Early Menopuse

cynthia2sDecember 6, 2001

Hi I'm new to your site. I have been bothered with symptoms that I did not realize could be early menopause. I am 37, but had a hysterectomy at 31. I still have my ovaries and my Dr said I would have normal menopause. Lately I notice that I'm forgetful, seems to be minor details. And I seem to be losing more hair than normal every morning. This is the one concern that has me searching the net for info. Anyone who wants to share their stories I would love to hear them.


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Hi Cynthia2s,
I am new here also! I would like to say that I too had a hysterectomy at 31 and my ovaries were also not removed. Although my Dr. insisted that this would in no way affect my age of menopause, I had started experiencing several symptoms, especially hot flashes! I was 43 and at my physical (last November) I mentioned my concerns. He then tested my FSH level and was VERY surprised that I was indeed menopausal. Although my own mother was in her mid-forties when she experienced menopause and earlier menopause can be hereditary, I HAVE read that hysterectomy can damage the blood supply to the ovaries, thereby causing early menopause. My doctor does not believe this theory, but I am wondering now if I had not been suffering for several years. It was very frustrating because I starting having lots of difficulty concentrating at work, became very "scatter-brained", and very, very moody! I am now taking Premarin, but am considering alternative methods for coping with the symptoms. (I went of the Premarin for a short while recently because I was having some surgery; the hot flashes returned WITH A VENGENCE!!!) I would definitely voice your concerns with your doctor. I wish I would have sooner. I just thought I was losing my mind! Good luck!


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Hi Cynthia...ditto moody, scatter brained and can't concentrate. Ditto thinning hair, zits, and night sweats. I started "peri menopause" at about 40 (43 now). Loestrin bc pills do help, certainly with regulating what periods I still have, and some of the other symptoms a little. My mom went through early meno, so it does run in my family.

Things like soy and flax seed oil are supposed to help, as they contain some (weak) phyto-estrogen. And I just started taking gingko biloba & ginseng (my mother swears by it) to see if it will kick-start my brain. You could try those.

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