Dealing with long distance relationship

ibukemeiJuly 25, 2008


I got engaged 6 months ago and before i knew it, i flew to another country(Work reasons).Now we are 5 months apart.

The best practice i have found to work for me is: Communication.

Communication works.What we usually do is.

1. Every day we send email to one another

2. At least an sms before we sleep

3. Conversion via phone at least after every 2days

And the best part is "TRUST and OPENNESS" believe it or not.Just trust the other person..there's nothing u can do about it!!Be open to express what u feel or encounter on your day to day.(lets face it some1 will find your chic attractive)right?So guide and encourage one another to keep on keeping on.

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Hmm, well my realationship/marriage is mostly long distance, though not that long. We talk twice daily and it's not keeping us close. I totally trust him, it's just after awhile you start to get used to be alone, and yet tired of being lonely.

Hope it works for you and that you two do not have to be apart for too long.

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While it may sound silly, a good old snail-mail letter is always nice.

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My husband works out of town when we first met and the first year of our relationship he was gone 45 days and home 14 days. It was hard but it made us become closer. We e-mailed, texted, and called eachother daily. We have been married a year now though he is not gone as much he is still gone a lot. If it is meant to be and you really want it to work it will. Good Luck

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Yea good point about the snail mail. DH had to go out of town 2 yr.s ago the day afer I had emergency surgery, there was no way around it he had to go. He felt really bad and wrote me a beautiful letter on the hotel stationary and maild it to me. I still have to this day.

It's just one of those little treasures and I still refer to it when I get really angry with him, he doesn't do stuff like that often which makes it more special..

Little things like that mean a lot.


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