Mirena IUD?

Vickey__MNDecember 18, 2009

After an abnormal pap, it's been determined that I have endometriosis, plus at least one polyp. Doctor won't do an abulation, he doesnÂt like them, says they cause scar tissue that could cover up any possible cancer.

I have to schedule a Hysteroscopy (scope of uterus) so they can look up there to cut out the polyp and any more possible ones, then theyÂll do a D&C.

After that he wants to insert an MIRENA IUD that has progesterone in it (I had a tubal years ago so I don't need it for BC). I was hoping to go through menopause with no meds, but he said that with my family background for cancer (Grandma had uterine, breast, rectal; uncle rectal, aunt Cervical all on mother's side), this is a good idea as it can help reduce the risk. Plus it can reduce the chance of the endometriosis coming back, and reduce the heavy periods I have.

I'm not finding a lot on this IUD for menopause, I'm just not too sure, so I thought I'd post here to see what you guys know/have heard/experienced.

I am NOT into menopause yet, but as the doctor said, it is on it's way. I'm (shudder) almost 50 and have no clue when my mom went through it...she's dead, and never really talked about it!!! I know my sister who is two years older than me is really at the same stage I am, so I probably have a couple more years.

I noticed one side effect could be migraines. I do suffer HORRIBLY from migraines now, and so that is a concern, I don't want them to flair up so that is one concern to stop me. I also did HORRIBLE on BC pills years ago (think 28 years ago).

So anyone here used this for this purpose?


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hi Vickey, I would be interested in any advice that this forum could offer as I have been perscribed the same IUD for menopause. I am just starting and have been experiencing heavy bleeding and this is the solution. My doctor explained that with this I should go through menopause with fewer symptoms.


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Wish I could post later and say this was a success, but had it inserted after D&C on Feb 11, and found out on the 19th that I had endometrial cancer (so much for preventing cancer, too late for that), so am scheduled for complete hysterectomy on the 12th of March. The time I've had it in so far has been fine. I did miss my Feb 25th "normal" period. There was a little spotting...if you could even call it that.

Good luck.


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