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MenoGingerDecember 12, 2001

A friend confided to me a "thing" that is happening to her while having vaginal intercourse with her husband. She told me.. and we laughed ourselves silly. It is soooo embarrassing. The laughter was because of the truth of it, and because it is so horrible and embarrassing..

Okay, our teenagers refer to these as "queefs". Do you know what I mean?

When we are having sexual relations, both my friend and I have SOMETIMES experienced loud sets of "vaginal pharts" while engaged in vaginal intercourse. At first my husband thought I ate too much cabbage, then.. after we realized what it was.. we were stunned and laughed ourselves silly..

My friend and I decided that maybe it was because the vaginal dryness and changing texture of the walls of our vaginas were to blame. Is that right?

Anyone else brave enough to admit they have done this? Or know about it? Or should we be running off to the gynecologist?

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Never happened, but have heard of it. I believe it is just air trapped during the act of intercourse. Sounds as if it may be normal. Tee hee, nothing I am sure to worry about.

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Of course! I think it is also from air/dryness too, and positioning! I want to learn more about this estriol cream and fix some of all of this. You guys are great for "information". Keep it up and funny too.

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Yup! I have experienced this phenomenon, always thought it was from that overly stretched vaginal canal after childbirth. It hasn't happened in years, and YES it is hard not to laugh yourself silly and ruin the "moment". You are not alone!

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Happened to me too - its a position thing but the gales of laughter ruin the moment.


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Thank you all for the validation!

You don't know how reassuring it is to know that besides all the other issues and non-issues of menopause.. this is one of.. and maybe the only, FUNNY aspect of it!

So, with luck of the Irish.. "A queefing we will go, a queefing we will go! Hi Ho the Merry Oh.. a queefing we will go!"


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I've had that happen before! Not for a while now that I think about it, but early on when I was first going out with the fellow who is now my husband, I had some pretty good "pu5sy farts" (avoiding Disney here...) (as we called them), and we laughed ourself silly, let me tell you ! Especially one time when they repeated with every, uh, "in"... :D


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You ladies crack me up! Tears are running down my cheeks from laughing so much. I just hope I can have as light a heart as you all when my time comes. My husbands' words of wisdom...."be thankful it's not coming out the "other" end!" Keep up the great humor, NancyLouise

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