Would you only go to a gyn for your exam?

marie26December 30, 2005

Last year my GP did my woman's exam. I hadn't had an exam for 2 years. I know that I have had fibroids for years and at almost 55, regular periods.

Should I be seeing a gynocologist or can I trust the GP (who is an excellent doctor)?

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I always go to a gyn but all my doctors are specialists (dermatologist, podiatrist, hand surgeon, etc) though I'm sure there are excellent GPs out there.

When I first saw your post I thought it said "go to a gym", LOL!

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LOL, I thought it said "gym" too!
Marie, if you're totally happy with your GP, I think you could trust them. But sometimes, OB/GYN's see soooo many different cases, and are up on the latest stuff, I think it's good to see them. You could go to one for a little while, and if you weren't impressed, you could have your GP continue to do those exams. My OB/GYN has immediate access to transvaginal ultrasound in her office, which is a definite plus. Modern medicine is getting sooooo complicated, one doctor just can't know everything. I think the important thing with your GP, is that he/she would know when to pass you on to an OB/GYN, if ever necessary. If he/she is checking the things they should (pap smear, following up on ovary pain, breast health, bone health, etc.), then I think you would be fine with your GP.

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