confused about a simple problem, sweats

loriwooDecember 29, 2009

I am a very active 53 year old woman of 5'3" tall and 105 pounds. I have horses and a busy physical job of grooming dogs. Now I have night sweats and need some help.

So I read Black Cohosh causes liver damage, or is a joke, and creams seem dumb, but I have night sweats and need relief.

That is my only issue and I am really getting depressed reading about how I will soon lose my hair, my skin tone and my energy, and they say (on the Internet) that I will STILL have night sweats.

My husband lost his job so no health insurance, and I cannot afford to go to the Dr., it seems dumb anyway, my problem is pretty small at this point.

Can anyone help me with a low cost, effective method to control night sweats and boost my confidence that I am not going into a slow death called MENOPAUSE?!

I was so happy that my periods were slowing and would stop, now I am just worried that the end of my healthy life is near...



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Hi There,
Welcome to the journey. Night sweats and hot flashes suck. But I'll take them over never ending periods any day of the week.
So, cut the caffeine (if applicable), stay active and hydrated, and sleep in light cottons. I tend to have a love hate relationship with my comforter. Too hot; freezing....whatever. A minor inconvenience.
Think positive. You're headed into a new phase of life. You're strong and healthy. Its all good (even if it is a little warm :) )

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Hi loriwoo im 46 and hve been having hot fushes day and night for 14 months but they have got progressively worse over the last few months i tried everything you could possibly try herbal remedies even went to a chinese herbalist it ended up costing me a small fortune and nothing even touched the sweats i couldnt function in the end i went to my doctor and got elleste solo 1 mg and within 3 days i noticed a massive difference i was dead against the HRT route but now im past caring i would take whatever i have to to get some relief i dont care what it is ive tried black cohosh expensive made me feel sick all day rubbish didnt even touch the sweats i tried sage tablets again rubbish i tried estroven rubbish no relief expensive in the end after 14 months of suffering and struggling and massive expense i went to my doc got 1 prescription and bingo i have tried my hardest to stay natural it didnt work for me at all but everybody is different its ok trying herbal remedies but its expensive and depending on how your own menopause progresses over time it just didnt help me nothing helped me i tried and now i have relief thats all i can say my flashes were mild to start with but then came on with a vengence day and night all day all night i couldnt function i couldnt sleep i was tired upset hot constantly wet through with sweat very fed up with it all and getting quite depressed with it all so you might be better off to go see your doc in the longrun it could work out cheaper and a quicker route to relief hope this helps you to decide what to do

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