hot flashes

tahlequahgardensDecember 9, 2003

Yipee, I finally reached another phase in my life. Not that I really wanted the hot flash part, I am anticipating "no more periods".

How does everyone handle their hot flashes?


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Moni, I've heard that Remifemin is really good for hot flashes. I don't have hot flashes, but my SIL recommended taking it. I just bought some at local Walmart.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I'd like to address the subject of no more periods. WOW!!!
That part of it is great. Hot flashes are not a big problem with me, but a minor inconvenience. Dr. Phil's wife suggested Black Cohosh, B12, B6, Flax seed Oil, Evening Primrose oil, Vit E and Omega 3. I already take many vitamins so I need to check with my doctor or a pharmacist before I start taking each of these. Of these listed I only take Vit . E.
Good Luck

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So far, so good. The hotflashes are really not to bad at this time of year, one can always go outside, and cool off. :)
At least, this is what worked for me, besides tossing the covers off, till temp returns to normal.

I am not taking all the stuff mentioned above, as I already take a bunch because of high cholesterol, including the vitamin E.

I am hoping, to get over this before the Oklahoma heat comes on in the summer.

I heard to much about some side effects even with the herbal treatments, that I am going solo on this.

Oh, yeah, I am not missing the period that didn't show in December, nor so far this month. That part, I am really looking forward too.


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Hi tahlequagardens,
I hate to burst your bubble, but I've been going thru menopause for several years and I occasionally still have hot flashes. So sorry!!!!!!!

I never took anything for mine, just coped with them and used a cold washcloth on my face and neck. Quite simple. But, yes, it's GREAT to not have periods anymore!

PS There's a pill called Estroven that has a lot of what was mentioned above. I took a few of these, but not enough to say whether they helped me or not. I'm just not a pill person, although I'v "making" myself take a vitamin and sometimes a calcium pill.

Calcium is something menopausal women need----I can tell a huge difference in my bones.

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Yep, what Yellowhair said. Several years now, with hot flashes around the clock. :o(

I tried Remifemin for several months with absolutely NO relief. The only thing I ever found that totally killed the sweating was 1,600 units of Vitamin E every day.

Problem with that, though, is it's a FAR higher daily dosage of Vitamin E that you're supposed to take. I would've damaged my liver if I'd stayed on it for any length of time.

Sorry to be such a downer. But my point is just that there's no one real solution for every body. You'll have to experiment with what works for you.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

My hot flashes aren't too bad, but they are still here. I have weird symptoms. At night it isn't always easy to sleep. Year round I need a light soft cotton nightgown with at least short sleeves. My sheets are the T shirt kind and are not crispy. My hot flashes at night are not that bad, but my skin can feel funny, and these bed clothes probably absorb some of the moisture. If my shoulders are bare and I sweat a little, I have a very strange mixture of hot and cold that is very uncomfortable. I drink a lot of water. I have been hospitalized once with a kidney stone, and think I have passed others. So I follow the water rules of people with kidney stones. I drink my 2 and often 3 liters of water a day. It is very important to do that in the summertime, but I think it helps to drink water before you go to sleep. Part of the overall discomfort of night sweats might be the dehydration.
Whenever I wear a turtle neck under a sweater, I make sure that it is a nice one and realize that I may have to take off the sweater. I know that hot flashes pass quickly and have stopped asking my students if it feels a little warm in the class.
I wear camisoles under my school clothes. Again too many fabrics can just sort of feel funny and not absorb moisture.
If I am tired and want to sit and watch TV, an old king size flannel sheet feels better than a throw to cuddle up in.
These are just a few thoughts of what I do. Maybe some of you have other ideas.
We much watch out for the summer heat. Hot flashes aren't dangerous, but that summer heat with hot flashes can be.

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Emotions and hot flashes? has anyone noticed this; I found that if I get overly excited in a conversation, it brings on a hot flash.
This never happened before menopause.

I have had the flashes periodically in the last 2 years; they disappear for months at a time then reappear for a bit. After 2 years of bad hot flashes, I can say that I think I'm on a better path, I get much less of them.

I don't work outside the home, so it makes it easier to deal with disrupted sleep and the up and down levels of energy.

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Mitchdesi you just totaly described me. All of the above I have. I haven't had a . in almost 1 1/2 years or so. Pain in the a%% isn't it.

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I too am like mitchdesi. If I get excited or am rushed the flashes will hit. I cope with them by going with the flow and thinking of the sensation as interesting rather than focusing on the discomfort.

Do any of you get cold flashes? It's a cold that comes from deep within and is almost painful. Leaves me wishing for a hot flash.

Disrupted sleep is why I sit here scrolling and posting at 4:00 AM. LOL

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I used to get a hotflash when I heard the furnace come on. :o) Mine were just a minor inconvenience also. Have been saying for 25 years HRT is dangerous and it has been proven now. I think they will find the chloresteral meds bad also and unnecessary one day.

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