Wake up its 4:30AM

nanciiiDecember 16, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Just found y'all, like Judy333 I am from the quilting forum.

Yep that's the time my bod says get up and we obey. Now the dog thinks that is normal time. I read several of the post about sleep, I fixed that by sleeping in my reclinger. I just turned 51 a few weeks ago and really have not sleep in my bed in a few years except to take naps, any longer than that and my back is killing me.

I just started my 3rd month of Prempro. I was having break thur bleeding. 1st thing I noticed was bloating, noticed that real fast since I never had it. Now 3 months into this Prempro I have gained almost 25 pounds. For years I just took Loestrin a very low dose BCP. I can not afford this weight gain as I already needed to lose 25 pounds.

I do not have night sweats but for someone who literally never sweat on a hot day I am soaking wet. I am so glad I had 49 years with being dry. I thought when I turned fifty and quit smoking for my health before something happened I was doing good.

So I have heard the horror stories about losing weight, it was already hard before I am really dreading it now but I do not want to be a rolly polly. What happens if I just stop taking HRT all together? I cannot take any vitamin as they make me really sick. I start weight watchers on Tuesday and I need to join a gym.

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If you just stop taking HRT altogether, I doubt it will hurt you physically, but it may make menopause symptoms more severe, or at least that's what I assume. In the old days, before HRT, women just put up with the symptoms, and seemed to survive it fine, but there are pros and cons either way. When my Mom's doc took her off HRT, she just cold-turkey'd it. Hotflashes galore, but I don't think it really made any difference in her weight.
Mrs H

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