Estrace Cream - anyone use it?

lyndy_paDecember 27, 2006

I just got this from my doctor. Does anyone use it? Does it work? Side effects?

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did find a listing on the 'net.

i think oprah had a whole program on it.

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Lyndy, I use an estradiol vaginal gel, as I get a reaction(irritation) from the cream formula. I use it once weekly as a maintenance dose. It does help with dryness, and makes intimacy more comfortable. I also take oral estradiol(1/2mg daily)for hotflashes, and get some breast tenderness and sensitivity from that, but haven't noticed any additional problems from the gel. Hope this helps.

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I havent tried estrace, but I have Estriol, not the same as estradiol It was compounded by the pharmacy. I also have Premarin cream, it is so messy to use, and I seem sensitive after I use it. I woke up very dry this morning, almost as if I had been sitting in a salt bath all night. I hate it. I am on prempro next to lowest dose. I thought maybe that would help. I want my body back! Can someone help me further with this?

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