Tingling/Burning Head and Body?

RumraisinfulDecember 5, 2011

Out of desperation I'm putting this out there in case I'm not alone. I've seen a couple posts where people have mentioned tingling or burning, weird head stuff, sort of like me, but not sure. I've been to four doctors who don't have a clue and I'm actually hoping this is just menopause!

Two years ago the base of my scalp at my neck started tingling and itching. I thought it was shampoo not rinsed, water, etc., but after experimenting it wasn't. Over the next few months it crawled up the back of my head and down my face, then over arms and through body turning into more of a burn. On a very good day it's located only at my head and avery mild tingling sensation. On a bad day and often at night my head shoulders and arms burn. There is no visible indication. On my head every now and then I get a very tiny little bump that itches and can be scratched off. Under a microscope it looks like a piece of dried skin. I rarely eat chocolate due to bad reactions, but once I did have dark chocolate and it all went away!? Recently the burning moved into my left ear with dizziness/equilibrium issues and on a bad day it feels like my left ear and neck are inflammed and swollen with pain in my jaw/teeth. Ear home remedies of all kinds made it burn worse.

I was really scared about brain issues for a while but doctors don't seem to care so I'm wondering if I should just stop worrying (and stop giving more money to useless doctors!). I can live with the discomfort. Someone suggested something like this might be lack of hormones affecting my nerves? The only thing I can think of is this is another weird menopause symptom? To me that's the difficulty with menopause - is it menopause or something serious? Anyone else have anything remotely similiar?


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I posted 4 years ago on the original post about 'weird head feelings.' I'm betting you are correct in thinking that your symptoms are probably hormonal. Have you had a full blood workup since your symptoms began, that would eliminate any thyroid problems? Are you still having regular menstrual cycles along with your symptoms, or have your periods already ended? Although I'm 56, I've never skipped a period yet and have no other symptoms of menopause other than inability to stay asleep at night and my weird "about to faint" weird head feeling.

I'm curious as to whether you are having hot flashes or not. I ask because of all the women I know who DO get bad hot flashes, they usually don't get the other really strange symptoms that some of us are having. I have 2 friends who also get very strange head or body symptoms and like me, have never had a hot flash. So my doctor (after testing me for every possible malady she could think of) has chalked up my symptoms to a weird variation of hormonal hot flashes, and told me not to worry about it anymore.

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Pickyshopper, thanks for your response! Oh yeah, I have thyroid issues, Hashimoto's disease, but fairly under control without drugs. My period is random, every two weeks to every four months. I'm having mild adrenaline rushes followed by mild hot flashes at night and every now and then a mild, short hot flash during the day. I just want some kind of confirmation what the burning is and I'll accept any reason and try to deal with it. I'm just tired of doctors not knowing anything and me worrying it's something really bad. It would be really great if someone would say "yeah, I had that and then it went away." hahaha In my dreams...

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I also have Hashimoto's (I'm on desiccated thyroid hormone), and I'm in late peri;entering menopause stage. I've had burning mouth/throat/face/head for a little over 3 years now (it started right before I got diagnosed with Hashis). I think it's from a combination of a lot of hormonal imbalances, including the thyroid, and perimenopause maybe. I also have Celiac Disease, so I wonder if food is a cause, too, although I'm gluten-free. I, too, hope I don't have this forever as it's quite torturish at times.

I should mention I don't think I've had hot flashes, but maybe this in itself is a hot flash in a way - I don't know?

I totally empathize with you, though.

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Oh, thanks dee can, for reassuring me I'm not alone. This burning started before being diagnosed with Hashi's and before peri-meno stuff started, too. I wonder why dark chocolate stops the burning? It kinda made sense maybe it was nerve and hormone related. but it's SO WEIRD.

The hot flashes started for me when I started taking an adrenal support supplement. This was before I found a doctor who really knew about Hashimoto's.I had really bad reactions to thyroid meds, although they did nothing to make me feel less exhausted, and started researching other issues like adrenal fatigue. Nothing worked for me. It took me a year to find a treatment that made sense as I thought treating the symptom (hypothyroidism) rather than the disease (autoimmune reactions) didn't make sense.Have you read Kharrazian's book on Hashimoto's: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? His website is very informative too www.DrKnews.com. His protocol is mostly diet, sorry to say, to give up not just gluten, but all grains, sugars/sweetners, dairy, iodine and well, almost anything processed. It's basically the Paleo Diet with modifications. He says if you can stop the autoimmune attacks then you don't need the thyroid medications. OK! I'm game! :)And something that finally made sense to me and why/how the autoimmune attacks happen. As soon as I gave up all those foods the incredibly bad leg pain I had went totally away. I was hoping the burning would go away, but it hasn't. We'll see!

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