Please help me find two granite sinks!

YuliaOJanuary 3, 2014

I am trying to find two sinks for my kitchen. The problem is, i would like them to match (color wise), and the second sink needs to fit into 12 inch base, so it's a really really small sink� And i can't seem to find any granite ones that are that small, and if i find ones that are small i can't find matching large one.

I would prefer my big sink to be multilevel so i can have cutting board there, i really like this set up�

Or maybe someone knows if i buy SILGRANIT in anthracite�is there another company that would match the color?

thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

A 12" base is too small for a sink. Even a 12" (interior about 9") sink needs a 15" base. If you don't have room for anything else, then you don't have room for a sink there.

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what about something like that?

Here is a link that might be useful: sink

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Sophie Wheeler

That "sink" is more of a drain capture area for rinsing bar glasses. And not in the sink. Rinsing them under the running water and placing them in the DW.

What exactly is the purpose of the sink? If it's for prep, I wouldn't want less than a 15" sink, and a 21" sink would be much better. If it's a bar sink, then a 12" sink is about as small as you want to go. Post your layout as that's relevant to the discussion.

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The sink is going to be right by the range top. That's what i need it for - drain capture and alternative to pot filler. I am also planning on putting water filter there.

My main sink is in the island and i don't want to drag every pot over there.

i don't want to put my layout here⦠because it fits our family but would be harshly critiqued by most of you. :)))

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Sophie Wheeler

Well, if you plan to drain pots into the sink, you will definately want a larger sink. That itty bitty thing couldn't drain a pot of beans and it won't fit a colander either. You'll still be taking all of that across the aisle if you choose such a small sink. Or else you'll be overflowing it with boiling water, which is a worse safety hazard.

It's your right to not get free help if you want, but it sounds as though you could really use it. Families can get used to a lot of dysfunctional things and get set in their ways. Improving things so that you have the best kitchen that you can possibly have is everyone's goal here.

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I really like my kitchen set up too but I put it on here just to see what would be said about it. The people on here try to provide helpful advice. We don't have to make any changes and we don't always have the budget to follow their suggestions but what if there is a better way to do something that we didn't think of or a more cost effective way to get what we want? Post your layout and list your families must-haves. It might not help but you never know....

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I'm not sure what you mean by a "granite" sink.

You don't want to have a fabricator make a custom sink only to find you can't get a Certificate of Occupancy because the custom sink doesn't meet IAMPO standards which may or may not be code requirements in your jurisdiction.

Here is a link that might be useful: IAMPO

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Trebruchet, I meant the granite silgranite.

I'll post my layout when I come back home... It's all ordered already so I can't change anything anyway :(((

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Here is my layoutâ¦

to the left of the door are 3 pantry cabinets, the door leads to the dinning roomâ¦

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sorry for the crazy image :)))) don't have any good drawing software on this computer

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would it be strange if the sink on the island was black granite and the small sink by the range top was stainless steel?

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I think it would be ok for the little sink to be SS but you should probably get some input from a true designer, which I am not. Since you can't find a 12 inch sink, why don't you use a bigger sink? If it's a space issue, you could cover the sink with one of those cutting boards that are made to cover a sink, I'm not sure what they are called.

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I can find SS sink that fits into 12 inch cabinet, but not the granite one.
I just don't need a bigger sink there.
I am planning on getting the cutting board for my island sink, so i can cover part of the sink to get more space if we have friends over and sit at the island. I am also getting Kohler Karbon for that reason, as it can be folded :))

We have a dining room for more official dinnersâ¦But when we have friends over for some reason we all end up at the kitchen :)

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I still don't understand why you want a sink there. It's in the way and can't possibly serve to drain a pot when it's that small. The volume of water in a standard quart saucepan will quickly overwhelm a 1 1/4" drain, much less a large pasta pot. That's a big safety hazard to even think of draining a pasta pot into a sink that small! Plus, there's barely enough room for the emergency landing zone needed for your range. There isn't enough room between sink and range to create prep zone.

If you want a potfiller, just do a deck mounted pot filler and do away with the sink. It's more problematic than helpful. Unless you move it down toward the window to actually create a prep zone that is.

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If you're absolutely determined to have a sink there, why not change your base cabinets? A sink in a 12" base cabinet is ludicrous.
If you arranged your base cabinets as 30" / 18" / 30" then you'd have a base cabinet next to the range that is big enough to put a sink on one side and still leave a bit of room to set a pot down from the stove.

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There was a gorgeous kitchen posted here a few years ago (yes, I'm an obsessive lurker) that had a super skinny sink next to a range top. It looks a bit like what the OP might be aiming for. I can't tell how wide the base cabinet was, but to an amateur it looks narrower than 18." It was deep though, and integrated into a stainless countertop, so not sure if that helps the OP. I've posted a link below with photos of the sink/rangetop, but if you do a search by the user name you'll find other threads that post her layout as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: One of many threads on Erikanh's stunning kitchen

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You do know that if you were more open to changes you'd end up with a better kitchen? You have no landing area for your refrig and your oven.

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smalloldhouse, thank you! Yes, that's what i had in mind!
I worried the sink closer to the stove would make it hard for granite installation, so i moved it 12 inches away from the stove, i would love to have it closer though⦠Would it be strange to have SS countertop on that wall and then white/grey granite or quartz (didn't choose yet) countertop on the peninsula? I would need SS sink there for sure, thenâ¦I have white glossy cabinets.

mlweaving_Marj, i would love to be more open to the changes, but when we bought the house most of the work was already done, so i don't have much choice and i don't have finances to make big changes. I can't switch contractor as he is the seller of the house and he charges me crazy $$$ for every little thing i want to change or upgradeâ¦
fridge's landing area is peninsula and for the oven i have 49" cornerâ¦I know it's not perfect

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Well, my DH said he does not like SS countertops, so this is out, i guessâ¦

Back to square one :(
Did anyone see very small granite sink or could tell me if it would look strange to have small SS sink and large black granite sink in the same kitchen?

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Erikanh's SS sink is fully integrated into her SS counter so even though the cab for the sink could be around 12", the sink's interior width is more than that of an under-mount sink in a 12" cab. If you top-mount the sink, you might get a slightly larger sink to work (under-mounting a sink requires a few inches of space that a top-mount installation does not).

I understand your goal but I hope you listen to the KD experts here. They know what they are talking about and their advice will help you avoid a costly or dangerous headache.

Can you shift the cook top towards the top wall (away from the ovens)? That would put it closer to the main sink, possibly eliminating the need for the prep sink. It would also gain you a bit more working room between ovens and cook top.

Instead of having counter and an upper cabinet in that corner by the ovens, have you considered bringing the cabinet all the way to the counter and using it as an appliance garage? That counter won't really be that usable so why not give it to storage? Put the mixer in there and your baking pans, etc and you've got a baking center, right next to the ovens.

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Have you considered a custom sink? Rachiele or Julien sinks should be able to create a custom sink for you in stainless or copper. I agree with Livewireoak that a pot filler may work better in than space than a sink but I also understand that your project has some unique limitations.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele custom sinks

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lisa_a, the ventilation is already there and it goes through the ceilingâ¦it was there from the beginning so we had to work around itâ¦So the range top has to stay thereâ¦

About the corner by the ovensâ¦i have a roll down cabinet in the project, and i'll either put it there or just put open shelvesâ¦We are also putting open shelves along the open wallâ¦I am also putting more cabinets above fridge and ovens, so they go up to the ceiling, but we are going to do it later, after we move inâ¦.

So only sink we have right now is a double bowl sink in 30 inch cabinet. The smaller bowl is 8 inch wide. I am going to try and use it for a couple of days to see how it works for our life style

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