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Marg_in_KCDecember 10, 2001

I turned 47 in October. I have been having back trouble (but so has DH, I think we need a new mattress). My vetrebrae pop a lot. I asked my mother at what age menopause occurred. She said that she couldn't rember.

I skipped a period in late September. I had a heavy one in October. I've not had one since. For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing a discharge of what I would term "old blood". I don't want to see a doctor until I have some idea of what is happening. Can you hypothesize? (For what its worth, I lost an ovary at age 32.)

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I would say you should go to the doctor to find out what is happening, not so you can tell him/her what is happening. You have enough symptoms now to need a complete exam and then a professional opinion. It probably is the beginning of a normal menopause, but with the change of your normal cycle and the discharge for several weeks, I would say it is time to make an appointment.

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I think it is safe to wait for your annual exam ( I hope we are all doing that) and bring this to the attention of your doctor. It is most likely normal changes of menopause. That's exactly the way it began for me. Over the course of a few years I experienced wildly irregular mense plus strange amounts and color of menstrual flow. There are lots of good books about menopause; it might help you to do some reading on the subject. If it will reassure you to have your doctor rule out anything abnormal, then by all means, schedule an exam as soon as possible.

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