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sylviatexas1July 6, 2008

As the little boy told Johnny Carson, I only watch this stuff "when I'm at home vomiting".

The question was

"what are the top 4 things do married women say they worry about?"

1. money

2. kids

3. husband's infidelity

4. retirement



your 4 top worries?

I'm not married now (as my best friend said, "she was, but she got over it"), but when I was married, I think my main worry, overshadowing everything else, was my husband's unpredictability.

He came home, not once but several times, in a brand-new car.

He moved out of the house 4 times, always in the spring.

One memorable time, we had sold a house & moved to a new city, & I had to work *two weeks* to fulfill my obligations at work.

While I was staying with my parents & he was in the new house...he met a woman & moved in with her!

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Have to agree with number one - money.
3.loosing "me".
4. health.

Gee,'ve had a rough trot with your H.

Now..getting ready to downsize, selling house, moving to the city, new opportunities. Trying to reduce carbon footprint !

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1. DH's health
2. Possibly money, being elderly and on a limited income, but so far, so good, and we still have a little income from working.

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yep, popi, he was really something!

I think, when I was younger, I just saw the cute boy...& I liked his guitar...
& I had *no clue* as to the alarm bells & red flags that would be so obvious to me today.

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...forgot to say, biwako brings up a really good point.

The top 4 worries undoubtedly change according to where we are on life's timeline.

Some of the things that used to worry the daylights out of me just seem silly now, & some of the things that I used to take for granted are very worrisome indeed.

I used to worry that I'd have to move back home & be judged a failure, but I took my health for granted; I thought I'd live forever, with good muscles & lots of energy & tremendous stamina!

Now, I realize that moving home wouldn't have been the worst thing in the universe, but my health seems to have taken on an alarming "life of its own", zinging me with twinges & forcing me to wear reading glasses & stopping me in my tracks when I have more than 2 hours worth of gardening to do-15 minutes if it's midday.

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Yes, I have to agree with you there, Sylvia. One of the reasons that I am moving is because I have a large garden, acres of mowing...and I just don't have the energy any more. It was good whilst it lasted, though.

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I don't worry about much, but my family's health and happiness is always #1 (I include our WHOLE family, and myself in "my family"). We don't have human children, but we have 4 dogs, a parrot, a ferret, and an iguana who we love like children. I don't worry about money because we control it, it doesn't control us. I never ever worry about my husband's love for me or question his fidelity. I'm not too worried about retirement. I just graduated veterinary school in May, so my career is just starting, and quite frankly I love my career so much that I would be perfectly happy to drop dead at work at age 95. Of course, I'd be working part-time by then LOL! Seriously though, we do have good retirement plans that will allow us to retire at a reasonable age in good financial shape.

I do worry about our health though, not the things we control (we eat pretty well, get regular exercise, etc.), but the uncontrollables like accidents. My oldest dog has a bad back, and we are planning to move to a one-story home ASAP so she doesn't have to go up and down stairs any more. We have to move anyway because I took a job 90 minutes from our current home.

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Sylvia: The same thing happened to a friend of mine. They had sold their home, because her husband was transferred to another state. She stayed behind 30 days to handle the house closing and wrap up her 2 weeks notice on her job. With her home sold, and leaving her job, she moves to the new location only to find he too moved in with a new girl friend he just met. This was a really nice guy. Never imagined he was capable of behaving so low.

Another woman I know of with a strong marriage and kids, got her DH a manicure as a father's day gift, with a woman who had been doing her manicure's for years, and she considered a friend. This so called "friend" managed to steal her husband.

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1! The Kid, hands down. Not so much the rest, etc. What is left that I do think about, in order:

our aging parents
house (we're remodeling it ourselves)

Us, getting married (aint he a looker? funny too)

The kid with my mommy

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"what are the top 4 things do married women say they worry about?"

1. money
2. kids
3. husband's infidelity
4. retirement



Personally, I have NEVER worried about any of those four at any time of our 27 year marriage.

The only thing I am concerned about now is our health as we get older.

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Hmm, interesting..

For me ;

1.Health_both my DH & I
2. Kids
4.Lessening of emotional intimacy in our relationship

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