Estriol vaginal cream - anyone try this?

LettyDecember 27, 2001

I had a hysterectomy four years ago. Since I still have my ovaries I am now having hot flashes and vaginal atrophy .My doctor prescribed estradiol vaginal cream which I know is a kind of estrogen. Because I have a family history of breast cancer, hormonal problems, and breast disease I asked my doctor to prescribe estriol cream instead. Does anyone have this experience?

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Read the book from your library or interlibrary loan if they don't have it.

It covers estriol use. Doctors are discovering that women do best when any estrogen (even natural) is accompanied by progesterone to balance it. Try to avoid synthetic anything.

Even though you have your ovaries the message has been interrupted and your progesterone is likely too low, perhaps not even being produced. Estrogen has a nasty habit of becoming excessively out of balance with progesterone.

Read the book and THEN see your doctor. Do it now so you can have relief.

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