What is it about your Spouse that melts your M&M's?

akaDeniseJuly 22, 2002

My husband has been laid off from work for 5 months or so. We've worked really hard to stay positive and to be there for each other. But there are times we just want to bite the other's head off.

Today my Sweetie turned to answer a question I was asking, smiled and said "what is it, love bug?" I could see the love in eyes and I got all squishy inside.

What does your beloved say or do that makes him/her special?

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Boy, that is a tough one because there are so many things!

Last weekend I went to visit my parents out of state, and when I returned, the apartment had been swept, and the dishwasher unloaded. That was a plus. I get so mad at myself for being irritable with him sometimes and try to return what he does for me. He's been so good about me not working for the past year, and even told me if I didn't want to work it was okay.

One of the things I like best is if I'm taking a nap sometimes he'll wake me up and say "Hi princess!" I feel so spoiled. It's wonderful! : )

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His ability to make me laugh. Sometimes I get so mad at him and he will turn it around and crack some joke and make me laugh.

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I am the same way. When I am mad or upset, he does something to make me laugh and I *almost* forget all about it. Of course, his favorite things to do are either tickle me, or start a water fight. We have drenched our livingroom more times than I can remember.

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Had to laugh at melt your M&M's!!

The fact that when we fight, he is always the first to try and make up or say I'm sorry. When he has days off of work, he actually cleans or does chores around the house. He is an awesome husband!!

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Definitely my husband's sense of humour, he is especially funny when I come home tired from work, and does such things as bench pressing one of our cats (she doesn't really mind, for some reason you can tell when she's amused) then when the cat runs into another room he'll jump on say the couch near the door to the room sort of crouch down and pretend that he's about to pounce on the cat (of course he doesn't pounce just jumps down and gives her a good petting, but it's the antics that gets me laughing). He often comes home from work and likes to take a shower, so within a split second, all his clothes come off, and he's walking naked through the house to the kitchen to go to the fridge for a swig of pop or water. Sometimes stand and chat that way, then while I'm amusedly accusing him of procrastinating, he finally takes the shower. When we were first dating, he once came to my parents house to pick me up for a date, he took his shoes off (running shoes, without socks on) and I blurted "uch...your feet stink! So, he went to my parents kitchen sink and started washing his feet - one foot at a time in the sink. Just then my brother walks in, said hi to my man, then walked out and ran down the stairs to laugh his head off. That's when I knew the guy was a keeper.

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He has a great smile and he is very considerate and kind and funny. But the smile gets me every time.

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His loyalty to me, his smile, the way he looks lying in bed...LOL

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Out of everything, I think it was the day that my GD (about three at the time) surveyed a full room of people at her birthday party and asked, "Papaw, can you put Barbie's shoes on her?" My DH is her step-grandpa - about six foot three, 270 pounds and there he sat in the floor, the chosen one, to put Barbie's shoes on her feet!

That romantic dog! ROFLMBO

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Aww! Good stuff posted here!

When I met my (to be) DH, I thought he was just another dude in the bar, someone to hang out with and have fun with till things changed. Yeah, we met in a bar - classy, huh? I also thought he was terribly arrogant and opinionated. Well, he is, kinda...but he's also awfully sweet and sensitive, though it takes some doing to see it.

I knew he was a keeper when I learned about his mom. She's been in a wheelchair with a bone/nerve disease for many years, with all the ostomy stuff to boot. He visits at least once a week to wash her hair, tidy his parents' house, has dyed and permed her hair and polished her nails so she'd feel better. What kind of twenty-something guy does that? One who loves his mom and values family connections. It carries to a wife and children too - and he would never do anything to compromise our happiness or security. Family is everything to him.

And if that weren't enough to melt my M&M's, I got the following statement from him recently after I'd done something really stupid and screwed up.

"I could be really mad at you, but I just don't want to be."

I know, it doesn't seem like much. It wasn't like I'd cheated or anything, just screwed up some family business stuff, but it was serious. His statement that harmony and acceptance in a case where good intentions weren't enough was more important than pointing a finger and holding a grudge, well, that melted my M&M's more than anything we've gone through in the past 13 years.

And I will add that he's a totally gorgeous, 6'3" light-redhead with all the muscles any guy ought to need. I wish he'd lighten up more, but I couldn't ask for a better hubby.

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Tonight, I said off-handedly "so, are you going to fix me something to eat?" I didn't expect a response or anything... a minute later I walk into the kitchen, and DH is cooking me some eggs and toast!!

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When you truly love someone, there are alot of things. Especially when she bends over......oh mama.

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The other day DH and I were working on building a chicken coop and even though he never really wanted them and I bugged him about it till he sort of gave up fighting me, he is helping me build it. That's part of it, the other part is, he is a DIE HARD Patriots fan, and he gave up watching the game last Sunday to help me with the coop! I even said to him twice, "hon, you can go watch the game now, I can do this part myself" he stayed with me. Whatta guy!! That's true love.

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Same with me, Teresa. Mine, thank Goodness is usually the first to apologize. I do appreciate that so much. To me, it is quite masculine. I have too much pride, I know it. I laughed at the M&M thing too. That's cute. By the way, I wish I had some now. Shoot!!!

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He cooks, he cleans, he laughs at my jokes and makes up silly songs to sing to our 5 year-old daughter... He wouldn't consider not working, even when I had a job that could have supported both of us... And he's one of the smartest people I've ever met.

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Man oh man, so many things about my DH melts my M&Ms, where do I start??

When his dad was injured at work and had to have some time off to recuperate (about a year, a HUGE garage door was dropped on his shoulder) my DH took on a full time job to help support his family, even thought he was taking a full load of tough college courses at the time.

When my mom died a kitten started hanging out around her house. We were renting at the time and couldn't have a pet, but he figured the poor stray kitten needed a mamma, and that I needed a soft cuddly something when he was at work during the day, so he smuggled the kitty in!

He is sweet and considerate, sexy and intelligent, passionate and caring and encouraging...strong when he needs to be and a big softy when he needs to be :). He is very good-lookin', too! If I offhandedly say it would be nice to have something, be it a candy bar or a diamond necklace, he'll try his best to get it for me. I learned a long time ago that I needed to be careful about what I said I wanted!

I could go on and on and on... *sigh* *dreamy smile* ;)


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