How many different pain colors do you have in your house?

pps7January 8, 2010

We are building and I'm trying to come up with the paint color scheme. We are actually months away from the painting stage but oh well, I'm obessed with paint colors.

Here's what I have so far: it contains 10 different colors!!!! How do think these colors will flow? Do I need to reduce to fewer colors? How do I decide the color of the ceiling. We don't have any crown moulding with 10' ceilings. What parts of your house are matte, eggshell, semi-gloss?

All Trim:

BM Simply white OC 117 in Regal semi gloss

Entry, 1st floor halls, stair walls, 2nd floor hall, Great room & Dining Room:

BM Manchester Tan HC 81 in Regal Matte Finish

Ceiling= Manchester tan

Entire basement:

BM Grant beige HC 83 in Regal Matte finish

Ceiling= Grant beige

Basement bath and Bath # 2:

BM Grant beige HC 83 in Regal Pearl finish



BM 1570 Gray Wisp in Regal Pearl finish

Ceiling= gray wisp at ¼ stength

Jack n Jill Bath:

BM 1570 Gray Wisp in Regal Pearl finish

Ceiling = white

Bedroom #4 (playroom)

Beach glass in Regal matte finish

Ceiling =white

Bedroom #3 (sonÂs bedroom)

Lenox Tan in Regal matte finish


Bedroom #2 (guest bedroom)

BM Grant beige HC 83 in Regal Matte finish


Master Bedroom

Iron Gate #1545

Ceiling=revere pewter

Master Bath

Coventry Gray HC 169


Master Closet/Mudroom/office

BM Revere Pewter HC 172 in Regal Matte Finish

Ceiling=revere pewter

Laundry Room

???Apple green color


Powder Room

Lenox Tan in Regal matte finish



BM Hot apple spice 2005-20 in Regal Matte finish


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i have a 4 bed/3 bath house and every room is a different color!! all ceilings are white except master bedroom and bath.

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I have mostly all the paint colors on one paint strip which would be Ivorie, Blonde, Restrained Gold, & mannered gold. They are SW paint colors. We built 5 and a half yrs. ago. I have since painted the LR raspberry truffle (red) and the craftroom in the back of the house is desert beige along with the guestroom, & DD bath & bedroom are dancing green(upstairs) . The kitchen is painted Eddie Bauer Amber Yellow from Lowe's which is very similar to mannered gold. Just try to stay with a certain type of flow to the public rooms especially if it is open. In my DR, I have alot of red.....the drapes are big gold & red silk checked ones and the rug has alot of red. The LR is red now on the walls & DR is restrained gold accented with red things. I just kinda switched from a scheme that moved up & down on one paint strip to a complementary color scheme in those rooms. I have touches of red in the kitchen & FR also. YOu will do fine.....just play with your colors until you are satisfied with the outcome. Good luck! Bonnie

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The painter gave me 9 color changes (I talked him up from 4). The entire first floor, upstairs hall and laundry were done in 3 shades from a single strip. All three rooms of the basement were done in the same color, different from the first floor. DD and DS picked their own bedroom colors. DH picked the color of the fourth bedroom, which serves as his office/computer room. I had fallen in love with one particular shower curtain for the hall bath, so I needed a color that worked with it. That left only one color for the master bed and bath.

I really would have liked to have used more colors, but I did get color on the walls, not white, so I don't feel like I have a whole house that "needs" to be painted. I feel like I can go back and add some accents or make changes one room at a time as time and motivation allow.

Totally Confused

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Great room, Entry stairs, upstairs hall, back hall and guest bath utility room all PORTER SALEM GOLD.

Kitchen and Dining room [large rooms] all Ellen Kennon Chartreuse.

All 4 bedrooms are different colors. Master Bath different.

So...7 colors...and the new rec room has yet to be probably 8...


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I think they sound great. I have lots of different colors too, mostly EK colors but I have Grey Wisp in my DD room.
EK colors:
Mustard Seed - family room, kitchen, and basement
Wheat - foyer, study, stairwell to basement, upstairs hall
Cognac - MBR
Parchment - MBR bath and dressing area
Ashen Green - living room/dining room, basement bath
Berry Red - powder room
Lavender Mist - guest room
Aqua - jack and jill bath

BM colors
Grey Wisp - DD room
Bali - DD room

Good luck - it's exciting but very stressful picking colors. You have come to the right place!

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Gad I think around 16 at the town house and honestly I couldn't tell you at the victorian. I would expect we'll have a good couple dozen when we're finished. I paint ceilings in a color that flows well with the wall which might be subtley different than a room near that same room, walls in each room are different, though compatible, so it adds up quickly.

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Oh boy! Here we go:
Foyer and upstairs hall: LA Gold 3
LR: PO's color. Reminds me of french vanilla.
Study: Duron Wild Grasses
Kitchen: EK Edgewood Green
FR & upstairs loft: Duron Tobacco Road
DD1's room: LA Pale Gold 2
DD2's room: Olympic Lettuce Alone
DS1's room: RL Hunting Coat Red
DS2's room: Waverly Natural
MBR & Bath: SW Ecru, SW Muslin trim

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Excuse the crude painted layout, but my house plan is what I used when deciding on how, what, and where to paint. Of course, the colors are not exact and only limited to what I could create on PAINT. However, this did give me much more of a mental image of how the colors were going to flow from room to room.

For some reason, I deleted the downstairs layout and have just redone it for this thread. The color key will be missing for the downstairs, but they are:

BM Decatur Buff - Main house color
BM Putnam Ivory - Master Bath w/DB in powder portion
Wethersfield Moss - Dining area and ceiling
BM Plymouth Brown - Study and Laundry
BM Raspberry Truffle - Guest Wing Bath
ICI Summer Straw - Guest Wing Bedrooms (this was matched to look like BM Concord Ivory)
ICI Traditional Tan - Garage


ICI Traditional Tan - Upstairs Family Room and Bedroom
ICI Laurel Wreath - Bathroom
ICI Summer Straw - over the Garage Bonus Room

OK, let's see...that would be 8 different colors in my house.

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I counted 17 in our home!

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I have a small 2b/2b lr,kit,util and garage with 19 colors throughout the house. They harmonize and flow from room to room but each room has a very different color scheme, I have 6 paint colors on the exterior now and am planning to change to an 8 color look this spring. I like a lot of color.


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So far in the downstairs:

Walls: BM Revere Pewter
Ceiling: SW Universal Khaki

Walls: BM Jonesboro Cream
Ceiling: still deciding

Entry hall:
Walls: BM Porcelain Ivory (or Ivory Porclain)
Ceiling: SW Caviar

Walls: BM Winter Wheat
Ceiling: SW Universal Khaki

Ceiling and top 1/3 walls: SW Caviar
Walls (lower 2/3rds) and cabinets: tentativly SW White Hyacinth

Upstairs hall:
Walls & Ceiling: SW Winter Wheat

Boys Bedroom:
Walls Valspar Silverware (ld color)
Ceiling: Generic bright white
Trim: same as ceiling

? - still going back and forth between white, BM Edgecombe Gray or F&B Light Blue. I'm a tortured soul on this!

Trim: SW White Hyacinth

Daughters room:
Walls: possibly SW Decor White
Ceiling: BM Gray Wisp
Used this combo in her nursery to my great satisfaction.
Toying w/ the idea of painting her trim Gray Wisp too.

Smallest Bedroom/ library (currently DD's nursery painted in combo above):

Walls SW Caviar
Trim: BM Filtered Sunlight
Built Ins: BM Vanilla Ice Cream
Ceiling: BM Gray Wisp (current color)

I think your color choices sound lovely!

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Thank everyone!!! So 10 colors is not too bad-LOL!

I do think that Manchester Tan, Grant Beige and Revere Pewter are too similar. I think instead of Revere Pewter, I need something a bit darker. Maybe Silver Fox? Any other suggestions for a mid tone warm gray or Greige?

Also, I love hot apple spice but don't like it with white. The trim in this room will be stained- any suggestions for the ceiling in a study with hot apple spice? How about putting the Manchester tan on the ceiling-would that look wierd?

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Totally forgot the basement!

BM Audubon Russet
Pratt & Lambert Bone White
Pratt & Lambert Peppercorn
Pratt & Lambert Moss Green

A grand total of 14!

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I had to chuckle when I read the title to the post *How many different pain colors do you have in your house?*.

At one time, when I first bought the house, I would have said "All of them". Lime green LR. Harvest Gold BR1. Bright Blue BR2. Lilac purple hallway. You get the picture.

I now have every room painted a different color in colors I have chosen. Seven different colors total.

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I have four...
Great Room (kit, LR, DR), hall and hall bath (soon to be)are Porter Hot Chocolate
Sewing room and bath are SW Canoe (soon to be a scootch lighter)
M Bed/bath are sage green, Valspar something I think
Den is an off white/cream put together with samples from lots of different off whites and creams

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There are so many good colors out there, I find it difficult (or impossible) to repeat any in my house. We have...
Kitchen/family room: BM Cheyenne Green
Living room: SW Blonde
Dining room: BM Aura Milk & Honey
Powder Room: BM Piano Concerto
Foyer: BM Stonehouse
Upstairs hall: BM Everlasting
Master bed: F&B Blue Gray
Master bath: BM Revere Pewter
Kids' bath: BM Celestial Blue
Kid no 1 room: Wallpaper (had to, walls in terrible shape)
Kid no 2 room: BM ... uh... pink (forget the name)
Kid no 3 room: A blue from California Paints.
Guest room: BM Pale Vista
Basement playroom: BM Soft Fern

Hmm. 14 colors?

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Not many, I know. Let's count ...

Living room, family room, master bedroom:
RH Silver Sage

Entry and stair hall, kitchen, dining room, office, guest room:
BM Windham Cream

DD's room:
some sort of greyed pin ... don't remember the name.

Grandson's room:
BM Faded denim

All ceilings and trim:
BM Super white.

Only 5. I like how the colors coordinate and flow and relate to each other. We still have all the bathrooms to renovate and decorate (5 of them), but I'll probably stick within this palette ... yellow bathrooms off the green rooms, and green bathrooms off the yellow rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: home and garden blog

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I only have 3 paint colors
Behr Harvest Brown, all walls
Behr Raffia Cream, ceilings
Powdered Snow, all doors, windows, trim.

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We have a 3 bedroom 8 room house now. I've faux painted most rooms with 2 to 4 different colors for a total of 26 or so paint colors. We're doubling our space (converting our 2 family back into a single family and will paint the whole house this spring. I will have to pick new colors for every room except 2. I love color - no browns or greys in this house - blues, greens, purples, coral, lavender, yellow, pink...

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All my trim around windows and doors is BM Simply White in Semi-gloss. Main floor of house I painted all the ceilings BM Mayonnaise in Flat. Each room is different color on walls but all Matte paint:
Kitchen: BM Lenox Tan
Powder Room: BM Palladium Blue
DR: BM Palladium Blue
LR: BM Windham Cream
Stairs to bedrooms: BM Windham Cream

Up stairs I painted both bedrooms BM Van Alen Green including the ceilings. Master Bath is painted BM Filtered Sunligh semi-gloss.

So that's 5 diff. colors and 2 diff. whites (Mayonnaise is off white).

I like lots of colors.

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So far, I have the following, all BM colours:

Spanish Olive - kitchen and DR
Manchester Tan - LR
Bennington Gray - M Bdrm
Mount St. Helen's - upstairs bathroom
White Dove for trim

I'm planning on 3 more colours for remaining 2 bedrooms and hallway...with the exception of the bathrooms, the entire colour scheme consists of creams, greens and browns..

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Some great colours listed above!

pps7- I can't think of darker colour than Revere Pewter to recommend, but I sure love Revere Pewter! I saw Balboa Mist used in a model home and really liked that one too.
Simply White is a really nice white...we used Snowfall White in this house which is on same strip.

We have 2 colours on main floor (entry & living room are same colour) and the slightly different tone in kitchen and a 3rd colour in Pdr room
On the next level, we have 5 different colours (laundry room, bathroom and bedrooms all different, family room and hallway are the same). On the 3rd floor, we have different colour in master BDRM and Bath.

So...a total of 10 colours!
I don't think too many either:)

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pps7, IMO if the colors in the main rooms that can be viewed from other rooms are compatible that's the most important thing. Bedrooms and bathrooms don't have to be *as compatible* if they are not seen from the main rooms. I like ensuite bathrooms to "go with" the bedroom. Altho I love and need color I don't like to see too many non-compatible colors unless something ties them together such as fabric.

We have a semi-open plan so all those rooms are the same color (BM Nubuck) with same lighter color ceiling. Our master is a similar color - Spice Beige, cathedral ceiling is the same color as the walls. We have 4 rooms in 3 different greens, 1 room yellow, 3 rooms on the lower levels are a pale peach which I'm getting rid of - DH repainted when I was away and didn't consult me on color, can you imagine!

I'm currently trying to decide color(s) for those peach rooms so know it's not easy. I'm sure they will be something in the brown/green/yellow families tho as I like those colors and it suits our house.

One thing I think would be helpful is to make story boards for each room. When we first built and decorated this house I put swatches/samples of each component from each room in separate baggies so I could easily carry them with me. I think it would be helpful to do larger boards as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: storyboard book

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Exercise room: pale lavender walla, pale blue, pale peach
Bath - pale taupe
my office - pale lavender (Behr's "Amethyst cream", changes color all day long)
hall - pure white
guest room - pale lavender walls
LR/DR/K (all open to each other) - pale yellow, pale apricot, pale pink, pale lavender

MBR ... ghastly "navaho white" because we haven't repainted it. Will be pale lavender too.
Master bath - probably pale taupe to match the other bath.

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Wow...I'm boring. :(
Whole house- BM standish white
All trim- BM atrium white
DD's room- victoria secret's pink
DS 2's room- BM brittany blue

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Our house was a new build in 2007. It was a spec home so we didn't get to pick colors. Colors when we bought it-
SW 7036 Accessible Beige on Walls and ceilings throughout
Trim-SW 7008 Alabaster
Dining room-SW San Antonio Sage
Powder Room-SW Rookwood Blue-Green
Trim and Wainscotting in Bonus Room-SW Tavern Taupe

Hated all of the colors but loved the house.

We have redone about 50% of the interior so far using BM Aura matte, but with some SW colors matched in Aura.

Dining room is now BM Aura Pomegranate with ceiling in SW Alabaster

Powder Room walls/ceiling are Valspar Belle Grove Light Amber (fell in love with this color and it was a one gallon job so I used Valspar paint-it came out pretty good but this is a low traffic room with wainscotting 4 feet up the walls so the walls won't get any hand contact)

Kitchen is BM Aura Matte in BM472 Aganthus Green-ceiling remains undecided (still Accessible Beige)

Great Room including coffer inserts is BM Aura Matte in BM473 Weekend Getaway

Bonus room became a playroom for my 4 year old-walls in SW 6715 Lime Granita-all of the trim was converted to Alabaster from Tavern Taupe. I used Aura Semi-Gloss to get the right coverage.

4 Year old's bedroom is SW 6849 Partytime with 6848 Panache Pink on the ceiling

4 year old's bathroom is SW 6716 Dancing Green with Alabaster on the ceiling

Master Bedroom and bath will be SW 7621 Silvermist with Silvermist on the bathroom ceiling and an undetermined lighter shade in the bedroom's tray ceiling ( I sampled a 25% mix of Silvermist but it screamed "It's A BOY!") I'm working on this room now.

Still to come is the foyer/stairwell/upper hallway, a bedroom we use as a home office, and the entire finished basement which has a playroom/theater, bedroom, and full bath. I may hire out the foyer and stairwell as opposed to renting scaffolding but I'll be doing the rest myself.

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I have a 4 bed/3 bath home built in 1984. I recently received help from Ellen Kennon in choosing colors for the first floor and upstairs hallway to get a flow in our house. I like color, live in New England, have lots of walnut wood trim and hardwood floors.

We will eventually have:

EK Honeysuckle in the front entranceway going up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

EK Mustard Seed in our living/music room - this is complete and is an incredible transformation!

EK Cognac over Slate with a walnut chair rail in the dining room.

EK Spring Green in the kitchen - first coat is on, and again, we are LOVING the transformation! When I was 1/2 way through the room, I was hestitant and nervous and wrote to her scared about the color, but we're all liking it now that it is on all wlls. I can only imagine it will get better once the 2nd coat is on.

EK Cafe au Lait in the Family Room.

EK Buttercream in the upstairs hall way.

My son has something similar to EK Milk Chocolate in his room and we have something similar to Old Brick in our Master.

My daughter loves the paint so much, she wants Ellen's paint in her room and has chosen violet, for now; she changes her mind often. Youngest son is still undecided on what he wants for his room.

Prior to the new paint colors, everything downstairs was painted in cool colors of green, tans and browns and I just didn't have flow or good feelings over the colors. I've painted numerous times in the almost 11 years we've owned the house and have never been satisfied with the look, but these paints and colors are my favs so far; I love the depth of the colors and they change like nothing I've seen before. The walls do seem alive like they never have.

Oh, our downstairs game room is a navy blue ragged over a brighter blue with white wainscoting; hubby is a Maple Leaf fan and the room had to match their colors.

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The 3 bedrooms and 1 bath are unique colors, everything else is one color, for a total of 5. Trim (where painted) and ceilings are all the same color, though different sheens of course. My goal was to keep it simple.

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