heart palpatations hor flushes

beauty2009December 22, 2009

Hi to all you ladies out there that are struggling as i am with these debilitating symptoms of heart palps and flushes mood swings and general fatigue the perimenopause ht me like a ton of old bricks last year and to be honest ive been swo desperate at times with all the symptoms its cost me a small fortune on various so called healthy alternatives to HRT ive tried black cohosh sage ,calcium and magnesium , magnesium caltrate primrose oil , vit c, vit b, estroven which has i

feel helped more than anything ive tried tofu, soya yoghurts

i even tried some stuff from a chinese herbalist which cost me £54 for 1 consultation its murderous where do we go from here HELL N BACK thats where i cannot try the flaxseed because my bowels are already so messed up i asint had a solid stool in 12 months i smoke 2 a day and i drink 3 glasses of wine a day and nothing promotes a great nights sleep i feel crap all the time what can i do get up each and every day and thank god i havent got cancer or heart disease or a brain tumour like my friend of 38 years has io reckon we each have our awful uncomfortable problematic symptoms but hey we are not terminally ill we arnt going to die from our menopause come on girls be positive please try ok

tried black cohosh

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Eating healthy foods and keeping physically fit are important to feeling your best in the years leading up to menopause and beyond.

Here is a link that might be useful: Menopause and Menopause Treatments

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