Night Sweats, please tell me about them

sugarchaletDecember 27, 2007

I'm 41 and for the past two years I have been having really bad night sweats starting 10 days before my period, I wake up drenched in sweat every night for 10 days. My periods are still regular, unchanged. Once my period starts the night sweats stop. My mom didn't go into menopause until she was 51, so it seems kinda early for me to be starting this stuff already. Is this normal?

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There's menopause, and there's perimenopause, which is the period prior to menopause. For some women, perimenopause can last for years, for others, it's barely noticed. My hot flashes have been just occasional for about 10 years, and they are mild, and don't cause sweating, just make me feel hot and kick off the covers. Some women, as you describe, have actual sweats. Hormone levels begin to fluctuate prior to actual menopause, and in some of us can cause a wide varieties of symptoms ranging from physical to mental to emotional in nature. Since yours seem to be directly related to your periods, I would assume they are from perimenopausal changes, but if you are concerned, tell your gyn about them for some professional and expert input. Welcome to the forum :) Glad to have you here.
Mrs H

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