New!Hello!!Sharing/need support too!My solutions, so far!PlzRead!

maryc64December 12, 2005

I want to help others and share.I am new! I wave at all of you!

Presently I am not crying. I suffer depression that is either mental, menopausal or illness related.

I will post for help too but want to give first.

I'm great at research and these are my solutions that work to date.

I have my master's degree in menopause. Yep! We seem to belong to MenoU (menopause university.) I made that up.

Let's all get our MenoU sweaters on then take them off when and if we sweat! Haha!

My first, bad solution to hot flashes and other symptoms.


And one of the results of taking HRT's for me was breast cancer.

That should award me a Phd.

The HRT's were directly related/causal to the stage one, DCIS breast cancer, lumpectomy and radiation. I was soooo lucky!

I am there with you during your anger, tears, fitfull nights, etc. I'm there or have been there.

This discussion is for what I call "internal" solutions.

I will post another extensive post regarding "external" solutions starting with the basic remote controlled fan.

(I don't have a spell check program loaded and am too tired to go to the extreme to check for spelling and grammatical perfection. I am sorry if errors bother you.)

Bedding textiles, clothing textiles and the misleading recommendations to use cotton bedding will be discussed

another time as this post is wearing me out! I must do that later.

I have fibro and arthritis; I key fast; I tire too from keying.

I've suffered hot flashes for, oh, like 15, fifteen years!

I also had breast cancer caused by my estrogen and progesterone HRT's rx'd for menopausal symptoms.

I want to wave hello and share that I research a lot re: the topics mentioned in my profile and much, much more!

Hot flashes: Has anyone else researched this on the web?

There is one study going on re: the use of Neurontin/gabapentin for hot flashes.

Anyone who might get or has/had breast cancer must avoid any HRT precursors and "cursors" if hormonal causes are in any way suspect.

High doses of Neurontin let me sleep through the night now.

No 5x waking due to hot flashes!

I found one physician doing research on the use of this drug. I emailed him.

One needs to take 1800 mg. for relief. I had to learn to tolerate the drug and it's worked.

I am on Medicare with a back-up medical plan. Generic Neurontin and such is totally covered. It can be expensive but good sleep is worth it even if it costs one.

How to get this drug w/o paying a fortune is possible.

This is an entire different topic and good research will get you help for reducing the costs of the drug. You'll find pharmaceutical houses that offer financial help in various manners.

Neurontin/gabapentin causes a bit of tolerable "brain fuzz"

but without it, I would suffer so much more and I need sleep. I tried smaller doses. Then I read the present research and emailed the physician. I was under-dosing.

Finally I got real help and recommendations.

(Research addicts: Could you help by finding out if the OTC, Gaba, would also work? It is a fun research but I didn't research deep enough to find out if this might or could be effective like gabapentin.)

The following nutritional and breast cancer safe recommendations: (Reminder: Black cohosh and others are not BC safe.)

Do not poo poo them until you've researched and tried such.

Others might benefit even if you disapprove.

We don't need more menopausal women who are sleep deprived driving in cars on our roads if we can avoid it.

Let's decrease the numbers. We are dangerous when on the road in a car with a lack of sleep and the accompanying mood swings that many suffer.

Gamma oryzanol: Try it and see if that works.

Awesome anti-oxidant properties too.

I take it occasionally as it my hot flashes laughed at this attempt to decrease their frequency. Hey! But it's safe, good, and if it works for some, give it a try. It is OTC but seems to be available on the web more than in stores.

60 mg. is not enough. One needs the amounts that "Tyler" offers.

Herbal remedies and considerations of which the average Japanese physician will prescribe and is considered prescription in Japan: Keishi bukuryo gan

It also has a Chinese name: Guizhi Fu Ling Wan.

Research of the use of this drug occuring here, now, in the U.S.

Now sometimes I feel this "herbal concotion" gives me energy too.

Start with less than the recommended 5 pills.

See how you react.

Build up and check blood pressure, etc. Just my suspicious nature for anything that gives one energy. Cautionaries are always appropriate.

Remember the Japanese are among the top 5 leaders in medical research and practice in the world.

They prescribe this as medication. It is prescription in Japan. I can be expensive but my little herbal store sells it for $5 a bottle. Very small pills.

I add Jla Wei Xiao Yao Wan also.

Why? Even with Neurontin the mood swings seem to be much less, fatigue is decreased when I add these two Japanese items.

Comments regarding their use are encouraged.

Also, any critical information or suggestions are encouraged backed up with serious research as I have already given the common sense cautionaries.

If you disagree, please post with links to real information, not just warnings that we all regard when using "herbal" remedies.

We know the warnings but need specifics. I love and appreciate those who contribute research.

I respect those who help out with research as some of the women are just plain too tired to do so. They are in need of serious help and would do the work themselves but are suffering. I hug you, you who lack sleep and are sad and tired.

Yahoo search result page with the start of many links:

I will try to share later about skin care ingredients and how to keep you beautiful. And YES, they work!

I hope I have broke no forum rules. Any moderator can edit as they see fit.

And, no, all my symptoms are not relieved. It might be due to my hepatitis C or the strength of my post menopausal body.

I really need support as I must do the hep c treatment.

That is for another post.

I hope you all sleep well, deep, long, and very, very soon!

I hope you find my post helpful.

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I take soy isoflavones twice a day - no night sweats - a few mild hot flashes, no problems with dryness - my skin is fine, now and then I get hot flashes - usually when nervous or stressed - never been on HRT's....really never considered it. I know many women suffer much more than I do...I do have problems sleeping, but always have and I rest when I need to....really menopause has not made a huge impact on my life - maybe a little dent once in a while but that is all. I do not want to be on any medication of any kind unless I absolutely have to....I had a bone scan earlier this year and I have no sign of or projections for osteoporosis. I'll just keep taking the soy - I'm 55 and have been in menopause for 5 years.

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