No energy at all

marie26December 6, 2008

I work full time at a very stressful job that I don't even like but I get to bring home a paycheck. But when I come home, I find that I don't want to do anything at all. DH isn't helpful at all and neither is DD who is very sick with chronic illnesses. Getting DH or DD to help me will never happen. I've resigned myself to that fact. And anything anyone says about getting them to help me won't work short of me moving out on my own. This is very bothersome to me but not the point of this post.

I feel so lazy but when I wasn't working I was able to keep house and cook the meals. Now, I feel as though I've done my day job and just can't (or won't) do any more. I just have no energy left when I get home at the end of the day. My house shows it, too. I used to be so organized but now I can't seem to get my act together.

I have an appointment with the doctor at the end of the month because the ultrasound I had showed a very thick lining that might require a D&C. I don't know if this would cause me to feel this way. I've gained weight that probably could but can't bring myself to diet. I probably eat to make myself feel better which makes me feel worse. An endless cycle.

How does one do it all? Do others recently in menopause feel like this? Or am I the only one?

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Hi - You, are not alone. I just hit menopause this year and I feel worn out. I'm always tired, have gained a few pounds,etc..... I think, all of theses feeling are from menopause. Because, I was like you -cooking ,cleaning taking care of the grandkids and everything else. Now, I need a pep talk or some help or something. I have learned to fix quick easy meals or bake 2 casseroles at a time. Just so, I am not slaving in the kitchen everyday! And, I am going to get a friend to help me clean my house, I will offer garden chores to her in return. So, don't worry just find a friend or neighbor willing to help. It CAN be done!
Let me know how you are doing. Good luck- tina_2

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I think menopause can leave a person drained but have you been tested for chronic fatigue or lymes disease ? Have you considered depression could be the cause? Maybe it's more than one thing at work here. A complete physical with blood work, (if you haven't had it) may rule out some things. I know you said suggesting that your husband help is out of the question..have you sat down with him and explained what you are going through? By the way to answer the last question, One Doesn't do it all. Yes, I sometimes feel that way so NO you aren't the only one but, It takes the effort of the family to support an entire household. I'm sorry you have no help. Good luck to you.

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