Why is my FSH so low?

catherinetDecember 5, 2008

Hi all,

I had an FSH drawn recently because I've had palpitations 24/7 for a month now, and was thinking my hormones are still fluctuating. My FSH level is only 33.4, and I haven't had a period for about 4 years. Do you know what your FSH level is? Maybe its normal to never have a very high FSH, but the postmenopausal levels are usually 25-134. It seems like mine should be higher. Maybe even though I'm not having periods, I'm just not very far into menopause. That would explain all the funky problems I've had for so long.

I just want it all to end!

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Hi Catherine,

I'm not sure if your reference ranges are the same as mine; but I'll give my latest FSH numbers. I've had my FSH checked twice recently. On day 3 of my cycle (in October 08), it was 31.7 (ref. range 2.0 - 8.0)

Then to double-check, I had it taken again on day 21, and FSH was 23.2 (ref. range luteal phase 2.0 - 8.0 again - gee, I just noticed the two phases have the same range...). So, both of mine were high. I was supposed to be in menopause; but since I've just had two periods in a 14-day span, it doesn't seem so. ; )

So, I take it the number is supposed to increase as we get further along into menopause, then?

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Hi dee,
Yes, I've heard that our FSH continues to go up the rest of our lives.
I also heard that fat cells have alot of estrogen in them. I have alot of those! So apparently, my fat cells are giving up enough estrogen to keep my pituitary happy, so it doesn't feel like it needs to go up on the FSH.
I've been having nonstop palpitations for about a month. I had a stress echo in August, which was fine, so the doctor isn't worried about my heart. But I absolutely HATE these thumps in my chest. I'm thinking my hormones are still jumping all over the place, even though I haven't had a period for 4 years.
Are we having fun yet???

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