Do Peri Symptoms Subside?

dee_can1December 16, 2007

I hate to start my post sounding pessimistic, but I have celiac disease (and many symptoms associated it with it), and have felt unwell for most of my life, to be honest. IÂve also had problems with my period  bad cramps, etc. I figured, ok, I can deal with all of this. Well, IÂm 44 and I believe IÂve been in perimenopause (sp?) for a couple of years, with it getting worse and worse. ItÂs exacerbated my celiac symptoms greatly, my facial skin is like an oil slick, IÂm getting acne again, IÂve developed burning mouth (which I swear I think I could take any of my other symptoms over this pain).

HereÂs what IÂm wondering. Is it only going to get worse as I get older? When I reach menopause, are things supposed to stabilize? Will my symptoms calm down? (I believe they are hormone-related.) I know things can always be worse, and I hate to sound like IÂm complaining; but IÂd love to hear from people who have gone through similar things, and that they feel better at a certain point. Thanks.

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Hi Dee -- I wish I could offer more encouragement, but I am in the same place you are and I just don't know. You're not alone!

I've scheduled a hysterectomy for next month. I've had all I plan to take. I will keep my ovaries, though.

Hang in there. All sources do indicate that once you're actually in menopause these symptoms do subside.

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I don't have celiac disease, so I can't identify with your specific symptoms, but I think that as menopause approaches, symptoms caused by it (emotional instability in my case) tend to settle down and stabilize. Are you sure that your mouth problems are not caused by a deficiency of vitamins?
Mrs H

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Thank you for your responses. Stonyriver, I have heard the same thing about menopause, and IÂm hoping its true, and that someone will confirm it. It helps to know IÂm not alone. Good luck with your surgery.

Mrs. H. Some of my problems may indeed be related to nutritional deficiencies. The strange thing is, I was pretty stable for years (not feeling great, but not as unwell as I feel now) and when my mouth-burning started, and other digestive and more intolerance problems started, eventually I sort of put it together that maybe these changes are hormonal related (therefore perimenopausal related because of other non-Celiac-related symptoms IÂm currently experiencing, as well  anxiety included, which IÂve always had).

I just couldnÂt figure out why my health would suddenly crash when IÂve been doing the same (strict) health routine for so many years now. ItÂs a mystery; and IÂve been grasping at straws, I admit.

IÂve had many blood work-ups done, and I had a B12 deficiency (which is a common deficiency with Celiac); but have been able to overcome that with sublingual B12. But, it hasnÂt relieved my burning mouth. Suddenly I seem to have many intolerances (besides gluten) it seems, so IÂm thinking some of it is hormonal. Not sure, though.

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I know that one of the B vitamin deficiencies can cause oral pain and ulcer-type lesions, but I can't remember which one specifically. I also wonder if your anxiety and celiac disease have a specific connection to each other? What specifically happens with celiac disease? I've heard the term, but know little about it.
Mrs H

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