Painful Nipple Erections

elizabeth_craigDecember 12, 2007

Well just when I thought I had experienced everything associated with the 'change' as my mother put it, the last couple of days my nipples have been red, sore and sticking out like when you are cold. Then I had a very sharp pain that just shot throught my right nipple. It took my breath away. Had this pain a couple of times today.

Anyone know what this is, other than the ever encompassing Menopause symptoms.



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I have heard of the shooting pains! But also heard those people had mammograms and they were negative. Let us hear back from you.

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I go for my yearly mammogram in January, so I will tell them about the shooting pains, and will report back to this space.

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I haven't had the shooting pains you mention, but over the past couple of years, have occasional tenderness and mild pain. I just chalk it up to hormone fluctuations, although I don't know for sure. My last mammogram about 18 months ago didn't show any signs of malignancy, so I haven't worried too much about it. It's just another one of those age-related quirks from what I can tell. :)
Mrs H

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I haven't had the shooting pains, but the hard nipples for weeks on end. Very painful. I fantasize about a heated bra, because of course the rest of me is sweating.

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A search of this forum turned up this thread -- and I am soooo thankful! At 50 with periods still going strong but very peri, I was about ready to take the butcher knife and hack off my nipples. Oh my GOSH! They hurt so bad that sometimes just my clothing hurts against them. Since it's both of them and no unusual "pain" other than this nipple tenderness, I felt sure it was hormones but I'm grateful to hear others say the same thing.

Glad I found the GW menopause forum. The thought of what might turn up if I Googled "tender nipples" was scary. :-)

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Ladies, Just as a follow up. I just had a mammogram and told them about my shooting pains and sore nipples. They could not offer anything concrete, other than hormone fluxuations.
The mammo was clear, thank goodness.
Thanks for all your responses and support.

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Maybe it's swollen because it's irritated or infected. Better to have it checked by your doctor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breast Pasties

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I don't have pain, but my nipples are always erect. Occasionally I will see a drop of liquid from one side. I see my gynecologist regularly and get a mammogram every January.

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I've had that once and my breasts were super sensitive, the cat stepped on one of my breasts and I dang near came out of the chair. Funny enough after about 4 months without a period, mine started and the pain and soreness went away.

Go figure

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I am 38 and believe I am going through menopause at this early age. I haven't had a period in 5 months. For the past 3 months both of my nipples have been constantly erect, dry, with that shooting sensation for months! It happens especially when I take a shower and when I am drying off afterward. The only relief I have is putting on my bra right away. It's very painful :-(

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