mostieDecember 18, 2007

I am SO glad I found this place- I am 47, and having had 6 children, I can tell you anything you want to know about childbirth, etc.- but do you think I read up on menopause? Ohhh nooooo, lol- and here I am- not sure if I'm going through it or not, but I'll tell you what: if this isn't it, or at least the beginnings? Then I'm certifiable for the nuthouse-lol. A year and a half ago, I remarried and moved from California to Michigan to be with my husband, who is a native Michigander- the day after we started out on the drive, I started my period 2 weeks early, but it only went for 3 days, and then I ended up missing one the next month-I chalked it up to stress from changing my entire life by moving (mid life crisis? haha- could be!)- then a month later, I started a mild period that lasted for almost 2 months, and by the end of it, it was so heavy and painful that I carried the phone around with me for fear that I would bleed to death and not be able to get to the phone in time, lol- (don't ask me what I would have done had this actually happened, and the ambulance decided to dilly-dally for 15 minutes!!)-I spoke to my cousin in NM who is 5 years older, and she freaked me out by telling me that 'this isn't normal, it could be a sign of uterine/ovarian cancer-'so off to the doctor I went- he told me that 99 percent of the time, it was due to hormones changing, and that he had only had 2 women in his office during the time he had been practicing who had either of those, and that he knew something was wrong the minute he looked at them- so, the period finally ended, and it went back to normal- soooooo (please forgive me, I'm ranting, but omg I'm so glad there are others out here like me!!)then....I missed last month- this month, slight very pale spotting, nothing more so far- and no hot flashes- other than the normal stuff where you overheat up too quick, and are dying for cool air- It was 9 degrees outside today, and I have to have the window cracked at night for that cool air- my poor, wonderful husband- lol--However...the mood swings- oh Lord- my mood swings are horrific- I'm so teary all of the time, at the drop of a hat, I always have these awful feelings of 'doom', or 'something bad is going to happen'- my memory isn't what it used to be, and it's so wierd- and me, who has never worn glasses in her life because I never needed them, now has to squint a bit at the screen- and when I'm reading, afterwards, I have difficulty focusing for a good 15 minutes or so- read a small label? HA- forget it! lol- so tell me ladies, is this the type of things we all experience, or is it just something that varies from woman to woman? Thanks all for listening!!

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Yep, sounds like the beginnings of menopause to me. Welcome aboard and visit often :)
Mrs H

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That sounds so much like my story 6 years ago! But soon after the random periods, I literally stopped and never had another period, except for some (light spotting that if my underwear hadnt been white, I would have never noticed. Of course the mood swings were so bad I started on prempro and Wellbutrin XL. It saved my marriage and my sanity. Of course hindsight and all, I would try to get thru it without the hormones. But since I am still on the lowest dose I wont preach. 6 children! Good grief, women like you are my heroes! Hang in there and let us hear from you! Shotzy

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Lol- my mood swings change so fast, that I have teeth marks on my tongue from biting it so much! I don't know why I never read up on menopause before, it isn't like I never knew it would hit at some point- I guess I was too busy with the kids, and thinking diapers would never end, to think about menopause-lol-

The mood swings are really difficult, I have to admit- and I find that I'm afraid of all of these strange changes, that I wasn't prepared for- it's just all so...different than what I've ever known- my metabolism is even changing- things I could eat before with no trouble at all ( of the Top Food Groups- lol) give me either heartburn/fast heartbeat/sugar rush or all of the above- And of course, any oddball changes in periods freaks me out pretty good (as I'm sure it does a lot of women in here) because I see anything out of the norm as a cancer of one sort or another- of course, my cousin telling me all of that certainly didn't help at all- I should have remembered that she has always been the one to 'sound the warning bells' about anything and everything, lol-

Thanks so much for answering back, and just....well, going through menopause as well- misery does indeed love company!!! lol~

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Gawd, that brought tears to my eyes. :) I'm the same age, but no kids -- and the same weird shifts in what's OK have thrown me. I guess it was the same back when my periods started so many decades ago, but I was ignorant and isolated then and it was part of the whole mystery of existence -- EVERYthing was weird anyway, and this was just part of it. Now, I've got a pretty good handle on what it means to be me in this world, and suddenly it's all jarring off to the right and I'm just trying not to fall.

Eh. Just keep adjusting and walking, regaining balance. It's unbelievably comforting just to know others are having similar experiences.

We'll be OK.

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