breast pain solutions?

kazoo123December 31, 2012

Hi, I'm new here. I am 49 and have recently entered menopause. I went off the pill in May, and was doing fine (no hot flashes!), but I started having sore breasts in November, which lasted about 4 weeks, and then I felt like I had a period (cramping), but no period appeared. After than the soreness went away, for all of two weeks. Now it is back, and seemingly worse. I feel headachy and bloated.

I am pretty frustrated because I thought that with menopause, I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore (Soreness has been a problem before periods my whole adult life). I am guessing that my body, having just recently entered menopause, is still cycling somewhat with the hormones. Having sore breasts for 4 weeks with only a 2 week break is really annoying.

Throughout my adult life, I just sort of accepted that I was sore two weeks out of every four. I never did anything about it. My questions are: what CAN be done about it, if anything? Is it normal to experience this? Why am I sore for so much longer now? Will it go away again (from May to November I was fine)?

I am always concerned about side effects. For example, I saw some supplements which worked for some women, but they seemed to have unacceptable effects, like raising blood sugar, blood pressure, or cholesterol.... all things I am not interested in raising. And nothing I saw seemed to have been confirmed scientifically.


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I'm going through the same exact thing...hope someone has answers for us both.

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This is happen when you entered in the menopause. My mother is also suffer these kind of problem. I advised that you take some remedies for that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural menopause treatment

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Well, at the moment, the problem has resolved. After a few days of extreme breast soreness, the soreness started to lessen, and on Sunday I got another 'fake period' (no bleeding) with cramps, and everything went back to normal. I feel a lot better. However, it should be noted that the two 'fake periods' were only 3 weeks apart, and if I have to go through this every 3 weeks, I am going to be a crazy person. But, I am glad the soreness lasted only 1 week this time.

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