Just thought I would be miserable for Christmas..

MenoGingerDecember 22, 2001

Can you believe it? A houseful of company. A body full of intense hormonal symptoms and mood swings. Ah.. Christmas.. miserable Christmas..

I refuse to let this stop me. Let it do it's thing, I am going to celebrate Christ's birth and our family even if I feel like hammering someone's face in, or eating the entire Christmas Cake myself, or pigging-out on the salted nuts, or having sex NOW wiht my husband, or drag around sweatin', flashin', and crampin' !!

I am woman.. no wonder we roar!

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Been there and still am there.............now without HRT. If you can't beat it, I guess you just have to go along with it, hoping it will all pass soon. I just want to say Merry, Merry Christmas to you! Lou

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You too LouLou! Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season too!

(My gosh, today the cramping and hormonal rushes were so bad, I was chilling and having intense spasms.. and I REFUSED to let it win my day from me! A few times I thought I was going to rush blood everywhere.. but only phantom stuff, no blood yet! Sometimes it take 4 months to see blood..)

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Have so much to do today, so I went to bed at 9pm last night....... didnÂt sleep much, but at least I rested. I am not sure if I can stay off of HRT because of not sleeping.
The quality of my life was sooooooooooooo much better when I was on FemHRT. I will speak to my doctor after Christmas to see what she thinks. Maybe she will give me progesterone cream. Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy................who knows maybe next year we will no longer have these terrible menopausal problems. Lou

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You GO girl!

Great attitude, you should figure out a way of bottling that. Sometimes I get annoyed with myself if I get into my "self-pitying Barbie" (my silly term) phase. I decided to repaint my fireplace mantel a few days ago...got carried away and painted a nekkid portrait of Mr Carina & I on there. And his family will be here tomorrow....bwahahahaha!

Getting silly and creative can be very uplifting. And it doesn't make you fat...I ate a whole tin of peanut butter chocolate cookies two nights ago, oops. For penance I have to take the dogs for extra walks, and its about fifteen degrees outside right now...and I have two dogs lying patiently next to me going pleeaaase mom...can we GO already?

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Ahhhh, yes, the wonders and joy of being a woman at Christmas.....with or without the hormones. Somehow we can't seem to sleep as our minds rush ahead on fast forward to all the things that we have to do or remember (imagine?) and all the expectations that our families have because we have always "done it all" so perfectly. I seriously thought about buying everything at the frozen M & M store for Christmas this year. That moment passed, and it has been the mad dash of planning, shopping, cooking and serving, cleaning and planning the next. No wonder we drop from time to time. I look forward to a couple of days from now when all the cooking and cleaning are memories (happy ones for the kids) and I can lavish time and attention on sweet man and myself.
Merry Christmas to all!

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Hope you had a great Christmas! Me...well I worked so hard all Christmas Eve trying desperately to keep the traditional Italian Christmas Eve. My mom use to do itÂbut she had me to help! Let me tell you........ some of this merry merry and all that jazz is for the birds! The men in my family just think Christmas just happens magically! Can you believe that? LOL No wonder I canÂt sleep anymore. ItÂs probably not even the lack of estrogenÂitÂs the lack of consideration, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness on the part of all the men in my familyÂÂÂÂÂ..except for my sons! LOL they are so wonderful and helpfulÂÂÂÂÂ.I most certainly raised them hat way and now my daughter-in-laws reap the benefits. Lst night aftertaking 2 tylenol pm's around 12midnight, I crashed until 7am! I am looking forward to doing aboslutley nothing for New Yera's Eve and going to bed before the ball drops! Take care Lou and thanks to all for always being there. Lou

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I am up right now using my computer and everyone is settled-in playing cards, talking, or watching "The Natural" on American Movie Classics giving me a rest.

Boy do I hear you for all the work involved! Sheeesh! However, my husband is a gem and I have NO complaints in that department. He is like a scurrying little elf trying to make it easier on me.. and sometimes makes it harder! LOL

I just finished cleaning up for the day about 1/2 hour ago and I feel like I am going to die from the pain and pressure of this phantom period.. oh geeze.

It is so much pain that I feel like sometimes I might throw-up with the intensity and chills it has. It is like I am in constant labor to deliver out of my whole bottom area everything above it! And, my legs ache with the pressure and pain.

So far, I have been able to strive on and overcome it, but have had to slip away and lay down and take a few 750mg vicodin's and 800mg of naproxen anti-inflamatory pills. Which is only causing me to have a situation of constipation that isn't exactly a picnic either!

I didn't shop at the sales today, it was too hard to stand-up and walk with the pain, but I am still in good spirits and have faith that tomorrow will be a better day..

My next gyno appointment is on January 8th.. oh, I can't wait.. I hope there is a CURE for this crud!

Again, as I mentioned in a prior thread, this gyno is supposed to be a Hormonal Guru and know his stuff.. wish me luck!

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this! And.. Happy New Year!!!!!

I am woman, hear me roar..

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What is this phantom period? Why are you in such pain? Do you get a period at all anymore?
I slept fine last night and only took one Tylenol!'I am by myself, so I really think that it is wonderful that your husband helps you. I know what you mean though that sometimes they can be of too much help. LOL It is so nice out again today in NY, and I am going to Long Island to visit my favorite niece. I usually run every morining, but I don't seem to have the energy these past couple of weeks. I think that is probably some of the reason I can't sleep well anymore. Have a wonderful day and I hope that you feel a little better today. One good thing about this phamtom thing, you won't spend any more money shopping in all the stores for their bargains! Lou

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Ginger, I wish you all the best good luck in the world with your new Gyne. I know there are answers for your problems somewhere, lets hope this doc has them! Anne M

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