catherinetDecember 29, 2001

Hi everyone,

I just found this wonderful place this morning. It must have been divine intervention! I have Fibromyalgia, along with being in perimenopause. I am almost 52. I'm always struggling just to stay afloat with this old bag-o-bones of mine! To make a really long boring story short, I was on alot of estrogen for a couple years to control headaches. I finally got off Premarin and discovered that my headaches were actually better off the Premarin, and that it just takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for me to stabilize after a hormone change. I thought maybe I would feel even better off my combi-patch, so off it came about 2 and 1/2 months ago. I'm a very natural-type person, and wanted to be able to live without hormones. Bad move. My fibromyalgia has worsened alot....and 2 weeks ago, I started getting dizzy, like so many of you have been. I got on the computer this morning out of desperation to understand this dizziness. Then I found this site and started reading that many of you have dizziness! I'm sorry for you all, but it's sure nice to realize I'm not alone! So.......I finally cried "Uncle" this morning, and put my combipatch back on. I'll let you know if it helps the dizziness. I'm so glad I found you all!

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Fibromyalgia and peri/menopause seem to be a challenging pair--you have my sympathies. I hope that you find the effect you're looking for in resuming your combipatch. Don't forget that many other hormone preparations exist, many of which are closer to what the body made than the synthetics you have used so far are (without the uncertainty of the food or supplement-grade hormones). It seems that for women who in general are happy with taking hormones but have a single displeasing effect, switching around (especially from synthetic to bioidentical or the reverse) is a useful thing to try. On the other hand, some women (especially those with complex medical needs) find that synthetic is exactly what they must have to prevent the body from using the hormones taken in in bioidentical form for other uses. Still, it's always worth experimenting to find the least-intrusive package of prescription and lifestyle interventions that provide the effects you've identified as your goal.

Good luck with your search, and please let us know how things are working out.

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see my post to 'need to bring up headaches again'

Read the information and you may/will find your answer to help your doctor prescribe what you need and what he may not have suspected.

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