Estrace cream

normajeanknittingDecember 22, 2009


I too suffered from Bladder inflammation.

bladder infection after bladder infection too.

And Vaginal pain.

My Dr just gave me Estrace cream just this week.

I have been in pain four months now.

I'v been having hot flash at night and day time.

Feeling also very sad inside too.

I have know one to talk to

Norma jean

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Norma Jean:

Get your self some cranberry juice. Make sure it is 100% pure and not a drink with only a bit of juice and the rest fillers and water.

Drink 7 or 8 ounces daily. If you find it too tart or bitter mix it with some apple juice. Cranberries are excellent for helping cure, but mainly preventing bladder infections. This is an ancient native American treatment and even some doctors recommend it to their patients, especially if they have recurring bladder infections. It prevents the bacteria that causes bladder infections, from attaching to the walls of the bladder. Use the cream to get rid of the infection and the cranberry juice to help and prevent further infections.

Your feeling sad probably has to do a little with menopause but I would think that being in pain is what is depressing you too. The hot flashes may lessen too if you are in a happier frame of mind. If possible get out of the house and do things to take your mind off of things. The best cure for depression is to do things for others.

You have people here to talk to, so post again if you need to. I wish you the best

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