain ovulation pain (bilateral), but it's lasting longer than a week. It feels very swollen inside. I have pain when I sit down, when I cough, etc. Have any of you had it last this long?? I seem to get this every few months.
I wonder, as we get older, and our ovaries don't function normally, if our rising FSH levels can sort of "flog" our ovaries into forcing out an egg?? I'm just trying to understand why this pain has lasted over a week and is still hurting.

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I've had the "middle of the month" cramping for over 10 years now. Deep stabbing abdominal cramps that radiate down my legs and even make my feet hurt! I rarely have the normal before my period cramps, but most months (not all) I have these terrible mid-cycle cramps lasting 3 to 5 days (too long for "Mittelschmerz" according to my gyn). She doesn't know what causes it either.

I am 46 and haven't been on any BC or hormone pills for over 20 years. I do have fibroids. Not even in perimenopause according to my endocrinologist. I do go through a lot of Advil and Darvocet.

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Jenn, were you ever checked for ovarian cysts? 25 yrs ago I had such terrible cysts they hemorraged, luckily my gyn had experience with this and "wedged" my ovaries. He wanted me pregnant immediately so the ovaries would have time to heal...but that took another year. I still have occassional painful ovulation but nothing like I had then. Also, have you had a tubaligation? When you mentioned when you sneeze you have sharp pain, made me think of what happens everytime I sneeze. I had my tubes clamped and I've been told scar tissue can build up around the clamps and adhere to the abdominal wall, which would cause a yanking away from the ab wall when you sneeze. I've learned to lift my right leg to my chest when I have to sneeze, cuts out the pain.

Phdmom...have you had a colonoscopy? I have diverticulosis and I have rectal cramping mainly at night from stress and constipation. I had been misdiagnosed for 20+ years, you wouldn't believe the diagnoses I had. Once you have it diagnosed you can teach your self to be more regular, mostly alleviating the nightly cramping, that's if that is the problem. Except stress brings it on just as bad.

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Karen, I've never been checked for cysts or had any other type of surgery. I do wonder about scar tissue but I don't know why I'd have any. It doesn't hurt every time I sneeze, but when it does, it REALLY hurts. I often wonder though if something is wrong, but when I mention these things to the doctor, she doesn't seem concerned.


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Hi Jenn,
This has been going on a long time, hasn't it? If you are still having all this pain, and your doc doesn't seem concerned about it.....you need to find a different doc. Surely, a long time ago, she had you get a transvaginal ultrasound. She should want to know why you are having all this pain, and for so long. Definitely, seek out another doc's opinion!

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Sorry if this message gets repeated. I tried to post a little while ago, but it didn't show up, so I don't know if it was lost or not. I will retype it.
I have always had the mid-cycle pain, ever since my first period. I also was suspected of having appendicitis that first time, as it was so painful. I am usually pretty regular with it ( with the exception of one time, a few years back, I skipped one period, and still have never figured out why), and it usually lasts anywhere from 12-36 hours for me. Many times, I may also have bloating or constipation with it.
This month, however, it was a bit different. I had pain for almost a week now ( shy one day )....and it started on my left side, but now, this morning it had switched to my right side. When the left side started, it would have been right on schedule, but now the pain on the right side would only be a week away from my next period. Is this normal? Has anyone else ever had this happen, and is it possible for both ovaries to release an egg, one after another? Also, could endometriosis cause painful ovualtion? Oh, and I am 33, in case that factors into anything.

p.s. this is my third time trying to send this message, I hope it works this time and also hope it doesn't show up multiple times later......in case it does....sorry in advance!


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I am 44 years old and I have been experiencing painful ovulation for about 6 years now. It started out only at night, waking me and lasting for about 20 minutes. The pain has slowly progressed to several times a day for the full two weeks before my period. It's often unbearable pain and it starts out as a small cramping feeling and I know it's beginning and can last for up to an hour. (Mine is always left sided). It feels like something between a menstral cramp and a diarrhea cramp, a deep dull ache. The only thing that gives me some relief is abdominal massage. I once dreamt one of my eggs was stuck in the tube, only to wake with the cramping. One ultrasound did show a small fibroid on my uterus, but my doctor didn't seem concerned so I wasn't. Some months I am ready to run to the gyn and beg to have that ovary removed. I actually look forward to my period, because it means relief. I hope this information helps someone who may be experiencing the same symptoms. It always help me to know I'm not alone.

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Well, it's nice to see I'm not alone. I just started having ovulation pain last month. It's driving me crazy because I was always one to only have a few mild cramps during my period and that was it. I'm 42 years old now and in the past year I've started having headaches, painful breasts and now this ovulation pain. Mine lasted for a week last month and so far this month it's been 3 days. I'm debating whether or not to go to the doctor. My yearly pap isn't until June. Wondering if I should wait that long. If it really is just ovulation pain, I'm okay with that. By the hypochondriac in me is thinking ovarian cancer.

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If it helps at all, I don't think ovarian cancer presents as ovary pain.
I just had my pap a couple days ago. I told my doc that I've been getting these spells of ovary pain. She said that (and I realize you're not post menopausal) they used to get worried about ovary pain in post menopausal women....but now they know that even when we quit having periods, our ovaries can still be doing things.
I'm thinking that maybe some of our deepest eggs are finally being called upon.......and they have to work harder to get out! ;)

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I've always suffered with mittleschmerz but found relief durin my 30's whne my Children were born. Today, getting closer to 44, I am was living in and out of the Hospital the last 4 months. Finally after CT's, ultrasounds, cytoscopy and blood tests, I am fine...my hormones not. The bladder and intestines are very sensitive to hormone changes and being in perimenopause my Mittleschmerz starts and dosen't seem to end till my period. Like someone already said, I am happy too when I get my period. It's the one time I am free from discomfort and pain. I take Homeopathic med right now and will see if it helps in the months to come. I am not enjoying my trip out of the fertile years :0(

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You are so right nolongernewyork, about the bladder and intestines being so sensitive to hormone changes. I'm 56, and haven't had periods for 2 years. Some months I get ovary pain, and some months I don't. And I can tell you that on the months when I get ovary pain, for several months after that, EVERYTHING is messed up in me.........my IBS, GERD, anxiety, skin, joint/muscle pain, sleep, migraines are ALL worse. It's amazing to see the connection. In fact, I only get the migraines after I've had the ovary pain.
I've discovered since perimenopause started (10 years ago), that it's the FLUCTUATION of hormones that messes things up. I think if they just stayed high or low, life would be alot easier. But then.....it's not supposed to be easy, right? ;)

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Argh! Just wrote all you ladies a massive and very-detailed email from London, UK and it never got posted (serves me right for not saving it first...oh I hate computers!)

Well, to cut a long story short:
1)I am 35, was on oral Pill for 13 years, came off it permanently 3 months ago because want to do fertility test (Fertell) to measure my ovarian reserve (they are available over the counter here in UK) and to do test you have to have had 2 pill-free cycles first.
I am getting married in October and want to have a baby in the next year or so (wish me luck at my 'advanced old age'!)
2)Have had very painful abdo, right and left sides, sharp, knifelike, sometimes only an intense twing like someone has grabbed my insides and pulled...for the past 3 cycles.
2)Also been very lethargic and a real pain in the butt to live with, around that same time!
3)Skin has gone all greasy and I have reverted back to being a pimply teenager (nice)
4)Libido has gone through the roof! (although feeling like a pimply teeneager doesn't always make me feel too confident!)

Husband-to-be, very conveniently, is an MRI radiographer (Magnetic Resonance Imaging - allows a radiologist to see your organs, bones, blood vessels in the clearest possible way). He got a bit fed up hearing me whinge about being "Probably infertile", "Probably having a cyst", "Probably having a tumour" and whisked me off for a scan a month ago. His abdo radiologist consultamnt friend told me the following:

1)My left ovary is packed to bursting point with follicles, whereas the right only has one.
2)Follicles visible on scan (and this also applies to ladies having a more conventional ultrasound) do not mean that you are necessarily fertile.
3)Follicles can happily develop every cycle without ever releasing an egg (waste of resources, but hey!)
4)Follicles are reabsorbed by body if they never ripen/release egg
5)Ovulation tests measure a surge in Luteneising Hormone - if the test is positive, it is no indication that you will ovulate - only that your LH has surged
6)Women who have come off long-term birth control can take from 6 months to a year to re-establish a normal cycle
7)Ovulating pain is also a normal part of ovaries being 'switched back on' after coming off birth control - it is sign everything is waking up and ready to start. Hardly surprising when I hadn't ovulated for 13 years - my ovaries must have thought 'what the hell is going on!'

Also went to see a very good acupuncturist (who is also qualified western trained doctor). He told me this:

1)Western medicine can over pathologise 'women's problems'- Eastern medicine seeks to re-establish a balance in the woman's body, rather than throwing a textbbok and some pills at it (I can live with that)
2)Most 'women's problems' are not diseases or illnesses - just a result of imbalanced or trapped energy ("chi") flows in the body, resulting (as in my case) in 'dampness', 'congestion' and 'stagnation' (too right - I have noticed that since my ovaries were rudely kick-started, I have also had swollen ankles).
3)A woman's general health can almost entirely be gauged by how her cycle pans out - so, in other words, it is what shapes her, not just a part of her health.
4)If energy ("chi" or "blood force" in Chinese) is blocked, then periods can be scanty, irregular, painful and very slow to start (mine take up to 4 days to really 'start' properly). Periods can also be thin/watery, and then have sudden moments where visible clots are seen.
5)Blocked energy can also manifest itself around ovulation as having ovulation pain, because the body is summoning up all its energy to 'push that egg out there'

I have had 2 acupuncture sessions over 2 months and am due 4 more. I already feel better this cycle than ever before.

I am 3 days away from my period starting and I am bearable to live with (just about, if you don't count the odd wedding plan stress attack thrown in for good measure!)
I have swollen breasts but they are no longer sore, my skin is less oily, my sleep less diturbed.
I can't wait until my next ovulation to see if the pain diminishes and to see if I have a more normal period this time.

A parting sentence from my acupuncturist, which gave me a lot of hope and reassurance:

"Learn a lot about your body in the next few weeks and months Jessica. It is turning itself back on after years of being masked by artificial hormones. You will eventually feel better physically but also mentally, as you become more in tune with it's patterns and rhythms. You may still get the odd ache and pain but now you know why. Give it time and see how it all improves."

A wise man indeed - I'm sure he was a woman in a former life!

Good luck to you all and please feel free to email me if you like.

All the best from sunny Britain ;-)


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I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem! I recall having an episode of extremely painful ovulations when I was about 19, during which I'd be in pain from the time my period ended until the time it started. Like someone said above, I was actually glad when my period started as it gave me relief from the pain. I was too scared to go to the doctor, so I never did anything about it...and after awhile it faded away.

Now I'm nearly 45 and in peri-menopause, and the problem has started again. This month has been particularly bad. I've been in pain on and off for ten days, first in the left side and now in the right side. It's like a crampy ache and is making me feel tired, irritable and depressed. It's always much worse in the right side than it is in the left - luckily, I rarely ovulate on my right side, but this month it feels like I've ovulated about three times. It's really a drag.

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I have been looking on the web for an hour looking for a webpage talking about ovarian cysts in real language. For me it starts as a cramp - usually on my right side - that I now recognize as the precursor to what quickly becomes the most painful hour that a person can endure (my brother had a kidney stone and swears what I describe experiencing is worse than his pain). It started about 10 years ago, happening about once a year, then a few years ago it started happening a few times a year. Currently, it has already happened three times this year. Yes, I am going to my primary care physician to discuss the increased frequency, although last fall an ultrasound confirmed cysts.

When it happens I find myself feeling like my right ovary is going to twist out of my body. The pain is UNBELIEVABLE. I immediately take some ibuprohen, and get in my hottub, although, I squirm a lot when the pain is the worst...no position is comfortable or helps alleviate the pain. I actually find myselt panting and feeling like my pain has to be at least as bad as childbirth. I simply wait it out, reminding myself not to freak out.

The primary reason that I write is to says thanks for all the previous women who have kept this website going for years with updates and advice. Most importantly though, for making me feel less alone with this damn pain!

thank you.

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Maybe it was somewhere on this thread, but I remember someone saying that the herbal supplement Chasteberry might help with ovary pain. My pain has subsided (knock on wood!), so I never tried it, but you might give it a try
lawyer11. Good luck. I know how sickening that pain can make you feel!

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I'd been taking chasteberry for some time, but it seems to be making the pain worse. I have the feeling it's overstimulating my ovaries. Or...it could be the dong quai that's also in the capsule. I tried taking dong quai several years ago in an attempt to balance my hormones and ended up with painful ovulation again. When I stopped taking the dong quai, the pain went away. Anyhow, I'm going to stop the capsules for a month or two to see what happens. If the pain stops, then I know that's what's causing it.

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I am a 26 year old who is currently and has been taking oral contraceptives for about 6 years. I experience abdominal pain at the middle of my cycle usually monthly. However due to the birth control, I should not be ovulating. When I was 19 I had ovarian cysts, (beginning of birth control pills) and did acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, and it worked. Hoever this pain is not as frequent or as severe as the pain I experienced with my cysts. I've seen many doctors, had many ultrasounds, and nothing has come of it. If anyone has any idea of what this could be, or has experienced it themselves, please let me know. I'd love to find the cause of this pain. Thank you.

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Hi bj,
I know this doesn't help at all, but I think that our bodies have their own schedules and cycles, and sometimes their influence comes through, even when we are trying to make them have different schedules. I spotted when I was 3 months pregnant in sync with my previous periods. My OB/GYN said it wasn't unusual.
I would guess that there's just something about your system that is still stimulating your ovaries in the middle of your cycle, even though you are on hormones.

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I'm not going through menopause but this thread seems helpful so hopefully someone out there can help!

I have been off the pill for three months now and have had three periods, one regular, two not so regular (I'm 30 and was on pill from age 18). Last month I had mid-cycle abdominal pain and have it again this cycle. Since my periods were light and weird I bought ovulation predictors and I had an LH surge on 15th but I've had lower abdominal pain from 17th to today (20th) as well as a phlegmy feeling in the back of my throat. Tight fitting pants are also not nice and I usually have to undo top button. Anyone else ever have this with mittelschmerz? Could it be a sign of something else, like early fertilization, ovarian cyst or early menopause?

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Hi im2hyper,
I'm no expert, but I would think that having been on the pill for 12 years, you should probably give your body alot more time to adjust to being off the pill. I think I would give it even a year.

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Hi sandra,
How old are you? I know you had a tubal, but could you be pregnant?
I went to the ER last Christmas for severe pain, and it showed a tiny cyst on one ovary. The doc said it couldn't be causing all that pain, but I disagree! I think very tiny cysts can be very painful. Our ovaries are constantly making cysts. I think most of them are old eggs that are trying to be released.
According to my gynecologist, we're making cysts all the time, and that's just the way it goes. Unfortunately, some of them are painful. I read somewhere where taking the supplement "chasteberry" works on cyst pain. Also, I think caffeine can make the cyst pain worse.
Your period is probably late because you're probably in perimenopause.

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All of your messages are such a help to me,i just had to join up and tell you all that!

I've suffered with painful ovulation for as long as I can remember, yet none of my friends suffer with anything like I do so I feel a little alone.

I get a 'pulling' heavy sensation to start with on my left side which develops into more pain as the days go on. Once ovulation has occured the pain goes. I sometimes feel like I cannot move its so bad.

It's been a comfort to read that I'm not alone! Thank you!

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It is unbelievable what I have learned from reading this forum. I wake every night, about 4-5 hours after going to bed with a severe cramp on the left side of my body, in the groin area. It can only be alleviated by getting up and walking around, sitting and stretching the left leg into so many different positions. Sometimes I lie in bed and try the same, but it doesn't work.

I have irregular periods - about every 3 months, and the pains stop about 2-5 days before the period, then do not start again for a month. This is bliss. Then the pains start all over again.

My doctor can give no satisfaction regarding this. I am 48, not on the pill, no kids. Have had a vaginal ultrasound. There are several fibroids which she tells me are not a problem.

What I want to ask is how come I have had more information from this site which I have only just discovered, than from a doctor to whom I have been complaining for 3 years?

I would love to hear from anyone with similar symptoms and who has any hints to alleviate the pain.

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The reason you're learning more from this site than from the doctors is that most doctors know hardly anything about peri-menopause or menopause, or the associated problems and symptoms that some women go through with their reproductive systems. If men had to go through what we went through, they'd probably have found a way to abolish menstruation decades ago - but up until recently, the medical system has been male-dominated and women's problems were often thought to be in the woman's head, and not even real. I can remember the day when PMS was finally recognized as an actual syndrome - that was only about 20 years ago. Sad, but true.

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I can't believe that I found others who are experiencing this pain. Mine started about 6 years ago although at the time I attributed it to my gallbladder which had to be removed. But a few months later, I started getting this pain again. It didn't happen regularly so I didn't pay any attention until the last two years. It became more frequent and more intense each month. I started keeping a diary and found it happened the week prior to my period starting. In the last year, I have had a pelvic ultrasound and intra-vaginal ultrasound which showed a tiny fibroid tumor on the back of my uterus. I was then sent to a gastro specialist who did a colonoscopy and an abdominal something with contrast (I drank radioactive stuff), all of which showed absolutely nothing wrong with my stomach, intestines etc. I was referred back to my GYN, who is now trying me on birth control pills. The bad news is that I have the most horrible side affects to the two types she's prescribed, but the good news is that even though I was only able to take them each for a week before the side affects became intolerable is that I had no pain. So, after a year and a half of all kinds of tests, I'm now 99% sure it's ovulation pain, but I can't find a birth control pill that doesn't make me woozy and give me fluttering in my chest. I asked why, at 45, I couldn't just have my ovaries taken out, problem solved. My GYN said that I had to make an honest effort to try medication before my insurance will pay for the operation. So, I'm trying my third prescription this month, but I'm also going for a complete general physical before I start them to make sure that there isn't some existing condition somewhere else that the pills are exacerbating. My pain is mostly at night, usually lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours, although sometimes it can go all day and it feels like my pelvis is going to explode. I also experience strange bowel incidents which is why I was originally sent to the gastro guy, but he said nothing gastro related only happens at a specific time each month although he did put me thru a colonoscopy anyway!! I'm just glad to have found somewhere to read about the things I'm experiencing and I don't feel so along, although I'm really sorry that you're all going thru this pain too!

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Hi--I am new here-49 years old and in peri-menopause and I feel like I am going to burst.Not only do I have ovulation pain,on both sides-- sometimes several x a month (can you ovulate more than 1x a month??)AND can you ovulate and NOT menstruate????Thats what I do..seems like I am constantly ovulating--pain on both sides..extreme (sorry) clear sticky discharge--but no period--my period would bring relief--I am SO bloated I look like I am 6 months preggo.Anyone feel like me???

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melon.....do you ever have periods? Supposedly, as we age, we have too much of one hormone and not enough of the other (keep forgetting if it's estrogen or progesterone)......but the lining of our uteruses can keep getting thicker and thicker, without shedding at the right time. When this happens, we can start to bleed in one area, and keep bleeding and bleeding. That's why lots of women our age have alot of bleeding and/or spotting inbetween periods.
Have you been to the OB/GYN lately? You want to be sure your paps are up to date, and with alot of bloating, you might want to have an ultrasound look-see at your ovaries.

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I have these pains as well. I had one of them tonight. I am better though. I was thinking that there was something wrong with me but then I realised it happens usually about 10 days before my menstrual cycle so I found an ovulation calculator on mymonthlycycle.com and started calculating when I should ovulate and today is the day. So that website gives you a way to keep track of your ovulation times I am going to see next month if it happens again at the same time. Which from hearing your stories I believe I will be right on the nose. WOW I am so glad to have found this forum because I thought something was truly wrong with me. On my cycle time I do not have cramps but I have a heavy cycle. these pains happen before my cycle and like Jenn in a recent post said she has pain when she sneezes or moves wrong I also have those pains as well. I kept thinking it was where my c-section incision was and maybe there was scar tissue hurting me. But I am now seeing it is my ovaries. These pains feel like sharp stabbing [pains right where my ovaries are on both sides. It is so bad it doubles me over for 10 or so minutes and then I am better. It even makes me hurt to walk. So thanks for making me feel somewhat normal.

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Hi milliet,
I don't mean to be gross......but I wanted to mention something. When I'm having ovary pains (which are more like intense aching than sharp pains), and have gas or poop go by the ovaries, I have excrutiating pain! I think the whole area around our ovaries becomes very sensitive during ovulation, and if there is anything happening in our GI tracts around them, it's really painful! Maybe that's what happened to you during those 10 minutes.

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Well I have been experiencing Excruciating Ovulation for over 11yrs. It took me 2yrs to get preg. w/ my first son because the pain was so bad I could not have sex (and that is when it happens) I had to go on pain pills to have sex...crazy. Well 11yrs ago it started and I am still having it. Had it last night felt like someone had a knife in my stomach and even hurts in my rectum sometimes...shooting pains...I am glad I am not the only one with this. At 39 I do not want to go on the pill again to help me so I deal with it..what does anyone else do for the pain..

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Misdiagnosed and still suffering. My pain started 3 months ago. I am 39 and had a tubal 8 years ago when I had my son. 3 months ago a slow growing pain started and progressed to a scale of 1-10 it was a 9. I was on the verge of going to the hospital but it would come and go. Dull ache with sharp razor stabbes in my lower left abdominal.

Went to my doctor after 4 days of on and off pain. It was not at its worst anymore but I wanted an explanation. My doctor said it was most likely diverticulits and prescribed an antibiotic and said to eat bland food for a while and no more popcorn or nuts. Did that with no success.

The pain returned and stayed pretty constant on a pain scale of 2-3. Occassionally it was a sudden 10 with stabbs that felt like razor blades. When I get these pains I also had a lot of gas and was burping alot so I did agree with the doctor and thought it was my colon.

After a CT Scan and Ultrasound that found an enlarged ovary and cysts, fibroid tumors in my uterus my doctor still reported that was normal and they were not of a size to be concerned and sent me off for a colonoscopy.

Lovely time having a colonoscopy - the night before cleaning myself out is the worst. The doctor that did the colonscopy reported my colon was the most beautiful he had seen in quite some time Ha Ha. That is due to him doing most colonoscopies on elderly. He said my colon was great and there was not any sign of a problem.

Then my doctor sent me to a gynocologist who shrugs her shoulders and said to try some birth control pills for 3 months and report back. Having just missed my cycle I had to wait 3 weeks before begining the pills. I have now been in pain on and off for about 2 months.

Started the pills 5 days ago and in am in the worst pain ever today. Hours till it subsided and still a few jabbs this evening. I beleive I am ovulating according to an ovulation chart I found online where you can chart ovulation for getting pregnant. Too bad I am charting it for pain. All done having babies.

Hope these birth control pills work or I will be asking for a third opinion. Good thing my freinds and family tell me pain is not a symptom of ovarian cancer, the thought crossed my mind and I have even asked the doctors about it and they only say unless a mass is seen in the belly with the ultrasound insurance companies will not pay for the CA125 Test to detect ovarian cancer early. I hope their guess that it is endomitriosis is correct and that myself and everyone else I read stories about find relief.

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ok i am tring this for the second time so it will be shorter. i am 32 (almost) and have five shildren. i have had a tubal and a reversal. reversal was 2 years ago. last year went in to er for horrible pain on left side going down my leg and into my foot. they found multiple cysts on both overies one 4 cm wide. the put me on hormones that made it worse. i refused to be put on the pill after talking with my RN mother about it.i have pain every month so bad i can barely move and have tried everything. after much research and talking to lots of people i have found FALSE UNICORN ROOT. it is suppose to help with painful periods, ovulation pain, ov. cysts, and balance your hormones. i just bought it and dont know if it works yet but i thought it was worth tring and someone else here might also like the info.

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Wow, I just stumbled onto this thread. I've had the same excruicating pain for about 10 years now (I'm 46). The strange thing is that it's about the worst pain I've ever felt short of childbirth, but a single Tylenol or Advil will alleviate it. (I found this out after years of taking 2 or 3 at a time.. once I had only 1 and it worked.) That finding led me to believe the pain was psychological. I thought that until early in one pregnancy (2 kids, but 10 miscarriages) -- each pregnancy I was relieved that I wouldn't have the pain -- but I was awakened in the middle of the night with the pain. So even after convincing myself I wouldn't feel it, it woke me up. After that I kept a log for months, then looked back and found the pain began at the exact same time each month, 2 or 3 days after ovulation. I've seen many OBs, REs - have had a colonoscopy, ultrasounds -- I've considered endometriosis and one doc was about to schedule a laparoscopy.. but I've realized I can live with it if I get that Tylenol or Advil early enough. The pain has lessened over time - I used to take up to 10 Tylenol and Advil in one day -- now maybe 1 or 2 of each. Interestingly, when I was 20 I had an exploratory appendectomy and they removed an ovarian cyst that was 6" in diameter (along with my healthy appendix). I have always suspected this is what happens each month, though subsequent ultrasounds haven't found that.

Anyway -- wow I can't believe there are others with this same pain. So nice to know I'm not alone!

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I wonder if some of us just have more nerve fibers in that area! When I went to the ER last Christmas day for severe right ovary pain (which I'd had for about a month, and it kept getting worse), my CT scan showed a small cyst on my right ovary. The doc said "it's too small to be causing that much pain". Well, I disagree! We can all be very different from each other in many physical ways........so why can't some of us just have more pain fibers there?
I think that's alot of it. And we can't listen to people telling us that it shouldn't hurt so much. It does. And I guess we just have to figure out how to best comfort ourselves.
I'm fortunate like you, Buildinginpa, that alot of times, mine is eased with 2 tylenol. I guess it's sort of like how some people have migraines, while others just have an occasional mild headache. I guess some of us are just lucky. (not!) :)

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Hi All,
I'm 32 and have always had very regular cycles. I have also always noticed some cramping or sensation during ovulation, but assumed it was in my head or I was just really in tune with my body. About 9 months ago I had my first baby and got my period back when my baby was about 4 months old. Since the return of my period my ovulation cramps have gotten worse---today is day 14 of my cycle and I'm having painful discomfort in the lower pelvis. I finally decided to google this issue and thankfully stumbled across this site. I have also learned tonight for the first time about "mittelschmerz"....I can't believe with all my reading and having regular checkups that I've never heard that this cramping has a name! Anyway, I have two questions: 1. Did anyone else notice that their mittelschmerz became worse after having kids? and 2. Does anyone else also experience it for a couple of days and on both sides at the same time? (From everything I've read it sounds like you're more likely to have it on one side, but for me the whole area is in discomfort. The left side hurts more than the right, though.)

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I am 41 years old and have 4 children. My 4th child will be four in October. I began having painful ovulation about 6 months ago. It is usually on one side or the other, but this month it was both sides. My ovaries feel very tender and I can feel them when I take steps while walking. I also feel crampy and am irritable with people (I guess because I don't feel well). I'm glad I found this web site. I've been wondering if this is a sign that peri-menopause is beginning. ???

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This is interesting! Up until recently I was made to feel as though I were an oddball because I kept trying to get a doctor to do something about my symptoms, which included mid-cycle pain.

I am 50 and one of those with the dull but very strong crampy pain that lasts a week or sometimes longer at ovulation time. I used to get the sharp pain for a short time that signalled ovulation, but now I get a gradually escalating dull crampy ache that is mainly in my lower pelvis and radiates down my legs, which reaches a peak and then gradually subsides again (over several days). I feel bloated during this time. My period is regular and uneventful. I have always tended to get migraines shortly before my period, but now I also get them in the mid-cycle time, too.

The gyn suggested I take the pill and an anti-depressant (who said anything about being depressed???). Wanted a second opinion so got referred to a "hormone specialist." He did no exam at all nor did he order any tests, just told me my estrogen was low and gave me a bag of patches to try. He ran through a list of symptoms he obviously expected me to have and I had none of them (hot flashes, skipped/light/heavy/irregular periods, trouble sleeping, night sweats). Nevertheless, he "knew" my problem was low estrogen. When I asked *how* he knew what my problem was, he replied that I'm 50 and of course it's low estrogen. I tossed the patches in my bathroom cabinet, unused.

I had already researched my symptoms and had a suspicion that my thyroid level was low and that my hormones were out of balance, but I did not have symptoms of low estrogen. I'd managed to get a thyroid test, which I was told came back normal.

Then, while visiting a friend who is a compounding pharmacist, I was introduced to a naturopath/endocrinologist who had me do a saliva test for hormone and adrenal function. She found that my estrogen was on the high side while my progesterone was way, way low. The important thing, she said, was the balance between the two. Most likely I am not ovulating or if I am, the low progesterone is making it extremely diffult and hence the pain. She prescribed progesterone cream which my pharmacist friend is compounding along with pregnenolone (helps in the production of cortisol).

I highly recommend the saliva test, which gave very detailed analysis of the hormone levels and adrenal function. I have what is often called adrenal fatigue, the symptoms of which were what first prompted me to see a doctor. My estrogen is on the high side, progesterone very low, and both testosterone and DHEAs are also very high, which is not what the first doctors "knew" at all, but rather the opposite.

It was quite apparent that there is a low thyroid/adrenal fatigue issue with me, which all of my symptoms bear out (fatigue, chronic sinus infections, chemical sensitivity, cold body temperature, cold hands and feet/cold flashes, sugar craving, salt craving, not energized but exhausted, after exercise, migraines). I had another, more comprehensive blood test for my thyroid but have not gotten the results back yet. This doctor looked at my previous thyroid test and told me that though the result was in the "normal" range, it was way way down at the end of the spectrum for normal. She also said that the adrenal problem will heighten thyroid problems as well. I will be taking an adrenal rebuilder, low thyroid meds and some extracts as well.

If anyone else is having symptoms like mine, here is a good website to check out. The doctor recommended a book, which I bought and read, called "Feeling fat, fuzzy, or frazzled?" by Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames. It has good resources in the back. The lab my doctor used for the testing is called ZRT and their website has more info about hormone imbalance. It is www.salivatest.com.

I have not begun my rebuilding/balancing program yet so I can't say how well it works. BTW, the doctor told me that had I followed the suggestions of the other experts, I would be feeling even worse. More estrogen would certainly not help me.

Here is a link that might be useful: adrenal fatigue/low thyroid symptoms

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hello ladies i am new at this but i would like to ask if anyone has the nausesa feeling or the real bad stomach cramps when they ovulate.i am glad i came across this forum it makes me feel good to know that i am not the only one that has ovulation pain.i just started getting mine the beginning of this year.i haven't been check for my pain i am one of those scardey cats about doctors.i was check out about 4 years ago at the er and they said that my ovaries look good and where in the right place.i am just afraid at what they might find if i go,and going thru all of those tests.i think i might have endo.or mittelschmerz.because i have very bad menustration and backaches.but like someone on here it does seem like that when you pass gas or a bowel movement that it hurts worse.maybe everything will be ok.i get depressed alot.

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im glad i found this forum as well. i had unprotected sex on august 31st but my boyfriend and i hadsex with protection before that. he pulled out after about a minute but had not urinated after the first session. it was stupid on our part because we do not want a child right now. the two previous months before this incident my period started on the 25th. my cycle is around 31 days long. according to the ovulation calculator (i know that its not always correct) i would be ovulating around the 11th. the past 2 days or so i have had "egg white" like discharge which is known to come right before ovulation. i was scared that there was a posibility of me getting pregnant (and i know there still is) but hearing that other women have cramping around their time of ovulation has helped me to breathe a little. i was scared that the cramping was due to pregnancy. 2 more weeks and i will find out the truth =/

also i saw in one post that someone had been on depo provera. i was interested in starting on the shot but was slightly discouraged when i saw the side effects. i was wondering if any who has taken it has experienced the weight gain, hair loss or excessive hair growth side effects. and if you experienced the weight gain, about how much?

if you could help me in any way, please email me:


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I was so relieved to find this site.I been having trouble with ovary pain for a few years now.I have had problems with cysts for 3 years now.Now i'm getting pain on the left side during ovulation.I thought I was having another bout of cysts but the pain was coming at regular intervals.So i'm relieved to see here it is'nt just me.

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i am 29 years old and i started having this severe pain in the middle of my cycle about a year ago. i mentioned it to my gyno and he said it was probably due to ovulation. he said that since i had been on the depo shots, birth control and having been pregnant twice in between that my body was not used to ovulating. it stopped for a few months after that. i went to the doctor today because it hurt more than ever. my physician said it was mittelschmerz and that birth control wouldn't help it. she also said it may be related to my tubal i had done two years ago. has anyone else heard that? i am also glad to know that it isn't just me who has the gas and bowel trouble also.

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I have a terrible feeling of sadness during my ovulation. It happens almost every month. I also have the light cramps and feel very very tired during my ovulation. It usually last like two or three days. Then I feel better. Then like ten or so days later ill get my peroid. And i cant sleep like three days prior to my time of month. But at ovualtion I feel so tired, i have no trouble falling right to sleep at night. I am concerned with why i feel so darn emotional and especially sad during ovulation? i hate it. Is there any thing i can do that will help? thanks so much, Sue

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Hi Sue,
I can't think of anything in particular that might lift your spirits during that time. But I think I would definitely avoid sugar and caffeine a few days before the time when you usually ovulate. And you could also try taking some NSAIDS a few days before. The ovulation must be doing funky things to your neurochemicals. The body is sooooo complex! Also, be sure to take walks, eat healthily and be especially sure to get sunshine during this time. Good luck to you!

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What a relief to find these posts!! I just had (and am still recovering from) the most horrendous pain I've ever had on ovulating - from excruciating cramps to stabbing pain to nausea etc. I'm 47 years old and have often had a bit of cramping mid-month, but never like this. On top of it is the gastro-intestinal pain I've had since the initial attack (two days now) - gas pains, burping, bloating, feeling hungry but not knowing what to eat...I thought it was because of the aspirin Id taken for the pain.

I knew something was happening when PMT suddenly came over me mid-month, then the next day this happened. Although IÂm relieved to have figured out my problem through this thread, the upsetting thing for me is the fact there is no treatment or cure. As many of you have pointed out, if this were a manÂs problem, thereÂd be plenty of medications available by now! IÂm keeping my fingers crossed that this was a one-off thing and that it wonÂt happen againÂwill be checking this thread to find out if anyoneÂs found something that works. Heating pads and hot tubs are fine, but what if you have a family, have to work?? You canÂt wash dishes while lying in the tubÂ

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Can you ovulate while you have your period? I just got my period again, less than 2 weeks after my last one. I feel like I'm ovulating today. Very strange.

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Yes, cheerful1, you can ovulate any time of the month.

Just found out that I have a 4 cm cyst on my right ovary, thought there had to be something going on! The gyn said that if it showed up at the same size after my period, something might have to be done, but if it shrinks, then nothing to worry about. Except the pain of course...

If you aren't able to get a scan at ovulation, that's probably why the doctor can't see a "big" cyst - apparently they get bigger when you ovulate, so if you're having pain on ovulation, no doubt it's ´cause the cyst(s) have gotten bigger. The good news is that the "shrinking" kind aren't likey to be malignant!

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Thank to you everyone who has participated in this discussion. Finding all of your comments has made me feel better about my situation, since I've been frightened and unsure of what's been going on in my body for the last year as well.

I'm 28 years old and went off birth control in April 2005 (I'd been on it for about 8 years). It took nearly 4 months to get a period, which I was told is normal. Since then, I've been very regular, but am experiencing sensations and pain during my cycle that I never felt before or while I was on birth control. A couple of days before I ovulate, I start to get achy cramps and bloating across my abdomen, but can feel the pain from the swelling ovary on a particular side. When I actually ovulate, I feel the sharp, stabbing pain in my side that lasts an hour or so. But the bloaty discomfort remains until I start my period (about 2 weeks), at which time I have pretty bad cramps for a day or two and then feel good until it's ovulation time again.

I've had ultrasounds, pelvic ultrasounds, and exams by a gynecologist, and he doesn't seem worried about my discomfort and pain. He tells me that I am just very sensitive and in tune with my body (if that's it, I wish I wasn't so in tune!). Should I request any more tests be done to make sure there's nothing that needs treatment? Or should I just resign myself to having a sensitive abdominal area and accept that this is my monthly experience? My concern is mainly due to the fact that my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year now, and I'm concerned that these symptoms may be related to a problem that is hindering my fertility.

Anyways, it's great to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing these symptoms (although I'm sorry you all are as well!). Any information you can provide for me would be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


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I am so glad I have found this site because for years and years I have experienced pain mostly for the last 2 weeks of my cycle. I feel my life has been all about 'period pains'. I fell pregnant aged 38 and was in major pain and a scan showed I had a 5cm cyst on my left ovary which they thought was the cause of the pain. At 16 weeks I unfortunatley the baby died and I had to give birth. I then developed a really bad infection and after 10 weeks they gave me a d and c. Since this I have been left in alot of pain round my ovaries I feel my ovaries are throbbing and yesterday at day 26 I had such a bad pain I nearly passed out. I felt like someone was sticking a knife into my right hand side and twisting it. It lasted for about 2 hours. I took an ovulation test and I was ovulating. This has only been since I lost the baby 16 weeks ago. Also now I experience a burning like feeling on both sides and wondered if anybody else has experienced anything like this. Been to gny but they dont want to 'go in' and look till 6 months have passed! Any suggestions?

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I am 47, and have many of the symptoms described by the prior posters. Severe ovulation pain, history of endometriosis,severe menstrual cramps. Now I'm spotting lightly for about 20-25 days in my 28 day cycle! I'm at the point where I am seriously considering a hysterectomy, they would take my ovaries because of the pain from the cysts on my ovaries (had ultrasound to confirm).One option was to take BC for the ovulation pain, but it wouldn't do anything for the bleeding or the endometriosis pain. I tried that, but they made me too nauseaus. I'm OK with having the surgery, but I'm worried about losing the estrogen that the ovaries produce. I don't know if I am just trading one problem for others. I've thought about having a laporoscopy for the endo and removal of the cysts............I don't know if they will do that? I had a transverse ultrasound 2 months ago, and it showed two 2.5" cysts on one ovary. My pain at ovulation is so intense, I considered going to the ER, but what are they going to do? Nothing, most likely.
Anybody out there with the same symptoms that had a successful outcome with either surgery or medication? As much as it hurts, it's a comfort to know that I'm not the only one........another word of advise......get a female gynecologist, they are much more empathetic to your pain, vs. a male doctor, they just don't get it.

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Thank goodness for finding this site! I am 36 years old and came of the combined pill in september this year. About 2 weeks after stopping the pill i started to experience lower abdominal pain on the left side, this then left me about 3 days before my period them came back about a week after finishing my period. I have now had 3 post pill periods and am still getting this horrible pain. My doctor said it's just my ovaries kicking in after being supressed for so long (i was on the pill for 6 years). Last night it was excruciating, it is 14 day's since my last period so i must be ovulating. Today it's still there but more of a dull ache that gets worse when i sit down, stand up, cough or laugh (which isn't very often lately!)
I am currently on the waiting list to have a pelvic ultrasound which is 15 weeks here in the u.k!, as my doc thinks i may have a cyst. I'm also glad to read that some of you ladie's have had gut and bowel problems too, as i have had this also ranging from awful gas and bloating to diarrhea most mornings (although the fact that i am so anxious may be making it worse). I also have a horrible feeling of pressure down below, has anyone else experienced this? I have been worrying that i have the most awful things wrong such as ovarian or colon cancer but after reading some of the other posts i now know that other women are going through similar things.
Anyway thanks for listening to me rambling on! and i hope we all start to feel better soon. x

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Hi Tracey,
Wow.....15 weeks is a long time to wait! Are you on a cancellation list?
I've had a number of transvaginal ultrasounds, and they usually show little cysts. I think our cysts come and go all the time. Its not always the same one.
All the pressure you're feeling, is it mostly around your period time? I know when I had periods, there were times during the period, when I felt like my cervix was going to drop out. But it never did. ;)
It does sound like your entire area is just coming back to life, and causing some pain.
Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried a heating pad?

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Hi Catherine,

Thanks for your reply. I am on a cancellation list so hopefully i might get seen sooner, my hubby did say he would pay for me to go private if i wanted but to be honest i'm such a scaredy cat i'm hoping the pain will start to ease and i won't have to have it done. Actually the pain is a bit less this month than last month, I ovulated on wednesday night and the pain was unbearable but it is now just there now and again when i bend or cough etc where as before i would have quite bad pain right until about a 3 days before my period starts, so fingers crossed my body is starting to adjust from coming off the pill.. If i had known the pill would have caused so many problems i would NEVER have gone it. Also my periods are coming every 24/25 days now so my doc said i may be starting the perimenopause...i really hope not at 36!
God it's great being a woman - not!!!

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Hi tracey,
I was wondering......were you on the BC pills for something other than contraception?

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Hi Catherine,

I was on BC solely for contraception. I had never suffered from period related problems before and had no problems whilst on the pill either. My problems just started 3.5 months ago when i finished the pill. My family was complete and my husband recently had a vasectomy so i was looking forward to finishing the pill (never very happy putting artificial hormones into my body). If only i had known the side effects! It seems women are made aware of the side effects when starting the bc but are not made aware of the effects when stopping. Fingers crossed i am starting to feel a little more like myself now, i'm just hoping that as the months go on the ovulation pain will get less.

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A recent update. Two months ago my cysts were excrutiating at 2.5 cm. I recently spent the day in the ER, found out that my one cyst has grown to 4.5 cm, scheduled to have it surgically removed in 5 weeks. The pain was so bad, I had to take vicodin to suppress the pain.

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Tracey..........good luck to you. Hopefully all this will fade away soon! I suppose there is always the possibility that this isn't from stopping the BC pills. Maybe this was going on while you were on them, and somehow the pain was just suppressed?
momof 4.........wow.....I can imagine how much that must hurt. When I went to the ER for my pain, I think the cyst was much smaller.......but it still hurt alot! After my ct scan, the ER doc said "That small cyst isn't big enough to make all this pain".......but I just know he was wrong! Good luck with your surgery. Why do you have to wait so long to have it?

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Just due to scheduling......I'm doing better, I actually ovulated w/o the monsterous pain this month........who knows......?

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Hi, I last wrote in december complaining of left hand side pelvic pain when i ovulated (this started in september after coming off bc pills). Well just an update to say i'm due to go in on 14 February to have a pelvic and vaginal ultrasound scan. I last ovulated yesterday and the pain was excruciating. The pain gradually starts to build up a couple of days before i ovulate then peaks on about day 13/14 of my cycle. Like some of you ladies i also get gas and bowel problems with this, i also find it gets worse in the evening. I just hope that i'm diagnosed with a simple cyst when i have my scan as i'm so worried it could be something more serious. Can an ovarian cyst really cause such horrendous pain at ovulation time?

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Yes it can tracey. Its hard to believe......and some docs say its not possible.......but it IS. 2 years ago I spent Christmas day in the ER. My pain on that side had been building for a couple weeks, and got really bad on Christmas day. I had a ct scan and it only showed a small ovarian cyst. It HAD to be what was hurting so much.
I have this theory that as we get older, and our FSH goes up.....and starts REALLY flogging our ovaries to put out eggs, it causes eggs that are deeper in our ovaries to try to get out......and that's what causes the pain. Just my guess.
Try not to worry. Ultrasounds are pretty easy. Let us know what they find.

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I had my first experience with ovulation pain 2 nights ago. I am 38. 16 months ago I had my third baby, and straight after had a tubal Ligation. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this pain after having a TL? The pain was unbelievable, as you all know, my husband wanted to call an ambulance. i was lucky enough to have an ultra sound straight away, which confirmed I had just ovulated and that there was a cyst there. My doctor said this will probably never happen again, but after reading all your comments I'm not so sure.

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I am 46 years old. I never ever new I ovulated until I had my last child 14 years ago and had a tubal. I made an appointment with the doctor after birth because of the sharp pains mid cycle and major discharge. I thought I had an infection. My wonderfully intelligent doctor said, welcome to ageing. We also discussed that tubals could cause this but because it is a woman thing, not much study is done on it. I have pains every month midcycle and discharge with it, and for me it lasts at least 3-5 days. The pains are not like cramping but are sharp like someone stabbing the ovaries with a knife. Some months are worse then others. Some months I feel like my bottom is going to fall out and there is pressure on my bowels. Sneezing is a treat, not to mention the discharge that continues to come out. It is like having a period for 3 weeks out of the month. The other thing that occurs with ovulation is my nipples get extremely tender to the point that I can not lay on my stomach. The doctor I have now has exactly the same thing. She said it is rare but she believes it is because of the tubal. All I know is I wish the ovaries would dry up. I am sick of it for sure. Women, please just get your yearly check ups. This is the best thing for making sure all is well.

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I had my ultrasound scan yesterday, and to my surprise was told that i didn't have a cyst! I was told that i had a slight abnormality with my left ovary, but nothing to worry about. It was a follicle measuring 22mm that can be left over from ovulation apparently. To be honest i'm AMAZED that i don't have a cyst as the ovultaion pain's so bad, but the radiologist simply said that my left ovary is working in overdrive since coming off the bc pill and it should hopefully settle down in the future.

Jeweloftheheart, i have just read your post, and just wanted to say that i get exactly the same symptoms as you when i ovulate! I thought i was the only one who gets the terrible pressure on my bowels and horrible discharge and you're right it does feel like your bottom is going to fall out! I was worried i had something wrong with my bowel, but now hearing you have the same, maybe it is to do with ovulation. The one difference though is that i haven't had a tubal. To hear i'm not alone with this is such a help! Hope all you ladie's feel better soon!

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Hi All!

This is my 1st time here. I'm so glad that I found this site which I can relate 2 all of u's. I tried posting my message a few times but it didn't go through & hopefully this time it will. Sorry if theirs any duplicate that will show up!

I'm 34 yrs old & been having excruciating ovulation since the age of 16yrs. At the beginning, I did not know what was going on so I used 2 go 2 the ER & I was always tested 4 appendicitis & this was not the case. I seen so many doctors & nothing. So then I stopped going cus it was useless. 1 day at the age of 28, I bought myself some ovulation test sticks & I was so shocked by the results. Who knew ovulation would be this bad? I was finally HAPPY that I came with the conclusion but SAD that I would have 2 go through it every month. It's as if I'm giving birth which I don't even know what giving birth really is. My symptoms are: It feels like my uterus is twisting & I have 2 curl myself up, I have sharp stabbing pains, my legs hurts so bad that it seems like the nerves will pop out & I cannot manage 2 even walk, I have cold & hot flashes, dizziness, weak, constipation & on top of it all; oh yes my rectum hurts & have lots of pressure there. Doctor's told me 2 take tylenol, advil, anaprox, tisane & nothing really helped. 2 months ago, I went & c my gyno & he prescribed me EMTEC, which it helps a great deal cus theirs codeine in it but I still feel it a little but its manageable & thank God but after this prescription I won't be able 2 have a refill cus of the codeine. Then I will back 2 square 1 & I don't want 2 b on the pill cus I want desperately have children. Now every month, I take these meds & hop in the bath 2 relieve the pain. In January of 2006, I had a laparoscopy done cus of this pain + I'm trying 2 fall pregnant 4 the past 10 yrs with no luck cus when I ovulate, I barely can be intimate cus it hurts so bad. The doctor told me that I am fine, I just have a little fibroid on my left side but its not in the way of the ovary & etc... I have been depressed all my life due 2 this cus I used 2 miss school + work & lost a few jobs cus of this cus I'm in pain between 1 - 3 days. This is so sickning!

I hope we will all get through this together!

Have a great day!

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I just want to say that I am so glad I found this site. I have been having these "spells" for the past 4 years. I had no idea what they were, nor did my doctor. Since reading these posts I now have something to go on!! Thank you all so much for posting. All symptoms, treatments, and advice will come in handy when I go to the doctor. Thanks again!!

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I am so glad I found this site too! I am 44 years old and was on birth control pills until 18 months ago when I had a tubal ligation done. I had never known when I ovulated until I had the tubal done. Now I have bad cramping, and the last two months I've had a faint brown discharge when I ovulate. My doc has me scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday just to make sure I have no fibroids or polyps. He said that if this continues they may want to do a d&c. Does anyone else experience this discharge?

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Robbyrob: I am 40 and had my tubes tied four yrs ago. I never felt ovulation until after that. Now it's painful practically every month around ovulation. Plus, my insicion scar hurts and I get a burning/full feeling in my groin area. My ovaries are very sensitive and/or hurt each month. I also have a fibroid on my right ovary, but it never bothered me before my tubes being tied. I've heard a lot of people complain about pain after having this done. BTW:I do spot before and after my period, but I have endometriosis and a fibroid, so this is normal for me.

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motwinsplus1G thank you for your response. It's so nice to talk with someone else that is going through the same thing and to know that these symptoms are somewhat normal. Thanks again.

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robbyrob: I have an appt for an ultrasound next Tues. I've had a lot of problems this past cycle. I actually thought I had a bladder infection, but tests ruled it out. I hope it's just cysts, but I guess I'll find out. I always think the worst, and I'm trying not to this time. BTW: My gyno wanted me to go on bcp, but I haven't so far. I keep telling her that I had my tubes tyed for a reason, but she thinks I need them to shrink the fibroid, or help w/the pain, etc. However, I see it as trading a bunch of side effects for a different set of side effects. I hated being on the pill, besides the shorter periods. I swear it's the reason I had breast cysts once and I know they caused weight gain and headaches. I can't see them being good for woman in their forties. I'll post my results next week if you think it might help you.

Take care.

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motwinsplus1g: I actually have my appointment for an ultrasound Monday morning at 7:30...early but the only one they had for three weeks! Like you, I'm always nervous about what they might find, but I guess it's better to know for sure. I would never go back on bc pills. I hated the way they made me feel. I had headaches and an upset stomach frequently while I was on them. Plus I've heard many reports that the prolonged taking of birth control pills can contribute to breast cancer. I guess we can't win! Like you, I thought that I had a bladdar infection this month while I was ovulating because of the pressure I was feeling. It lasted about four days along with the spotting and now it's gone. I'll keep you in my thoughts and I hope all goes well with you.

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Hi Ladies. Finally I now know that I am not losing my mind.
I am 32 years old. I had my daughter in August 1997. Because I wasn't prepared to have another child right away, I got the depo-shot. I stayed on the shot until August 2005. I finally started getting my cycle back maybe two months later.
I have been to the ER 3 times in the last 5 months. It seems like I had the worse UTI case in American History. I couldn't even really drive to the hospital let alone stand up. They kept trying to say it was maybe a appendicitis, gall stones, and heck one time they asked me do I have more than one sex partner. When I went for my follow up appointments with my doctor, she told me that I had a cyst and my eggs was jumping out. She drew me a picture to show me what was going on with my ovaries (like that really helped).
I have to take off from work at least 2-3 days each month because the pain is worse than having a child. Now that it has been 2 years, still no baby. I just hope that someone will see that not all of us with the same symptoms aren't crazy, and start trying to fix the problem if possible.

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ok so i am new here but i have a question... for the past two days i have been getting excurating pains in the center of my stomach and it tightens us badly the only way i can explain it is it feel like braxton hicks when you are in labor i am in so much pain it comes and goes about 15 to 25 times a day but is not bad when i sleep i think it hs to do with ovelation cuse i know i am ovelating now due to the discharge CAN ANYONE HELP ME !!! THANK YOU KATHY

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I wish I had found this forum before going through as many procedures and medication as i have. I'm 38, and I started having terrible, stabbing, twisting, aching pain a few months after a miscarriage/d&C. It's the worst when I ovulate, but it happens probably half the month. It also gives me lower back and leg pain. I got several MRIs that said I had a 3cm cyst on my RIGHT side, but all the pain is on my LEFT. Has anyone ever heard of getting pain on the opposite side? Also, I am so sick of putting my life on hold b/c to this--my sex life has gotten pretty nonexistent due to the the severity of the pain--I'm thinking about doing IUI or IVF to have kids. HAS anyone ever had pain like this and gotten pregnant? did the pain subside?

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Hello all! I've had this pain for a couple years now and wondered if it was menopausal. I could always feel ovulation, but never this much. The cramps, bloating and discomfor lasts about 5 days. I was prescribed Mefenamic Acid (usually for menstrual cramps) and as long as I stick to the regimen, it works.

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Hi everyone! I was so happy when I found this site. I have been dealing with this crap for almost 7 years now. I am 32 and it all started after I had my son. The first time it happened, I was on vacation in Niagara Falls, and ended up in the ER. I literally felt like I was in full blown labor!!! My stomach bloated so much, that it looked like I was about to give birth. While I was sitting in the ER, the pain subsided, and I ended up leaving (after waiting about 3hrs). I was still bloated for a while, but for the most part, I had felt better and then forgot all about it. Each month after that, I would get this pain. I never payed attention to what time of the month it was. 2 months prior, I had an IUD inserted. I started to think it was that. I went to my doctor, and he said it was in place, and everything was fine. He referred me to a gastro doc. Of course, she wanted to do an colonoscopy. We knew it wasn't my gallbladder (had that out 3yrs prior after having my daughter), so she thought maybe it was IBS. Well, that was it (so she said). Every month, I had an IBS attack. She put me on meds, but I wouldn't take them. I wasn't too excited with what the side effects were, so I decided to just cope with my pain each month. Every month, I would plan around when I thought I was going to have an attack (right before my period). Well DUUUUH!!! Never did I stop to think that it was when I ovulated. About 6 months ago, I started to keep track of my pains. Sure enough, it was only when I ovulated that this happened (not one doctor mentioned that). It is the most horrible pain. First it will feel like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my ovaries, and then the bloating will start. I kid you not when I say I look like I am 9 months pregnant. My husband is amazed every month at how big my belly gets. This will last anywhere from 3 days, to about a week. It gets worse every month. About 8 days later, I get my period, and also a headache for the first 3 days of it. I am so tired, that all I want to do is sleep. It is absolutely ridiculous. For 2 weeks out of each month, I am miserable, in pain, and can't enjoy anything. It totally interferes with my life. My poor husband and kids only have me for 2 weeks every month. The other two, it's like I'm not even here. Well, every month when I'm in pain, I get on my computer, and read what else could be wrong with me. That is how I found this site. Last month I thought that maybe I had Candida yeast. Yesterday I decided that I had PMDD, and now after reading some of your posts, I'm wondering if I have endometriosis, or a cyst on one of my ovaries. Needless to say, I called and scheduled and appt with my doc. This morning I was in such pain, that my son wanted to stay home from school to be with me. I had to play it off as if I took medicine and was fine(it was torture). I absolutely hate it!! I was reading this other article today about how this women had an IBS attack every time she ovulates, and also during her period. So my question is, do any of you, or anybody you know have an IBS attack at the same time you ovulate? I think that my pain is ovulation, but then I think it must throw me into an IBS attack, causing more pain, and also the bloating. I will bloat all the way up to my boobs. Oh and thats another thing. I feel like I have milk coming in. My boobs are sooo sore to touch. That lasts the whole 2 weeks also (my poor husband). When I'm bloated, I have to sit forward on the toilet to pee. I also get constipated. I could go on and on and on. Since I've typed a book already, I'll stop with all of my symptons. I sympathize with everyone on here. If anyone has any other info on the IBS thing, I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks, and good luck to all of you!!

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JennyK, I really feel for you and sympathize. I also feel like I am in labor every month when I ovulate and now the lining is coming out then so I am having two periods that are lasting one week each so it is like having my period every other week. But the pain during ovulation is intense and I wish menopause would come on already. I am 46 years of age and have had my period since I was 9 years old and I have no children so maybe I am going to have menopause early I hope. It is affecting my life.

I have had an Ultrasound (only cysts and fibroids but nothing major). I think you should get more testing to be sure it is nothing serious and is only painful ovulation. I am considering the new birth control pill that skips periods.

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Ecodrea, I can totally relate to you! My pain also started a few months after I had a miscarriage and D/C. I'm also currently trying to conceive, so far unsucessfully. When I told my MD I have this pain he thought it's endometriosis, so I had laparascopy done. Although he did find 3 small patches of endometriosis and removed them, I still have this pain. Even worse now than before. I've had it for a week now although my ovulation was 2 days ago and I'm still hurting... I feel so discouraged. Now I'm wondering as well if anyone with this kind of excruciating pain has had children? Please respond if there is anyone out there

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umnichka7, yes I do have children. I have two, 10 and 7. My pain didn't start until after I had my 7yr old. If you scroll up and read my post, It'll explain how it all started for me. I have a Dr's appt on the 25th of this month to find out if there is anything else that could be wrong with me. Like I said in my post, I have been dealing with this for 7 years now. For the first 6 1/2, I was told it was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I think that it might be ovulation and IBS all at the same time. My pain and bloating lasts for 3-5 days, and sometimes even the whole week before my period. It will depress me when I think how 2 weeks out of the month, every month, I feel like crap. I'm still a little bloated from ovualting on the 14th, but my pain in gone. Now I can look forward to my period in a couple of days, and then be miserable for another week. It's horrible that we have to go through this. It's even worse that our families have to deal with it as well. I always feel bad for my husband and kids when I'm in pain. My daughter wanted to go to the park one day, and I had told her that it was that time of the month when mommy didn't feel good, and when she replied with "you never feel good mommy"....it broke my heart. My son too has said the same thing to me. I try to remind myself all the time that things could be worse, and that it's just something that I have to deal with. I'm always thinking to myself that my kids are in good health, and atleast I don't have a fatal desease or something. That is how I get by each month. Probably a crazy way to live my life, but things really could be much worse. I just hope that there is something that my Dr can do without me having to go on the pill. My body doesn't agree with the pill (makes me miserable, and also makes me feel crazy..lol). I'll let you know what I find out at the Dr's. Good luck with trying to conceive!!

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jennyk, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear that your children are affected by this issue... I also have a son, he's almost 3 years old at the end of this month. My pains have also started after I had him, but actually it all started a few months after I had a miscarriage and D&C. So I guess my fear now is that this pain somehow interferes with me getting pregnant again. Do you know anything about it? My MD is puzzled and he's actually pretty good. I'm going for yet another ultrasound later today. But if I know myself well they won't see anything abnormal again... I'm on day 20 of my cycle and my pain just subsided yesterday after 7 days of miserable life. Do you know of anyone that conceived after having these pains? Are you trying to conceive or no?

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JennyK I can truly relate to what you're dealing with. I am a 40 year old and had a partial hysterectomy about 2 years ago because of Fybroid tumors and excessive bleeding. I'm not sure when I started experiencing this horrible feeling, but when discussed with my prior PCP she told me it was Diverticulous and gave me this information on how to take care of it. I went with that for a while, but started to notice that it only occurred once a month for about a week, then I'm back to norm. Someone mentioned to me that I was probably ovulating..so I decided to research it and this is how I found this website. I can not begin to tell you how horrible I am for this week...just before it started this time (I'm in pain now) I felt fluttering in the lower left side of my stomach/side. At the beginning it feels like an onset of gas building up in one spot, then there comes the sharp pains. Right now it's just a dull aching pain, but should I cough or move wrong I will get the sharp one. This is so frustrating and I'm so irritable during this week. I have finally decided to see an og/gyn to see what's going on. I had a colonoscopy done last month so that ruled out the Diverticulous theory the dr. said I had. So maybe I'm dealing with a cyst or something. Oh, I also tried the heating pad and will use Tylenol and that doesn't help me either. I will keep you guys posted as to what happens with the drs. appt.

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Ibrye2002...It is amazing how much your symptons are like mine. It's almost as if you are describing my pain for me. When I first started researching mine (about 7 months ago), I found a site that explained Mittelschmerz. I was blown away by the symptons. Like I said, all these years I was told it was IBS. Which I obviously must have since the colonscopy says so, but why would I have an IBS attack only once a month?? Therefore, I came to own conclusion that it was ovulation (Mittelschmerz)and IBS all at the same time. NOT FAIR!! After reading what you wrote, now I'm thinking that maybe it is just ovulation. If you had a colonoscopy yourself and it came back negative for everything, and you experience the same thing I do each month, then I guess it could just be ovulation. It's just hard to believe that it would last that long. What is even harder for me to believe is that I get my period less than a week afterwards. I started ovulating on June 14th, and I got my period on the 19th. I am going to the Dr's on the 25th, and this time, I am going to demand answers!! I'm probably going to end up going on the pill (ewwwww), but I guess if it makes those 2 weeks of my life better, then I should give it a try. I'll let ya know after I see my Dr what I find out. Take care.

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umnicha7....No I am not trying to conceive, nor do I know anyone else who has these pains who are trying to. I am the only person out of everyone that I know who even experiences this type of pain. I'm pretty sure though that somewhere on this page I read about a women that had to go on some serious pain meds inorder to try to get pregnant. I don't think it was you, but I remember her saying that her ovulation was so painful that she couldn't have intercourse. Therefore she took alot of pain pills to try to conceive. I couldn't even imagine having sex while I was ovulating. My husband knows to stand clear for about 2wks..lol..poor guy. I don't see why you wouldn't beable to conceive if you could get through the pain of trying. I do know of a few women who had miscarriages and d&c's and still became pregnant afterwords. Keep me updated on what you find out at the docs. I wish you luck!!

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I find ovary pain quite puzzling. I'm 57 and haven't had a period in 3 years, yet I still have ovulation pain. It hasn't been really bad for about 2 years, when I spent Christmas day in the ER for this pain. The CT scan showed just a small cyst on the one ovary........but it was extremely painful.
I don't know if some of us just have too many pain receptors around our ovaries?? or maybe the ovaries respond too hard to FSH???? I just don't know. Being in menopause and still having ovary pain makes me wonder about FSH, and if there's a drug that could blunt its affects???
But I do know that when I was 38 and trying to conceive with my son, it was taking close to a year. On one day that I knew I was "ripe" for conception, both my ovaries were hurting soooooo bad, but we went ahead and tried, and that's when I got pregnant. So I'm thinking in one sense, all that pain was good in telling me both ovaries were popping out eggs and it was important to try.
So I don't think the pain would keep you from getting pregnant, in fact it might tell you exactly when to have sex........but the pain might keep you from it. Perhaps trying a different position that doesn't put as much pressure on your ovaries would help? Maybe even a standing position? (although you would want to lie down immediately afterwards so nothing would run back out.....but at least you could get through it).
I have fibromyalgia and one theory about that is that our pain centers in our brains aren't right and we perceive tiny pains as huge ones. I've wondered if that has come into play, when I'm still feeling ovary pain???
Good luck to you all. Its a very painful thing.

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jennyk, I appreciate the support. I actually went for yet another ultrasound last wednesday. Of course, they didn't find ANYTHING wrong with me, not even a cyst. My MD is puzzled. However, the good news is that my pain was already gone then and it still is :)) Do I'm hopeful for the time being, at least until my next ovulaiton :( I'll keep you updated if my MD comes up with any other tests!!!

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catherinet, I'm so glad and relieved to hear that you were able to conceive even though having this awful pain! This was probably the biggest question I had about all this. I'm 29 years old and have a handsome 3 year old son. He desperately needs a baby sibling :)) So I will try to conceive even if I have to endure this pain during intercourse... It sure isn't pleasurable though... Maybe it's true that our bodies react differently to different amounts of pain. I didn't think though that I was intolerable of pain before. I went through almost the whole labor without any medical relief until the very last 30 min of it and I tolerated it. So my body must have changed somehow since then and now it reacts stronger to smaller painful stimuli. Who knows. Let me know if you learn anything new about it! Thanks for you post!

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Hi again umnichka,
Maybe this is really crude of me, but if its so very painful, why not try to have your husband put his stuff into a container that you could put into some sort of applicator that you could insert yourself? I know it sounds sort of "unnatural" or not very intimate.....but if it would allow you to become pregnant, in spite of your pain, maybe its worth a thought? You would want to work very quickly, and then stay laying down for awhile to increase your chances of conception. Good luck to you!

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catherinet, it is an interesting solution. I will consider doing something like that. It would also save me some money, since the MD office charges $200 to have this done :)) LOL. I thought about going for IUI but what the heck! Maybe your idea will work! Thanks!

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lynn2006, I was wondering what you meant by "shedding your lining" and having two periods every month. I'm 45 and a few days after my period ends I experience a brownish discharge for a 3-4 days, similar to the end of a period. I had an ultrasound that showed two small fibroids and a cyst on one of my ovaries. My doctor also did a uterine biopsy that came back normal. I've been a little concerned so I plan to see another gynecologist for a second opinion.

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umnichka......what do you have to lose? :)
I'm thinking of how I hear when younger girls get pregnant while having their underware still on during "messing around"........so it might not take much to get "enough" up there!
If you can figure out a way to do it, you'll save money, plus you can do it more exactly when you think you're ovulating, rather than having to meet at the doc's office. Good luck to you!

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I am so glad I read this forum. I'm having my first ovulation today after several years of being on the pill (my husband just had a vasectomy last month so i went off birth control for good). It is so painful I even went in to my family doctor today convinced I had a bladder infection. When the results came back negative, I realized I was on day 14 of my cycle---right in the middle---and that it could be ovulation pains. (I even thought appendicitis!) I am thinking that's what it is, my body's first experience with ovulating in years...although, it's not specifically on one or the other side, rather like one big achy cramp in the middle, feeling stiff and swollen and painful. Does that make any sense to anyone? And how many days is this pain supposed to last?

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catherinet, somedays I wish I was a younger girl... :))Maybe then I could get pregnant without any problems. But of course I had to wait to even try for kids after I graduate from college. The first one worked. Now something is off. On my next ovulation I will try your method. I certainly have nothing to lose. I even keep thinking that pregnancy would be nice just to keep all the pain away for a while. JK. A kid would be nice too :)) Thanks for keeping me upbeat. Your messages make me smile.

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Can ovulation pain cause you not to be able to have children?

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LOL umnichka! You ARE a younger girl! I got pregnant at 37 and 39!
Good luck with your alternate method of getting pregnant! Be sure to let me know if it works!

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catherinet, that is so lucky that you got pregnant at 37 and 39!!! Did you have the pain before you were pregnant both times or did it start after the first one?

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donna0126, I'll let you know as soon as I'm pregnant. I've been trying for a while now. My pain started last year in August.

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I didn't have consistent ovary pain......just when I ovulated, and it wasn't always bad. It was just really painful on both sides when I got pregnant with my son. And that's when I conceived!
It took almost a year, but it finally "took". I realize now that taking a year isn't unusual at that age.
But I do remember how painful my ovaries were that night it "took"!

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Hi Everyone,

Thank God I'm not alone, although I am so sorry you are all going through this too. I hope, I get through this as I want my life back!!!

me_christina; I hope you don't mind me asking, have you had any luck conceiving? From what you described, I have the exact same symptoms and I've been trying to get pregnant for X amount of years and nothing. It is so very discouraging.

umnichka7; Good luck to you too when it comes to conceiving.

catherinet; Like Umnichka7 said, I'm also glad and relieved that you were able to conceive, eventhough having this tremendous awful pain, you also give me courage as you said that you conceived at age 37 & 39, which I'm 38 going to 39 very soon.

Anyway gals, have a good one and cath you on soon!

Bye now!

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Has anyone been tested for pelvic congestion syndrome? I guess it could cause the painful sensations that are cyclical. One of my MDs though said he doesn't believe it's a real condition but there is some information online about it. I would get into checking it out more but at this time I'm concentrating on trying to conceive... Let me know if you guys know anything about it though.

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Hi Gals,
Well at 41 and after suffering the same for the last six years it's a relief to know I'm not the only one! Although I have to say that it's sad that we all suffer this and doctors don't seem to know or care why.
My symptoms start on about day five after my period, start off with a dull pain and then work up to an excrutiating pain on about day ten, with discharge etc. I also get a sharp stabbing pain in my bottom which is not pleasant and really stops me in my tracks! My stomach then starts to swell and I feel as though I'm carrying a balloon of water around in there! Along with a myriad of other hormonal symptoms...
I have had a scan and they told me I had polycystic ovaries, I then had a laparoscopy and the gynae said he couldn't see anything wrong at all!
There only advise was to try a low dose pill, which I did and what a relief to have a few months off from pain but then it started to really affect my IBS and I couldn't get off the loo... so I had to stop taking it and am back to square one. When I said to the doctor I thought I had a hormone imbalance she laughably said 'Of course you don't dear, you wouldn't be having periods if you did!'
The only thing that I have come up with is that I think that it's the body producing too much FSH, the symptoms seems to be much the same as women who are undergoing IVF and suffer from over stimulated ovaries....

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I too have severe ovulation pain. But I have a more annoying problem during this time that I have not seen mentioned in any of your postings. This may be due to the fact that I have fibroids. I have painful swelling in the lower abdominal cavity that encompasses pretty much the whole area from pelvic bone to pelvic bone side to side top to bottom and all areas in between. It feels as though this whole lower half wants to drop out of my body, like if I give it a good pain filled push, it will. During this time for at least 3 to 5 days, I have extreme pain with urination and bowel movements. I have to hold on to my lower abdominal roll in order to eliminate any fluid or waste or even to make it to the bathroom. I am guessing that this is because every thing in there is so painfully tender and the space created from eliminating waste causes everything to suddenly shift. Holding on to it prevents things from shifting so fast and relieves the pressure of weight on the tender areas. When there is something in my bladder, it feels so heavy and full and painful, like I have been holding it for a day and have to go immediately. Most times not much comes out. Does anyone else have this problem?

My doctor attributes all this and my heavy and long periods to my fibroids. Apparently they are causing me to be in estrogen overload.

This month has been particularly extreme. 90% of my periods since I turned 40 (now 43) last for a minimum of two weeks but can flow right into the next one. This one has just entered the third week. After about the first 8 to 12 hours of my periods, they kick into high flow time lasting for about 8 to 12 hours. Outside of this high flow time regular tampons work for me. But during this time, I have been known to overflow the regular tampon and soak an overnight pad from front to back to overflowing outside of my clothes in little over an hour. This month after the high flow phase, I started having upper abdominal pains like my stomach was in stitches and the stitches were tearing apart. My stomach then swelled and became kind of hard. I could not lie on it. I am sure I looked pregnant. It felt like there was a big ball in it that was ready to pop. My period came to an unusual slow down. It was practically off when I usually fill a tampon in 4 to 6 hours during this time. I am guessing that my body went into some kind of preventative mode to avoid any dangerous level of blood or fluid loss. This situation has happened to me at least once or twice a year.

Well the stomach swelling lasted for at least three days and my period was on a light to medium flow up until ovulation time. Usually ovulation turns it off, but not this time. I don't remember the sudden sharp pain during this ovulation. But I had throbbing pain in the vicinity of my right ovary and the feeling like it was a tender swollen fluid filled balloon that was ready to pop. Then the lower abdominal swelling began and the pain with urination. But this month it came with a fever of 102, dizziness and loss of appetite. Also, the left ovary kicked in after the right ovary had subsided. I had this fever all day yesterday and had to force myself to eat one of my favorite meals. I wanted to throw it out after the first bite. Oh, I forgot to mention that I soaked my comforter in heavy sweat for two nights straight. I usually sweat heavily every night for two weeks after ovulation until my period comes on but this was more than usual. Today I am just getting waves of fever every now and then. My left ovary is throbbing less after I took a Midol. The lower abdominal pain is starting to subside. It appears that I am on my way back to normal.

Does anyone else here have this painful ovulation, fibroid, long and heavy period combination? Outside of these types of forums, I know of no relatives, friends, nor co-workers that experience this problem.

I am sorry for the long posting but I have finally found somewhere to flush out my frustations and get answers among others like me.

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OMG I thought I was going crazy until I read the other posts! I have always been able to tell when I was ovulating -- usually just a little crampy and gassy -- but then about 6 months ago I, too, started to get appendicitis-like pain, nausea, gas. Today I was doubled over at work. Came home in excruitiating pain. Puked twice. It lasted for about 3 hours. (Oh, yes, let's not forget the chills and hot flashes at the same time.) Then I FINALLY found a semi-comfortable position and fell asleep for a hour. Voila. It's gone.

No solution to suggest, but at least I'm not alone. Or crazy.

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Hey everyone,

I was reading along the forums and realized that I may be the first to have come up with a reason for that abdominal pain. My own would be on the left side and sometimes both sides but just recently, it took much longer to go away. I was worse at night and made me feel like dying.I have experienced just everything from the sharp pains and discomfort. So after a day, I went to my doctor and she told me that during the middle of the menstrual cycle or anywhere before or after, sometimes an egg/eggs falls out of the tube (not sure how that happens) and causes extreme pain because the egg/eggs is not in the right place. She mentioned that people with periontitis (i think thats how its spelled) will experience even more pain than other women without it. So she recommended ibroprufen (taken as needed) and that it is somewhat of a condition during PMS. My doctor was a woman so I am not sure if that was through her personal experience but it helps.

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A word of caution to everyone... I was completely wrong in my self-diagnosis of "painful ovulation." It turns out that I actually had a femoral hernia on the right side, which was mimicking painful ovulation. Last Thursday, the hernia became strangulated. Again, I went home early from work in extreme pain. Vomitted again. But the pain didn't disappear. Finally when I "uncurled" from the fetal position, I saw and felt a fist-sized lump on my lower right abdomen. Called 911 and had emergency surgery.

These forums are VERY helpful, but let's all be sure we don't self-diagnose ourselves.

I'm lucky I didn't have to get a bowel resection.

Good luck to everyone! Happy hot flashes!


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Hi I know this is late being it is 2008, But I thought if I was checking this out and ran acrossed it , that I too would write somthing to inform women.
I am 36 and have had pain for 16 years and have had been checked by at least 8 different doctors and they can't see anything wrong. when I ovulate I am in pain for the whole 2 weeks and can not function,my pain last for at leat 20 min to 1/2 hour then it comes back in an hour or some times not for 2 or 6 hours but it comes back. I usally have one really bad day where I have pain beyond anything man kind can handle to the point my body starts to shake and I am sweating.but all and all the pain I have for the 2 weeks is a 10 in pain. you know how a doctor will ask you on a scale of one through 10 how bad is it ... well it is a 10 and like I said before one day out of the 2 weeks it is beyond a 10. I am so glad I am not alone in this.
I thank you all for taking the time to write about this problem. There is one person I have spoke with and she had the same thing but thought it was her apendex and when they opened here up the saw it was not her apendex it was her ovary sitting in blood and no where for this blood to go.
The doctor took out her ovary and left eveything else and she seems fine for now.The doctor did mention to her that she will need to have more taken out way later because she would most likely end up with cyst or tumors.
This was good info because the doctor told her he would have never fond this if he had to do laporascopy (Through the belly button)and that he fond this because he had to open her up do to the fact of apendex.

God bless you all and thank you.
Kathy from Michigan.

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Has anyone had or have fibroids in the walls of their uterus and had anything done about it? I have a few and I believe along with this ovulation pain, I have so much pressure down in my lower pelvic region that I can't even sit sometimes. It hurts when I have to sit on the toilet and try to urinate or have a BM. Just to pass stool hurts like hell. I was told that I had a hemorrhagic cyst in my left ovary 2 months ago and that's what this was from. How long do these take to go away? Is it possible to go away and return in 2 months? Would like to hear from someone with the same things. Thanks!

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WoW! So satisfying to see this forum. I am a 49 year old woman, having been in menopause for over five years. During perimenopause, ovulation was a searing, stabbing pain in my left side that lasted a week or more, also very uncomfortable low back pain. I thought I was dying! All the tests showed nothing. Later, I still had the pain but no menstrual bleeding. My doctors thought I was crazy. Now, I occasionally get the same pain in my side and my back. I KNOW it is my ovary and yet I have no bleeding. It still is a problem when it creeps up and can lost a long time. Thanks for sharing.

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It is so relieving to see all these posts. I have had the most excruciating pain associated with my periods and find it very comforting to hear the stories of other women in similar situations. Every period I have comes with intense pain, but at least once a year a period comes on so intensely that I literally feel like I am going to die. Although constantly present for the duration of my periods, the most unbearable pain is concentrated on the first day of menstruation. It feels as if something in my abdomen is stuck and trying to pop. It is almost always on my lower left side and is a combination of knife-like stabbing, deep aching, and an air bubble. Immediately after the pain comes on I have to relieve all of my bowels. It is usually accompanied by diarrhea, an air bubble type pain in my bladder, as well as nausea, sweating, dry mouth, light-headedness, and an overheated sensation. It strikes randomly and knocks the wind out of me. One minute I am fine and the next I am doubled over in pain. I usually have to crawl to the toilet and spend hours literally rolling on the floor moaning and panting. No position alleviates the pain. It scares me because I do not know when it will happen as my periods are semi erratic and the pain is so intense that I feel unsafe being alone when it strikes.
No type of Tylenol, Advil, or ibuprofen have worked. I found pain killers like endocet to help about 60 percent of the time but since I am 25 years old my doctors do not want me taking them due to long term side effects. I have tried all kinds of birth control none of which seem to alleviate the pain and all of which make my breasts swell and ache constantly. I had a vaginal ultrasound which showed "nothing remarkable" and am scheduled for a colonoscopy in December. I am getting frustrated and looking for any kind of advice to get through the pain. In addition I have begun looking into the nuva ring. I have heard good and bad things about the product, as it directly releases hormones in to the reproductive tissues and was wondering if anyone had tried it before.

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Ohhhh do I feel all your pain. I'm 51 and have been going though this for at least 7 years. I am so happy a co worker found this site for me. I'M NOT ALONE. I've been though it all. Extreem pain and bloating 3 to 5 days a month every month. When this all started I went to family Dr she sent me for a ultra sound all was normal. When my Dr was away I saw her fill in and he sent me to a strictly Womens Med Dr who but me on The Pill, that was good for about 3 months and the pain then returned. My family Dr sent me away for a CAT scan. Everything came back normal.
Then I was referred to a Gyn who sent me to get an ultra sound, again normal. In the mean time they all wanted me to take pain killers. I had a Lap that showed nothing, all clear. Now the GYN was ready to remove the right Ovary and just before that, he left his practise and made me an appt. with another GYN. He then sent me AGAIN for an ultra sound and wanted me to start the tests all over again. Not happy I did what he wanted. After I couldn't stand the pain any more I just went to his office and said something had to be done. He then agreed to remove the ovary, to no avail. The pain continued on the right side the month after the surgery. Very very disappointing. I have been to get a colonoscopy, all clear. Finally last month I was getting the beginning of hot flashes and no period and no pain, I was very happy. This month the pains came in full with bloating that was unreal lasting 7 days with different severities in pain. I'm totally at my wits end. I guess I just have to live with this.


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I've been experiencing middleschmertz for several years every month during ovulation. But last night took the cake! Usually it ranges from a dull ache to hard cramps that last off and on for 6-8 hours, but last night the pain was so severe I had to breathe through it like I was in labor. This time the pain went from my lower abdomen all the way to my upper abdomen and lasted 10 min. or so before fading away. Needless to say I'm pretty beat this morning. There is only a dull ache now, so I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear. I never knew there was a name for this or that it was so common! Thank you for your posts. I feel better knowing I am not alone.

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Hi all. I seem to have the same thing. I'm 26 and am trying for a baby. About a year ago I came off the pill and since then, at exactly the middle of my cycle I experience these pains. They feel like a big air bubble across the lower part of my abdomon. Sex is also quite painful. It does sometimes make me feel like a need to go to the toilet or like I have trapped wind. I was a bit worried about it but as it happens exactly the same time each month I try not to worry. So pleased you all seem to have the same sort of thing!

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Well, I am glad to see I am not the only one having this problem. All I can say is OUCH!! I am 42. When I was 39, I started noticing abdominal pain at about day 9 or 10 of my cycle. I would go to the bathroom, and then lay down, and it would go away. It went on every month for about 2 years. It only happened at night. My GYN put me on BCP (Yaz) which I was on for 9 months. I did not have the pain anymore, so I was told it was ovulation. I stopped taking the BCP as I did not like the side effects, and low and behold, the pain is back, every month like clockwork since I have been off the pill. It has been 3 months now since I have been off it. Last night was the worst ever. The pain kept shooting on my left side (ovary), then would subside, then come back. It lasted about 1/2 an hour and I thought I was going to pass out. I felt nauseous and weak and had to put a cold washcloth on my forehead. Today, I am exhausted. I told my husband when I got up this morning that I am going to call my GYN and just tell him to rip everything out. I don't really want to do that, but what else can I do? I guess I am in perimenopause because I have noticed changes in my body and my cycles for the past 2 years. I don't think I can stand this every month until I reach menopause. I have tried ibuprofen, heat, nothing makes it better or prevents it. I end up taking a Xanax to relax during the event as it makes me panic. I never had this before the age of 39, so I guess because I am getting older my body is changing. I have no kids, so I am hoping that menopause comes early for me!

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Hi, My name is Sharon I am 18 years old and I stopped my period sunday and it is now thursday night and since the day I ended my period I have been having excrciating pain in my lower right abdomen and it goes in my bone and down my right leg, the pain last for about 3 hours 4 hours and I don't know what it is since its been almost 5 days?!?!? is it ovulation? and why is it lasting soo long

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Hi, I just spent a day reading this whole post. Jotted down things that I will check out further. The main reason I'm posting is to add to the list of women experiencing this so others will also understand that this is apparently more common than what doctors think. Someone needs to study this and figure out why it is happening. I am 42, but this started for me right after my son was born, almost 6 years ago. Starts with an achy feeling in my abdomen that alerts me to QUICKLY gulp down a few Motrin. If I don't, the pain quickly becomes severe (it feels like severe labor pain) and like others noted, radiates down to my bottom--makes you feel like you have to go to the bathroom. The first time it happened, my husband thought I was going to die. I was in the bathroom curled up in a fetal position moaning, I couldn't talk. I let it go too long so the Motrin didn't help. Had to take left-over pain meds from after childbirth. Eventually, that helped, but the ache continued for the rest of the day. As I said earlier, if I can take a couple of Motrin as soon as I feel the start of this coming on, I can avoid the "labor-like" pain and might just have a little ache and soreness for a few hours. Hope this helps others and yes, it is nice to know I am not alone in this, especially since my gynecologist looked completely perplexed years back when I explained my symptoms. They did an u/s and there was nothing wrong. She attributed it to worse ovulation pain that can happen after having children. Since some of the women on here have not had kids, I think it is probably due to something else.

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When I was in my 20's and 30's I always had some pain at ovulation which started at the ovary and sometimes felt like it moved to include my cervix. It lasted an hour or two, was horrendous, but went away.

However now that I am 50 the pain has become quite unbearable - the ovary still hurts but the worst pain is in my abdomen. The cramps are unreal - it is like being in labour, and it lasts on and off for 4 or 5 days. I can�t begin to say how debilitating it is. I am going to the Dr this week to see what can be done.

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I have always had pain when i ovulate and during my period. But over the last 5 months i experience severe pain when ovulating. It last for a almost a week some months and it is more painful when i sit. Only my left side hurts. Is it normal to bleed?

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I'm 30 years old with no children and I've been going through this every single month for 2 1/2 years now. Agonizing pain on the the left side that is crippling and severe swelling (to the point where I look 6 months pregnant in a matter of hours) and after experiencing gallstones for quite awhile before having my gallbladder removed I can honestly say that the ovarian pain is equal if not worse for 3-4 days a month. I've gone to several doctors (as well as the ER multiple times since it seems to begin in the middle of the night for some strange reason) and all the doctors dismiss it as "no big deal" because it isn't life threatening. They have done ultra sounds, lap exploratory surgery and a colonascopy. They did find cysts and mild endometeriosis but weren't overly concerned.

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I wouldn't let that go!!!! I would demand a test for ovarian cancer or have the endometriosis removed...that's crazy...Alot of times when they go in and start removing it, they see alot more that is there. Don't accept no for an answer.

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Well i am soo relieved to read these posts (corney i know) I have had pain ovulating for 10 years now, I am 40 and it's getting worse by the month. I have had 2 ultrasounds in the last year which have shown Fybroiods and when i was sterilised 6 years ago they found scaring but nothing else to explain the pain.
My Dr has put me on Logynon BCP but after reading above i'm gonna stop (iv'e only taken for 5days), I knew it was only going to mask it and what is the point of making it worse??
I was also going to find a GYN but again after reading all the above it seems we all know more than them ! We're living through these awful pains at ovulation. Mine are lasting nearly 2 weeks now from the 10th day of the start of my period. The most useful accounts i have read have been the wanting to go the the toilet in the middle of a bout of pain, it's almost as if labour is is at the pushing stage and you have to bear down to push for relief and i really am comforted to know i'm not alone with this. Another strange one is the dreaming of being in pain and waking up IN PAIN :-o
Number 1's, Number 2's, An orgasm, getting up and walking around in the morning....you name it, dring those 10 to 14 days and it's Excruciating! (of course it comes and goes during this time) I look forward to the period to be pain free. It just, must be the whole area becomes so sensitive to the Hormones as mentioned. Another conclusion i have made is that; it is definitely the Progesterone that is being released that causes the pain because as i said i have taken 5 days of the pill and i'm in my Pain free stage however the 5 pills contained 30mg of Progesterone each, and low and behold after sex yesterday morning i was in agony for 10 to 15 mins after and awake during the night and with the need to push for relief, when normally at this time of the month i'm fine. I do hope this has also helped the next poor woman in pain...Sorry for the personal explaination in parts but i just want to help if i can.

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I've read some of the comments above and I can relate, I have excruciating (and yes it's excruciating) pain each and every month two weeks before my cycle begins, it originates on the left of my stomach and causes my entire left leg to go numb. I'm often doubled over in pain or awaken from sleep with it. What seems strange to me though is the pain lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes and occurs for 5 to 6 times during the day, and in order for me to get a little relief from the pain I literally have to force my self to use the bathroom. I'm yet to find a pain killer for this or anything to help.

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I've been having what I assume to be ovulation pain. It mostly switches from one side to the other from month to month. I can usually feel it coming on. Usually it's stabbing pain when I walk or actually sit down, though no pain when I sit, I feel uncomfortable pressure on my rectum and/or feel like I'm constipated. Lasts no more than 24 hours. Always happens about 14 days before my period. Had an ultra sound last year, ovaries were fine though they found that I had Adenomyosis (where the uterine lining grows into the uterine muscle). Around the first or second day of my period I get really bad cramping, pain in my leg, bleed extremely heavy and pass clots. I am 45 and started having these problems about 3 or 4 years ago. I'm still very regular, though my cycle is shorter than it used to be - every 24 days when I used to be every 28. I don't know if the Adenomyosis is playing a part in my ovulation pain. I am making another appointment with the gyn. Last year she gave me two options, deal with it or have a procedure done where they'd remove the lining. I'm sick of the heavy bleeding (where I can't even go anywhere without worrying about "leaking") and the ovulation pain, though like I said, not sure if having the procedure will help that or not.

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As we all say, it's nice to know I'm not alone in all this. I have had excruciating pain during ovulation and my cycle for years now. I have had a pap, ultrasound,and an endometrial biopsy. By the way that was a horrific procedure. And nothing they want to do that procedure where they stick a camera in my belly button to see if I have severe endometriosi which I thought they would find with the biopsy. NOPE needless to say I am lost for words in what to do next. I am done trying different birth controls and do not want to do the IUD. Last resort would be the abrasion burning on my uterus or a hysterectomy. At this point I am saying take it out that is how bad it is and how much if affects my life every month. I have a child and my husband doesn't want anymore anyway. What do I do?? Has anyone been told to get a hysterectomy to resolve heavy and very VERY painful periods?

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Hello everyone. I am 35 and my husband the same age. Since I was about 20 I have been having this type of pain. It is excruciating at times with mild bleeding. The bad thing is that we have never had birth control for the 5 years that we have been married, but no pregnancy has resulted. I feel so stupid every month going through this agony for nothing. All tests are normal by the way but fertility treatment is way too expensive.

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One thing I think some posters are missing is just because the ultrasound doesn't show cysts when taken after the pain stops doesn't mean there wasn't a cyst causing it at the time of the pain. The ovaries cycle so there is no constant.

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I have pain mid-cycle. I'm not going to post the details here because that isn't important. I've been to a number of ob/gyns and none have been able to figure it out, done lots of tests, xrays, 3d ultrasound, mri, blood test etc.

I just want to point out one thing. I'm married to a doctor. I think he would tear his hair out if he saw some of the posts here by women who are "relieved" to find others with the same symptoms as them. I've read through about half of this page an it is very clear to me that there are likely many different problems you women are suffering from. Just because you all have mid-cycle pain does not mean you are all suffering from the same problem as such pain can have many different causes. Do not use this forum to diagnose yourself. Get yourself to a doctor. I see little help other than psychological coming from the stuff posted here.

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I feel you. Ovulation cramping is such a pain :C With all the cramping I can never eat on the day it happens, and with my luck they always happen on a school day so I have to pay attention to class through the pain. Sometimes its so bad I do pass out, fortunately though, it usually happens for a few hours after the cramping is over. Sometimes it can sneak up on you though, for example, I didn't realize it would happen today so I didn't take any medication. By the time I realized what was happening I had to wait 2 hours before I could get my sister to bring my medication to school.

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Ladies, I can give you my bits of information. About 2 months ago, I was in the same situation, doubled over in pain for 2 days, and having all kinds of awful gastro issues. I was eventually diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cyst, during ovulation. Most women are hospitalized and they remove the ovary, but I was alone, hubby was on a business trip, so I just rode it out. I also now have something called chemical peritonitis, from the fluid that is ejected into the abdomen. It feels like I was kicked in the side, just below the ribs, no visual bruising, but definitely sore to touch. I am in the throes of menopause and had previously started to skip periods. Now that the cyst happened, I am on time all the time, and at ovulation, things are quite painful routinely. My gyno told me that the worse you had it when you were newly menstruating, the worse your menopause will be. How lucky! She has prescribed all kinds of things, but nothing works like good old vicodin. It's literally the only thing I can do to get rid of the stabbing pain that radiates from my ovary, down through the pelvis, into the lower vaginal area. It's stinks, is what I am saying!!

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