Wanted: Pics of Cabinets in front of low windows

laughablemomentsJanuary 24, 2011

I would love to see pictures of cabinets that have been installed in front of low windows, similar to the 6' high, 3' wide windows that are about 18" off the floor in our 1840's post and beam house. Thanks! : )

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not exactly a perfect match, but hey...no one else responded yet. my window is low. was going to drop counter to underneath but wanted to keep the galley kitchen looking sleek.

Here is a link that might be useful: my window

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no pics, because we worked around 2 large low ugly picture windows on paper as much as possible & then changed them out.


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Thanks Sabijimata! That's helpful. (How is the new little one I'm assuming has arrived?)

Jejvtr. We like our windows, they add to the architecture from the outside, so I don't think swapping is the 1st choice for us. Glad you could change yours out, though. That was probably easier and more versatile!

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Sombreuil mongrel has a sink in front of a low window. This is what he did. It's the sink on the left.

I remember another gwer with an old house who put cabinets in front of a low window. She had pictures from both inside and outside of the house, but I can't remember her name. She used that window well for potted plants.

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My low window (above) is 24 above the floor; that is, the bottom of the apron trim is at 24".
A during install view:

18" would be really low to mount anything below it, and still have any usable cabinet space.

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We have friends with a new Georgian house. Long windows in kitchen have countertop (Ikea butcherblock) extending across them, but the lower area is open. That's the stool-sitting workspace. Stool is stowed in that space. Allows the light to penetrate the room.

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Laxsupermom- I love, love your kitchen. (and that kitty soaking up the sun!) : ) It's so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

How do you do with the sink there- do you ever lose things over the edge on the window side?

Florantha- that's a great idea. I really appreciate having a stool in my work area, for me and for my little helpers.

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Not my kitchen. It belongs to Casey who showed the closeup pic of it in progress. I'm sure he'll check back in, though.

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I wish I had more specific images for you.
These are the only ones I have.

Southern Accents Steel Windows

Sea Green Clean

Window Seat

Manor House

William Poole Designs


New Orleans Kitchen

Icicle house

Country Magazine Kitchen Window

Bucks County Soapstone. (The window is lower than the counter)

A Concord Carpenter

Windows in kitchen

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